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What If Earth Was In Star Wars FULL MOVIE

Pente Patrol Star Wars
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What would’ve happened had Earth been in Star Wars? We find our new heroes inside of the ‘Messina’ System, on the third planet from the Sun. The people of Messina, Sicily, have been introduced to members of the Jedi Order, how will the Ancient Romans handle it?

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Ep1 Gathering: 0:00-21:45
Ep2 The Temple: 21:45-47:32
Ep3 Decisions: 47:33-1:07:16
Ep4 Hellfire: 1:07:17-1:33:43
Ep5 Cost of Victory: 1:33:44-2:01:23
Ep6 Survival: 2:01:24-2:26:27
Ep7 Destiny: 2:26:28-3:03:04
Ep8 Allies: 3:03:05-3:36:19
Ep9 A New Era: 3:36:20-4:41:29
Wrap Up: 4:41:20-4:45:04

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  1. OK I know you’re not going to redo an entire lengthy video.

    However, the pronunciation you were using for an upper class Roman is the way you say, someone who is chosen sides in a contest.

    So it’s more like the partisan guerrilla fighters.

    The way the word is pronounced, is much closer to Pat, Rich, Ann.

  2. Well I know what I'm doing from 12 to 4 tomorrow!!!

  3. What if the Helghast empire was in Star Wars?

  4. What if Anakin fell in love with Bo katan. Also what if Anakin was trained by Bastillia Shan or Pong Krell. Also what if Anakin was sent to kayshaxx instead of Yoda

  5. What if Abeloth was as powerful as Galactus?

  6. Please do this video: What if Anakin had a padawan named Maddox Hawes instead of Ahsoka, Maddox has a midichlorian count of 22,000 and is very much like Anakin.

  7. What if there is a vampire pig in the star wars universe ?

  8. What if ahsoka turnd to the dark side 😃👍
    What if rey became Empress palpatine in episode 9 😃👍
    What if leia turnd to the dark side in episode 5😘🥰
    What if rey killd killed Kylo ren in episode 7 👍😇
    What if Ben solo never turnd to the dark side 😃👍

  9. Still wish for 20th or 21st century Earth 🌎🌍 in Star Wars (Clone Wars era or Galactic Empire era). 😑

  10. What if UNSC from halo is in Star Wars
    What if modern earth is in Star Wars
    What if captain rex meets captain price from call of duty and joins task force 141

  11. What If The New Jedi Orden Trained Cere Junda?

    What If The Gray Paladins Trained Cere Junda?

    What If The Matukai Trained Cere Junda?

    What If Mind Walkers Trained Cere Junda?

    What If The Jal Shey Trained Cere Junda?

    What If The Baran Do Trained Cere Junda?

    What If The Zeison Sha Trained Cere Junda?

    What If The Potentium Trained Cal Kestis?

    What If The Dagoyan Masters Trained Cal Kestis?

    What If The Aing-Tii Trained Cal Kestis?

    What If The Warrior Of The Force Trained Cal Kestis?

    What If The Gray Jedi Orden Trained Cal Kestis?

    What If The Je'daii Order Trained Cal Kestis?

    What If The Jensaarai Trained Cal Kestis?

    What If The Gods Of The Mortis Trained Cal Kestis?

    What If The Force Priestesses Trained Cal Kestis?

    What If Bendu Trained Cal Kestis?

    What If The Scions Of Zakuul Trained Cal Kestis?

    What If The Witches Of Dathomir Trained Cal Kestis?

  12. what if ventress killed dooku (mission to serreno)

  13. What if Padmé was killed by the assassin in attack of the clones

  14. Hey can you do what if fives revealed order 66 but longer.

  15. That intro theme was low key fire. What’s it called?👀

  16. You my dear sir are a master story teller you have given me such joy please make more Jedi stories in the world today we need more people like you too bring joy and happiness to those who have none once again thank you. sincerely J.Ash

  17. I usually dont have a "what if" suggestion but i watched one of the lego star wars shows and in it a B1 Droid (RO-GR aka Roger) breifly thought he had the force. What if there was a force weilding droid?

  18. Puedes subir mas de Star Wars clones Wars en la Tierra por favor

  19. Star Wars Old Republic en la Tierra por favor

  20. Remember what you accidentally said at the beginning of "What if Satine Kryze was a Sith"? Gotta do an actual video for that. (As a joke video, of course)

  21. I'm saving this for work tomorrow but thanks in advanced! I love long form content! It's a ton of work but I appreciate it man!

  22. Now I know you probably thought I was joking but I seriously want a what if Sha’a Gi was the chosen one. I also think it would be kinda funny if his astromech droid was called SC-003Y.

  23. Mind blowing… nice work! This is an accomplishment of a video, certainly a movie!

  24. I would've loved it had Luna been turned back to the light side. But still I did enjoy this series greatly. Shame we'll never get another Earth in the SW: Universe series again.

  25. "What if" Sabin Wren was Force-Sensitive?

  26. "What if" the Jedi discovered the dark taint beneath their temple?


  28. these images ai generated or what? they look really cool but i can't honestly tell 😮

  29. This is the video than waiting for us because I can’t just watch the playlist for some reason

  30. How did part 6 and 7 have such a time skip with no explanation of how things came to be

  31. What if maul started a new order to overthrow the sith. He can break into the jedi temple and find the holocron with the names of the force sensitive children and raid other, unguarded temples across the galaxy to teach his apprentices

  32. Awesome what If. Loved both Luna and Tidus (expacily Luna in black and red 🤔).
    Here some suggestions for what ifs:
    What if Anakin was a Girl?
    What if Palapadin found luke and/or leia unbeknownst to vader?

  33. America, manufacturer of High End Slug Throwers. Slug Throwers at what Star Wars call guns. They shatter when deflected by a Lightsaber, meaning trying to deflect it would just mean your hit, but less so.

    “So.” *Pulls out a MG42* “Parry this you fakking Space Wizard!”

  34. You didn’t have to kill Luna, she could have either turned to the dark side or lived to fight another day under the dark side

  35. What if anakin was not born into slavery but instead into a life of wealth.

  36. What if earth was in start war in 21 century

  37. Ngl this series sucks I'm on episode 5 and this series sucks so much ass literally the characters that were added were just so useless and pay no role in the story

  38. I’ll be honest, I was not able to follow all the parts like season one, so I was just waiting for this mega cut of all nine parts so thank you for putting this together so I can binge it all at once

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