WEIRD: CNN & MSNBC Demand MORE Biden Regime Censorship -

WEIRD: CNN & MSNBC Demand MORE Biden Regime Censorship

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  2. I demand more censorship too and I think we should start by silencing CNN and MSNBC!! Can I get a second?

  3. Wow! The average everyday person will be hard-pressed to weed out all of these lying devil's for who they really are such lying and deceit as the mainstream takes and twists words. It's called wickering.
    They wicker the word for their agenda. Lying, evil, wicked .

  4. China isn't the only ones getting Blowed in the Whitehouse


  6. They might as well say free speech is a national security threat

  7. No!!! Only we should have the ability to share our version of information! People shouldn’t think for themselves!!

  8. I Always appreciate your take on things drone tech keep up the good work!

  9. This is America as long as you got money you can get away with everything if you’re broken poor good luck

  10. The Democrat party is a corrupt criminal syndicate and a clear and present danger.

  11. Hey Dronetek those look more like ear plugs for sound protection to me. I could be wrong though

  12. How much longer before we use the tools that our forefathers gave us to get this country back on the right path?

  13. The only way the Dems can win is through censorship. Their candidates can’t win through honesty or policy.

  14. The Entire government is corrupt including Trump!! Better come to Reality before it hits a lot harder

  15. Close to take down time so projection, deflection time! 😂🙄

  16. U just do these videos to piss me off do you?!?! 😂😂😂. Crazy content. Also love the music, so 80s' stranger things style. 🤣

  17. If we had an honest, unbiased, non partisan media in this country NONE of the Clinton’s would have showed their face in public again after Slick Willie left the White House in disgrace. Think about it.

  18. Lol, let them cry, Biden gave us Trump back next year. Thank you.

  19. Joe Biden and his family and the Democratic’s. Might be Criminal’s

  20. The Dems will still cheat at the polls but it will be a whole lot harder to do because the Right won't let them call the shots like 2020…betcha!!

  21. I demand no propaganda from bs news stations I haven't given a lick about since the late 90s

  22. I have 0 faith in the election process crooked af

  23. You'd THINK they'd be celebrating this BUT it's different when they do it 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  24. So the 1st Ammendment is now a Conservative Political Ideology…..Gotcha so thats why your MINISTRY OF TRUTH got shut down almost IMMEDIATELY.
    Their responses to the Affirmative Action Ruling makes them look like Racists, and their reaction to a judge upholding the 1 st amendment makes them lok like tyrants.

  25. They’ll just say anything they don’t agree with as far as elections is a national security threat. They’ve already been saying it for 3 years.

  26. The wagons are seemingly coming full circle! Well its about god damn time!!! Suck of this sh!t the last 7 years!

  27. Someone should play 10cc's Rubber Bullets song on their phone when Ryan walks into a room to speak. 😂

  28. I have absolutely no trust for any of these ignorant main stream media talking heads

  29. Those orange things are propaganda repellent

  30. Joe Geobbles would be so proud of our media/propaganda ministry!

  31. Full faith in elections? 🤡🌍🤣👍 our elections are as corrupt as the fake news

  32. Just like the DeepState Neocons & Neolibs did during the Bush era post 9/11 with things like the "patriot" act. They're going to use "national security" as a loophole for their criminal acts.

  33. Never in history, has the person doing the censoring, been the good guy……..

  34. It is difficult to undermine a structure that has already collapsed. The only people who have faith in the system are the ones gaming the system.

  35. We have commies running the country and the news media.

  36. "Who is going to police this?" — the courts!

  37. Imagine thinking that taking away the ability to censor free speach is an attack on free speach. Just another example of upside-down clown world where the democrats piss on you and tell you it's raining then half the country believe it without question because they don't want to be called a rasict or any other buzz word that threatens their virtue

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