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Yuko Yurei SCANDAL EXPLAINED, Nijisanji Vivi on Break, Vtuber Graduation, Hololive MLB Collab

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Hey guys,

Todays video is mostly dedicated to Yuko Yurei of Cover Corp and the most scandalous thing you maybe heard in the last…….. day?

I dunno with so much insanity in the vtuber realm its hard to say but ya this one is wild.

A TLDR would be she took over 30k USD in donations and didn’t complete her donation goals, she had a very extravagant Girlfriend experience based streams and her fans were very upset when she removed paid for content. its actually even more insane so please listen.

We follow that up with Hololive’s collab with the LA Dodgers of the MLB, than another Vtuber Graduation from MyHoloTV

After that we take a quick look at Ebiko who is having a hard time with multiple bans on twitch in a single week.

then a quick look at the excitement at OffKai in California with appearances from Sayu, Mint, Matara, Filian, Suisei and more. We wrap it up with Vivi(Victoria Brightshield) of Nijisanji fame going on break.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Yuko Yurei FULL SCANDAL
22:26 – Hololive Collab with MLB Baseball
26:38 – Vtuber Graduation from MyHoloTV
27:14 – Ebiko Shrimp Banned multiple times
30:22 – OffKai Hype
31:36 – Vivi on Hiatus at Nijisanji

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  1. I think it's pretty telling, that Idol didn't do anything officially to protect their talent.
    And in the whole post, they were rarely mentioned.
    It also seems to me, that there are quite a few female talents in Idol, doing gfe content.
    Plus the drama over the past six + months, around their known gfe talents.
    I don't believe in coincidences.

  2. Yuko's the third Idol talent after Pochi and Riro to depart on… Less than favorable terms. That's starting to seem like a pattern

  3. Man that Yuko one was brutal, I need to recover from it now.

  4. "Vivi on hiatus" well after everything he learnt about the black mages, it's understandable that he wants to take a break… oh, wait…

  5. "I dont know what that means, maybe eating chocolate idk" lidia what????????

  6. No wonder no one in Idol retweeted her graduation

  7. She could have just said "I'm taking a mental health break for a month" and people would have accepted it!

    To be fair she got popular fast meaning she can probably due it again. And the people who sub to the new account won't bey any the wiser about what happened. I think if you explain things in a proper manner despite not following the goals you set people will still forgive you. Why did you stop doing ASMR? I thought it made me seem like a "Street Walker" and "Made Me Feel Cheap And Sleezy"! I felt I had to do that or my channel was going to fail and you would all abandon me. I did because I really want to appease you even if it hurt me emotionally. See, you can make any situation sound like an "unfortunate circumstance" as long as you explain it well enough.

  8. Just a heads up, the description says "Yuko Yurei of Cover Corp" instead of Idol corp.

  9. Imagine that. When you exploit the lonely people with the GFE bs, it comes back to bite you in the butt. Just seems like another case of cause and effect to me.

  10. …And people called Riro Ron crazy? I saw some archives of Yuko's members posts and spicy streams… jeez. I had no idea this was going on, I just watched her casually without membership. Apparently she drank her pee on stream, did a spicy stream pretending she was an elementary schooler and gave her brother a bj, etc. And I'm just learning this now. Ew and yikes.

  11. Was that Yuko post supposed to paint her community in a good light? The tone of the post makes it sound like people misunderstood the situation, but it's just confirming all the creepy parasocial stuff that the community did and it went down exactly how I think everybody saw it. She cultivated a clingy toxic community, the community scared her away, and so she fled. She was wrong to emotionally manipulate people; and the community was wrong to be creepy parasocial stalkers. Whether she encouraged it or not, it does not absolve creepy stalker possessiveness over a person's life.
    They're both guilty.
    Like am I missing something here?

  12. The boo bros fought a war for their queen and lost. Their queen had to step down. This is how war works.

    (Edit) I only watched her graduation party.

  13. I think the Yuko thing is much more nuanced. She clearly was under a lot of stress and saw everything like a boiling pot about to burst. She reacted very poorly, but I can’t blame her when she was probably being attacked all the time by some of her more colourful fans. I mean, I think she genuinely doesn’t like the people who insulted her fans if she ignores their mean spirited agitating. It doesn’t add up that she would make fun of her fans, yet not join up laughing with her channer friends at them? Really, I think she will redebut and I hope when she does, she has a much more clear head and differentiates her harassers from her loving fans and apologises to those she hurt. I hope I am correct here.

  14. The only thing I saw about Yuko before this video was one of her ASMRs and it was really nice ngl… Anyway, Someone have a link or where to find her ASMRs?

  15. Suisei claims she don't know anything about baseball, but I bet she swing bat often back in her youth, in batting center.

  16. There's gotta be a limit to how many times you can say a person's name wrong in one video, this is a frequent issue

  17. Yeah if you were a casual Yuko viewer this is very surprising. Explains why she kept disappearing from time to time, I'd notice she'd have been missing from me feed for a while and see that nothing had been posted in weeks then suddenly a new stream. I figured she was just having personal issues conflicting with her streaming, well I did not imagine this sort of "personal".

  18. I'll miss yu-ki-oh. Little gremlin was fun to watch.

  19. every time you say "Yukio" I have the urge to waffleface…

  20. Wait is this the vtuber artist who went on a rant of hate against all me or was that someone else?

  21. and this is how i found out my beloved blue haired poltergeist graduated ;A;

    edit: AND this is how i found out what has been happening the past few months.
    ok so clearly i haven't caught up on her for quite some time, i was busy with projects so i couldnt catch any of her streams. it seems i missed A LOT XD

  22. Yuko's situation makes me sad. She had so much going for her – including one of my personal favorite vtuber designs ever – but such extreme GFE will definitely attract some… interesting people. More importantly, the hard switch off of it was the worst way to handle the change. It's such a genuinely terrible way of going about things that I can't help but believe there were outside factors pressuring her to stop immediately. A big shame things turned out this way, I really liked her content that wasn't GFE.

  23. Hololive putting their SSS vtubers for their Collab. 💪😎

  24. some blame Yuko, some blame the boo bros. i honestly blame both. everyone knows parasocial relationships are a terrible idea. It takes two to tango. and honestly both sides shit the bed when it came to handling the entire situation

  25. Good to know her break was planned but id keep an eye on it the phrase "rock the boat in a storm you're gonna wind up under water." Comes to mind and that's not fair for her

  26. She's already graduated, but Yurei is pronounced 'You-Ray', meaning spirit in Japanese

  27. Vivi should get out of that hell hole. She doesn't belong on that Cult.

  28. I hope that Idol learns from the last 6+ months. 2 graduations and 1 termination with parasocial interactions and unfulfilled/technically fulfilled donothon rewards. I know that the company has a reputation for being supportive of talents, but sometimes support means stepping in and saying no.

  29. GFE is such a high risk high reward gimmick yet they still do it

  30. I actually liked her GFE content but fully understood her shift once I looked into it.I wasn't in the trenches because I'm the guy who just wishes for the talent to be happy regardless of what I like or want. 😃

  31. Yuko pretty much engineered her own downfall, she fed an obsessive fanbase what they wanted then took it away from them because she got bored and wanted to hang out with her airsoft buddies again. It was never going to go well when she vanishes for weeks at a time with no explanation and her fanbase was driven into a frenzy. Then Yuko goes off on her camping/airsoft trips and her friends are making fun of the raging which only makes things worse. She should have just graduated and said nothing then went back to her PL instead of stringing people along then vanishing for weeks at a time. It was clear that being a corpo had not made her as big as she expected and her cult fanbase being obsessed with her was starting to bother her.

    It's done now anyway and she's going back to playing shooters and airsoft which are her actual hobbies instead of playing a fake loli girlfriend doing variety streams.

  32. Vivi get shadow ban Because she protested yesterday's NBA collab, Nijisanji's trademark, Nijisanji is North Korea ver of vtuber agency

  33. Vivi is so getting punished for her NBA tweet. With her finding out and being hurt for being excluded from the NBA collab. Niji doesnt want anymore drama and her pisting that publically made them look incompetent and bad. So yes, she is being punished cause they are dumb and petty.

    Which is sad cause she had a right to be mad about it. Being an EN vtuber and getting passed for an ability to grow. She a good honest vtuber which does her no favors in a bad company. Hoping PC saves her Scarle, and Rosemi.

  34. I swear, Vtubing isn't going to outlast 2024. The overall interest in the type of entertainment is going to die down due to all the controversy and all the avatars just upping and leaving, being suspended or terminated, and dealing with all these terrible companies have become insanely exhausting throughout the last several months.

  35. Naw yall be wildin, all those people who are Para-social(including the one who wrote that hit piece) are a problem and them trying to convince people yuko is the problem need to humble themselves, "We were hurt because she didn't stream" who tf are you? Also you aren't owed an apology just because she wants to do different content, honestly, if she does hate her fans it's obvious why as you are obnoxious and controlling just from listening to the self-entitlement in this hit piece. It seems they complained about the smallest things and as soon as it didn't go their way they instantly turned on her(some fans you are). "she ENABLED our Para social tendencies" she was giving her audience what they want and unfortunately alot of them are creeps. these people are extremely toxic and need to get off the internet and go outside. stop blaming other people for your crappy behavior and do some self-reflection as you are 80% of the problem

  36. Uh, frankly, the "scandal" is that Yuko's fans were incredibly parasocial weirdos trying to control her life and twist her into what they wanted then. I didn't watch much of Yuko, I thought her model was adorable, but I'm still glad she noped out of there then.

  37. Idol: Dust and Echoes

    Nijisanji: Another bad day, week, month.

    Hololive: OH! IT'S A BASEBALL! ⚾️

  38. At first, I thought the dodgers were collab'ing with Project Melody. 😇

  39. I feel the ommitence of information on yukos situation is leading to misconceptions and preconceived bias from what I can gather and what I've been told although the sources aren't great(youtube comments and kiwi farms) she was groomed and taken advantage of which explains most if not all of her behavior, inability to meet deadlines or expectations, nervous behaviour when addressing the "elephant" in the room, keeping said abusers in her life, even the girlfriend experience reeks of someone who wasn't taught boundaries due to being taken advantage of i want to believe she'll get better but she likely won't without intervention abusers almost always a firm grip on their victims she'll likely only get help once they abandon her for someone younger if we can't intervene my worst fear is they'll make like them, I fear for her

  40. This is why you don't GFE/BFE.
    Not only is it sad because you come off as a prostitute to others, you make people who used to like you mad for selling out like that, attract pathetic losers that treat you like their actual girlfriend and then drop you the moment you stop playing along with their delusions, and the people that still watch are uncomfortable giving you money because of how you used to act or were never invested to begin with. It was also rumored she was dating one of her moderators and that's also why she stopped doing the GFE stuff, but I don't know how true that is. Either way. She made stupid decisions, attracted weirdos, handled everything SUPER poorly, and then bailed.


  41. Poor Ebi. She may be a shrimp cat, but Twitch is the shat

  42. This is going to be from my own views and opinions and just overall my own thoughts based on pass experiences in dealing with people like Yuko, and just my experience as someone who looks into the mindset and thought processes of people (I.E psychology)

    In my honest opinion Yuko would be the classic example of someone who had over exerted themselves and let bad actors get the better of her

    I don't know of her pass and her person account and history so I can't say for much but
    To me.
    Yuko was someone who always had a bit of degen in them either because of what they did growing up or what happened to them growing up and they turned it into something of a "comfort" and "exciting" area for them.
    Their past must of had her be part of groups and people who where very vocal and those that possibly would sexualize her or others around and she would.had possibly joined in not fully aware or matured into why she took part of it
    Once she started to explore and get more into these types of let's say "content" and communities she started to have the desire to delve in deeper but she knew of the community she had wrapped herself in and knew that she would be the receiving end of all the stuff she herself most likely joined in on previously.

    So she cut herself out from that group and kept her Personal away from the Vtuber she is now as Yuko allowing her to be in both sides of the coin.
    She enjoyed it at first and grew into really enjoying this toxifying allure of corruption and it's why she continued to push and push and push into more exotic content and push herself to be more attached with her fan based because this is probably how she was with her previous communities that she's trying to keep separated.

    However as time went on she grew used to what had been going on as Yuko and other people must have started to put two and two together on 4chan and started to wonder who Yuko really was.

    While Yuko herself had started to want to get more of a rush out of things and possibly started to be a kind of self reporter and being her own Yuko content into light in 4chan to get the kind of degrading responses that said community is already used to do and she was expecting.

    The difference this time was is how hard they went after this content and most likely how much it actually impacted her not realizing how much she dislikes being on the receiving end of things.

    She enjoyed all the praise all the love the spot light of having so many want her and to put her on this special pedestal but the disatisfaction if not just outright hurt that she gets from them being attacked degraded and looked down on as well as the rest of her community and everything she had brought up must had been a splash of water on her face.

    She probably still enjoyed and wanted to do the content but now that she was seeing what was being said about her content from those she saw as piers, and prob those close to her it must of caused a massive wedge in which
    She had to choose which one she had to let go.
    And the ones that where with her the longest and had a stronger hold on her own because it was their input and respect and opinions she wanted the most
    Which is why she eventually ended up coming clean with them and worked with them to be better in their eyes.

    And when stuff like this happens to people this young they don't always think of the consequences and when they are scared and frightful like this they don't realize what they do until it's too late.
    She felt like she had to do anything to win the 4 chaners back and chose to basically go back on everything on her Yuko community.
    When what was left of her happiness after all this time of her stepping away from them finally reached their boiling point and she so nervously (probably even crying to herself having panic attacks) when she chose to be with the 4 chaners.
    What little happiness she had disappeared when her fans left and attacked her and rightfully so.

    And in her emotions of seeing both sides basically telling her how awful she was she ended up choosing what was more familiar to run to which was the 4 chancers and she fully tuned out the fans.
    She no doubt knew she was burning bridges left and right but she at that point didn't care and simply wanted stuff to end
    It's why she went from waiting to delete stuff to fully removing it a hour later because she no longer saw any happiness in any of that stuff choosing to throw it away for the demons on her shoulder telling her that she's scum unless she does

    She's someone that I call both a pleasure and a world wanter

    She is a very caring loving person that wants to be the person people depend on and is willing to do anything to make someone smile
    She loves being affirmed and praised and just enjoys knowing that she's considered a friend to many
    However she wants her cake and to eat it too.
    She can't let go of the past
    And will always no matter what want to go back to ut
    Doesn't matter if it's a friend that abused her and made her cry and cut.
    Give it a few months or years away
    And she will go back.

  43. I’m not a fan of idol corp and don’t believe they are anywhere as good as they claim to be.

    Let’s be real: if idol was a good company that cared about talents, their guardrails would have prevented this. But no.

    Their management constantly gets into relationships with talent. That tells us it’s an incredibly toxic environment at HQ and they have horrible business sense.

    “But they will publicize their contracts.” It’s been over a year since that promise. It’s a gimmick that makes them look good, without having to do anything. And combined with all their other issues, definitely just a stunt.

    It’s Niji jr.

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