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Yin whenever Senri kisses Kaname/Kaname kisses Senri:

Ikaros 🌙🍄
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  1. Second slayed loves the designs 🧍 the blue haired mom is my favorite nothing changing that and Kaname is also my favorite (in this family)😋💗💗

  2. Lol I could see that she is that kind of parent

  3. I want kids 😡😡😡 she must be stopped

  4. Not me being senri when my friends try to make out infront of me

  5. Yin stop being so protective. Literally nothing can go wrong with these two

  6. Wow I'm early for once. And I see that Yin is the protective mom

  7. Lol😂😂😂😂😂 I wanna see them kiss tho Yin

  8. Dam she was really teaching them how to be holy lmao XD

  9. Ikaros you got me cracking up every time with the adios( ̄m ̄)

  10. Meanwhile Vera: Yin, darling… Please don't scare the freak out of them… ;v; Let them be..

    (Pd: Oml Senri's hair looks more puffy and messy and fluffy I wanna touch it heLP-)

  11. Sounds like most catholic parents 💀

  12. These videos remind me if I watched those in public I'd be beaten to death cuz I live in Romania :rofl:

  13. 😗 okay okay the protective mom has appeared now let's go三三ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ we're already in trouble

  14. if you sub me it means u love BTS💜💜 says:


  15. Will you please do a video whit hibiki and yushiro??id Love that<3

  16. This seems like something my church would tell the gay kids

  17. 💀My mom when I’m about to hug my best friend:

  18. Can I just say how much I love Senri’s hair like mwah chEF’s kISssss

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