VLOG: Prepping for Fall (Decor + Snacks), Fall Outfit Inspo, Some Anxiety + Family Time in Austin - hecticspace2.com

VLOG: Prepping for Fall (Decor + Snacks), Fall Outfit Inspo, Some Anxiety + Family Time in Austin

Michel Janse
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————day 1 outfit———
White Polo Tee:
Rust Pants:
Black Heels:
———fall lookbook pieces——
Tie Front Cardigan:
Skirt (similar):
Skirt (other option, same seller):
Black Boots:
Rust Pants:
Quilted Jacket:
White Boots:
Diamond Stitch Sweater:
Cowboy Boots:
White Shacket:
Plaid Pants: Suede Heels:
Black Shorts:
SIMILAR Jacket Option 2:
Half Zip Sweater (MY FAV):
Skirt (similar):
Skirt (other option, same seller):

0:00 hello, my new drink + there was a crisp in the air!
1:34 I FINALLY replaced these
4:04 quick lil OOTD
4:32 trying fun fall drinks at my fav coffee spot
6:32 trader joe’s fall haul 🙂
10:20 FALL OUTFIT LOOKBOOK (capsule wardrobe inspo)
16:05 making matcha + girl’s night with Kalyce
19:23 let’s talk about STD testing
21:35 ok Austin public library is STUNNING?!?!?
23:01 being honest about anxiety, criticism, nomad life
25:56 wholesome family-time content + final thoughts


———-LET’S HANG———
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—–Michel’s Favs—–
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~How tall am I? 5’7
~Where am I from? Boerne, TX
~Where do I live? I spent 2016-2021 in Pasadena CA but have now moved to Austin, TX
~What did I study? Nutrition and Dietetics from ASU!
~How old am I? 25 (born in ’97)
~Are you Christian? yes!
~What’s your full name? Christiane Michel Janse
~How do you pronounce that? Like… Christy-Anne Mick-Elle Jan-See
~Do you have pets? YES! A rescue pupper named Max 🙂
~Favorite Store? Everlane + Madewell
~Favorite Drink? Oat Milk Matcha or Lemonade Kombucha
~Favorite Friends? YOU

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  1. Awww sweet …thanks for sharing everything…you always look beautiful and Max is adorable…and especially when you gave home his treat x hope you had a wonderful time with your Dad x

  2. But it’s still upper 90s. 😂😂 bring central Texas the Fall.

  3. Michel, bc you have some significant health issues and are trying to do all in your power to be as healthy as possible, I wanted to just mention, bc you may not know this, there are some concerns w the safety of wireless ear buds and their impacts on one’s brain.

  4. Watching dad so happy and recording his big kids at the end gave me all the goooey warm home video feelings! I’m proud of you for trying new things, and going on adventures! 🧡

  5. Absolutely loving all of your Fall outfits! And Max – he’s the sweetest!

  6. Have you ever tried toast with peanut butter, sliced banana and a drizzle of honey? Maybe even a dash of cinnamon? It’s soo good!

  7. Hi! Can you link the sweater again? It just goes to the jacket. Thank you!

  8. I dreamt your got a RV and traveled around the usa…. Girl.. make your dreams come true while you are still young❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Omg, I'm so jealous of the pumpkin gf bagels!! I loved to a small town and there's no Trader Joes and limited gf options. Enjoy them!! 😀

  10. Was the doggie treat soft? I have very tiny dogs and I do get other dog treats when I go that are all year items.

  11. I only do Capsule all year long. Try it as it’s simple and the items last forever.
    I buy a lot of Vintage Pieces as well.

  12. All we need in life is our family and our blessed with friends.

  13. People have different levels of comfort with ambiguity. My husband and I, and our three kids when they were in elementary school, sold everything and became missionaries outside of the US for six years. Some of our friends couldn’t imagine doing this themselves. Some even said it was bad parenting to consider doing that with our kids in tow. I believe our kids gained a lot from the experience. They’re all grown adults now with children of their own. Recently, three years ago, we moved from a state in the US across the country and bought a business and started over in preparation for retirement. Again, some friends couldn’t imagine doing that in their late 50s like us. I think it has to do with your level of comfort for risk, and trusting someone beyond yourself. We engage in choices based on our faith and the opportunities that are presented to us. I think it’s admirable and fun of you to consider taking a few months on a journey. It’s wonderful that you have family and friends to have a place to call “home-base” and go and explore. I see you as someone who plan as well but has learned recently to not be afraid to take a risk. I say, go for it and have a blast! Life is short and we should enjoy the ride!

  14. Where are the black shorts from? The link is having issues for me:)

  15. Nomad life is the way to go in your 20s! (Or any age, really!) Have so much fun, have all the insights :).

  16. I am glad you are getting a full std panel, I was cheated on my marriage and had to get one and it was hard to do, felt shame even though was not my fault.

  17. Love the socks and boots look would love to see more styles with them !

  18. My Lily girl is also allergic to chicken and hates peanut butter!! Max is perfect

  19. Wait where is the outfit 6 turtleneck from? Link went to the shoes

  20. Forever 21 has that quilted jacket dupe for way less. 😉

  21. HEY! I'm so excited to see your next few months coming up! When you mentioned your plans, it made me feel like "I too" was about to enjoy an adventure!
    I have kids now, so I'm settled in, but watching your videos makes me ecstatic to open this app and escape into my fantasy "pre-kid era". I thoroughly enjoy your experiences, this is probably my favorite channel.

    Also, I love tagging along when you look at houses. Love love love!

  22. I was at this show where Jordy FaceTimed you when you were at dinner with your sister, Dad, and BIL!

  23. I am SO excited to see your nomad months!!! Bring on the house hunting and the travel vlogs!

  24. Oh Michel. I'm so glad I found your channel. I used to live in Austin before I did full-time digital nomad life (since 2018). I've been living in London for a while now but I go back to Austin once a year every year, usually for a few months at a time. I'm coming back for two weeks to see friends in November, and your vlogs always make me homesick in a good way every time I watch them. Thanks for taking us around the city with you 🙂 And I for one fully support nomad life! Best thing I've ever done.

  25. Love all the Fall content. I agree, I love Fall! More capsule wardrobe ideas please. My dog is also allergic to chicken. Apparently it's a very common allergy that most people don't know about.

  26. I love all your fall outfits! Wishing we had the same seasons here in Aus so I can take inspo!! 😅

  27. How strange the door says ‘no guns’ I would never see that on a door in Australia !so do people have to leave them in the car?

  28. Thank you for the Fall Spirit..✨🍁..moms are almost always right.. friends, and dads, and rooftop work sessions make for a positive and happy day! Be well sweet girl❤️

  29. Really love these nude lipsticks that you wear. Can you please share the name of the lipstick or mention your favs?

  30. My fav juiceland smoothie is the vegetable collective! Get those nutrients

  31. I'm literally sitting here watching this video with my pink raycons. Seriously the best affordable earbuds I'm my opinion.

  32. I really like the idea of being adventurous and trying new thing outs. I can tell you that the idea of being a nomad for a while scares me, but that is me putting "what I would do" onto you. If you are comfortable with do it, then do so. I worry about your health and how it relates to your anxiety/stress level. Like you said, you will have family near by which is good. What at you going to do with all your furniture/clothing/possessions? I am looking forward to your videos on your adventures.

  33. The link to the turtle neck only pulls up the loafers 😢

  34. girl you go do the nomadic thing!! idk why people are tripping

  35. Those in love with the everlane quarter zip, I thrifted a loft quarter zip, so look for it if you thrift!

  36. Honey butter would be so good on those bagels 🍯

  37. OBSESSED with the sweater/white boots/bridesmaids silk dress combo! So cute on you! Also totally related to that simple freedom of feeding Max the treat on the couch….perks of living solo haha!

  38. watching you eat that pumpkin bagel made me think about how great you would be at asmr LOL 🥹

  39. At age 32 I lived a nomad life for 6 months and I was questioned on this so much, but I knew in my heart I needed to tune that out and listen to my intuition/God :). I love that you are doing this younger!!

  40. I cannot wait to watch your adventures these next several months!!
    I wish I had the opportunity to travel!

  41. That was the Asheville show, I was there. He was like are you walking Max and you're like I am out to dinner with my family.

  42. I'm only a year older than you and relate a lot to you, my biggest regret is rushing into things so quickly and you have the absolute privilege of being able to work and live pretty much anywhere and I am so jealous! 🙂 I can tell that it makes you happy as well to have those adventures. Do what's best for you! I think its so amazing to soak up your 20s before you settle down! No one knows your body and mind better than you and other than needing a bit of a routine you don't seem to take a toll from those adventures and it seems your taking pretty long stays to make it different but easier as well!
    Much respect for that lifestyle and I think you will continue to prosper! 🙂 You are a very mature 25 year old and I can tell everything you do is very well thought out and your options are heavily weighed so I would not let anyone else's opinion create anxiety or worry!

  43. I get a hot and cold coffee every time I get coffee, every season. I love the outfit with the shorts and jacket.

  44. i LOVED all the outfits you tried on💜 you always look so put together

  45. Girl, people who are commenting that traveling, instead of staying in Austin, is negative – are literally just envious. You're young, you're capable, you can afford it, you have nothing tying you down, go – travel – enjoy – be free!

  46. michel- Trader Joes has a gf pumpkin pancake mix that is SOOOO GOOD !!! you must try!! especially with chocolate chips 🤤

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