VLOG: Prepping for Fall (Decor + Snacks), Fall Outfit Inspo, Some Anxiety + Family Time in Austin - hecticspace2.com

VLOG: Prepping for Fall (Decor + Snacks), Fall Outfit Inspo, Some Anxiety + Family Time in Austin

Michel Janse
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————day 1 outfit———
White Polo Tee:
Rust Pants:
Black Heels:
———fall lookbook pieces——
Tie Front Cardigan:
Skirt (similar):
Skirt (other option, same seller):
Black Boots:
Rust Pants:
Quilted Jacket:
White Boots:
Diamond Stitch Sweater:
Cowboy Boots:
White Shacket:
Plaid Pants: Suede Heels:
Black Shorts:
SIMILAR Jacket Option 2:
Half Zip Sweater (MY FAV):
Skirt (similar):
Skirt (other option, same seller):

0:00 hello, my new drink + there was a crisp in the air!
1:34 I FINALLY replaced these
4:04 quick lil OOTD
4:32 trying fun fall drinks at my fav coffee spot
6:32 trader joe’s fall haul 🙂
10:20 FALL OUTFIT LOOKBOOK (capsule wardrobe inspo)
16:05 making matcha + girl’s night with Kalyce
19:23 let’s talk about STD testing
21:35 ok Austin public library is STUNNING?!?!?
23:01 being honest about anxiety, criticism, nomad life
25:56 wholesome family-time content + final thoughts


———-LET’S HANG———
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—–Michel’s Favs—–
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~How tall am I? 5’7
~Where am I from? Boerne, TX
~Where do I live? I spent 2016-2021 in Pasadena CA but have now moved to Austin, TX
~What did I study? Nutrition and Dietetics from ASU!
~How old am I? 25 (born in ’97)
~Are you Christian? yes!
~What’s your full name? Christiane Michel Janse
~How do you pronounce that? Like… Christy-Anne Mick-Elle Jan-See
~Do you have pets? YES! A rescue pupper named Max 🙂
~Favorite Store? Everlane + Madewell
~Favorite Drink? Oat Milk Matcha or Lemonade Kombucha
~Favorite Friends? YOU

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  1. After this nightmare heat we Texans are all ready for fall! But sadly we have to wait months before we get anything chilly:(

  2. Have fun and live your best adventures! You have a family that supports you in all things and you know you always have a safe place to land.

  3. I would love a part 2 of the capsule wardrobe!

  4. Sending both of you sweet ladies (Michel and Fern) my heartfelt love.
    (I made it out of domestic abuse (just in time) 38 yrs ago). ❤

  5. Yes plz do a video about building a capsule wardrobe for fall! You could do a vid like this for each season going forward too ☺️

  6. Michel, momma knows best!! Love your best life, and keep listening to your mom!!! Love you girl!! ❤

  7. As always you handle everything beautiful, keep believing in yourself ❤

  8. Legit question and no disrespect meant at all, but i am curious about the prononciation of ur name .. i live in a french speaking country and Michel is the masculine of Michelle and both are pronounced the same .. where does the "quel" sound come from when in ur name ?

  9. When I read certain comments on your nomad video I was really disappointed in our friend group. Even though you share with us, it is just the tip of the iceberg of what you are really going through, really feeling, and really experiencing. As friends, we need to support each other's journeys. I'm really excited for you and the next 4 months. I look very much forward to being with you on your adventures! You know what is best for you right now so God speed! And lots of love and support, always <3

  10. I loved fall until I moved to Germany, now I’m a spring person. Still love the coziness but too dark for me 🥺

  11. Hi Michel!

    I see your doing an amazing job on your YouTube channel. If you or someone you know are having any challenges or frustrations with editing videos, feel free to reach out.

    I am not going to sell you anything, pinky swear!!

    Let's talk soon?


  12. Ma Shaa Allah you look a lot happier and healthier. You have always been pretty but your calm face is making you shine. You are doing great. Hope you get well soon. I have been keeping up with all your videos and hoping your medication works well for you. Stay happy stay blessed, keep praying cause we are so happy seeing you like this

  13. Oh how lucky you are that you can travel around and rent monthly in different places! Can't understand why people can't be supportive.. so happy for you 🙂

  14. I don’t wish I’ll towards anyone but I do hope that justice is being served to your ex husband

  15. My nieces dog is allergic to chicken also!

  16. I love these looks, you look beautiful 😍 I especially love the frill socks with the boots💗 those back sandals would look really sex and the city if you wore them with the bridesmaid dress and jumper⭐️

  17. I vote YES!!! please pretty please do another fall look book video. Fall capsule wardrobe video etc. Fall is also my favorite season to dress for 🙂 love it when we can wear layers again

  18. Good morning michel I loved your vlogs and you are amazing Supporter and I'm proud of you

  19. I agree with your Mom. This is an ideal season for you to live your best life. You will not be able to please everyone, there will always be at least one person who does not agree with your plans for whatever reason. I have learned that you truly cannot please everyone. That being said, you should do what makes you happy, regardless of the comments you get on your channel. You deserve to be happy and you have the opportunity and freedom to travel and explore and just be. It is good for your soul. Stay strong, Michel and this is your life, your time and you should spend it in a way that brings you joy. I wish you much love and happiness during this season/chapter of your life! Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures!

  20. I wore those brown Alohas for my wedding! So cutie on you 🥰

  21. I agree with ChicReal. My mother gave me the same advice when I was in my 20's. If you don't at least try it you'll regret it later. You can always switch up your plans. Nothing is written in stone.

  22. Michel, I found you through your divorce video and now I’ve been watching your videos for 2 months and it’s like you’re keeping me company. Wish you all the best in life ❤

  23. My fav part is your dad walking around filming everyone skating, he is so wholesome 🙂

  24. I like your nomad plans and just getting a new house in the new year with the middle of the year 2023 will be better than this year!

  25. I am loving this season of life for you!!! You seem so happy!
    I am so ready for Fall too! Living in SC we don’t get a lot of fall, but the past few days the crisp has been in the air & made me decorate too❤😊

  26. I think it’s so important for others commenting on your videos to remember to not push their fears and insecurities onto you when you’re excited about this awesome change in your life. Just because someone else wouldn’t like to live a nomadic lifestyle, doesn’t mean others feel that way. I’m super excited to see all the vlogs and adventures you partake in! 🤍👏

  27. Would love to see a full fall outfits video!! This was such a sweet vlog

  28. Ok your fall outfit choices are so cute! ❤

  29. The comments I read were very caring & many from those who have lupus. Stress can come from good things happening too.

  30. Excuse my puertorricaness…
    But F*** everyone else’s opinion.
    Is not their life but yours.
    I have done nomad life before and I would do it all over again but I’m in a different life season and I’m loving it.

  31. I think it’s awesome that your gonna be traveling and and seeing different places and coming back home with family. This is the perfect time when your young. Enjoy life!!! Your life!!! When the house is ready for you, you’ll find the perfect one. Don’t settle. Love the fall looks.

  32. Wish I lived in Austin so Anna could do my hair because your hair looks stellar!!!!

  33. I love you Michel🤍 I feel as though you’re my very close friend or even sister

  34. I love your nomadic life idea. I’ve been thinking about it ever since seeing your video about it. If I had the work freedom you do I would LOVE to do something like that. Travelling has only ever done good things for me, and I think that with your love for adventuring your adventure will be amazing. Plus, its your life. Enjoy it!

  35. Fall is not fall without mum’s ! Ihavd mums everywhere in the fall!

  36. You are doing so much better than me. I don't like spending time with other people. My favorite thing is to just watch a movie at home or create diy projects while listening to audio books. Spending time with other humans can really take away my energy. I like to be alone. I've always felt guilty about being this way. You are so social and pushing yourself to be a better person. I'm amazed that with all your health problems you can still have enough strength to keep going! God loves you so much and he is using you. You are doing so great. I have lots of health problems too and I'm sorry for your struggles. Pumpkin stuff is awesome! Happy Fall!

  37. Just sent my son who is in town (from the Army) for Fantastic Fest to your friends coffee truck. He's a happy camper 😊

  38. Soooooooo let ok’ing forward to your call travels!!! You deserve every moment and memory!!!

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