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What Kind Of Courtship Did Pterosaurs Have? | Barbaridactylus | Prehistoric Planet Profiles

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Yeaaaa….so I guess I forgot about this huh? Well it’s as good a time as ever to finish up the rest of the Prehistoric Planet episodes since season 2 will be coming out soon! So, without further ado, let’s get going.



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  1. We have to seriously appreciate the Prehistoric planet. Its quite literally the only show not only did justice and shine the Pterosaurs but show everyone that even in the ( so called ) times of dinosaurs; there were quite the high diversity of life ~ other than the dinosaurs

  2. As accurate as can be for now until more info is found.

  3. Small male who hangs out with girls: exists
    David Attenborough: who does this sneaky little f*g think they're fooling?

    I loved PP and watched every episode with my kid, but I personally found the tone of this segment – using words like "sneaky" "tricking" etc – to be super judgmental and pejorative 😤 Homosexuality and gender variance exist in every species of bird and mammal that's been extensively studied. Why must we bring biased judgments to what is simply *biodiversity*; a piece of the fabric of nature as valid as any other?

  4. It's good that dinosaurs never invented houses.
    Because that bastard is not fitting through ANYBODY'S front door with that thing on its head.

  5. Barbra? We hardly know her. Literally, since it's fragmentary

  6. The crest of Barbaridactylus looks weird but I guess we can't know what the crest really looked like unless we uncover more material of this species.

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