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[Vinesauce] Joel – Yume Nikki Highlights ( Part 7 Finale )

Vargskelethor Joel: Mini Highlights
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Everything comes to an end…

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0:00 – Intro
1:22 – Poo effect?
1:35 – Froj
1:43 – Teleport puzzle
2:30 – CUBE
2:46 – Maze
3:09 – KILL
3:36 – Bed
3:39 – BUNGLED
4:02 – DJ Joey
4:54 – Yume Nikki’s original release
5:11 – Traffic Light
5:49 – RED MAN
5:58 – LOOK, LOOK
6:28 – The search for the poo
6:57 – POO OBTAINED!!!
7:17 – UFO
8:22 – RED MAN ALERT!!!
8:45 – WE’RE GOING DOWN!!!
9:02 – MARS????
9:16 – Catching Fren
9:31 – Patient Matsuki and Joey
9:50 – Joey predicts the future
10:25 – Biker Mice from Mars
11:53 – Timeless
12:22 – Abduction Ending
13:17 – Joey goes into the hole
13:49 – Quest continues
14:11 – JAMS!
14:28 – Jumpscare
14:42 – Fren Comfy
15:12 – Shed
15:33 – LAMP
15:46 – Final Boss
15:51 – UFO again!
15:58 – Unsettling area
16:14 – Creppy area
16:57 – DJ Joey strikes again!
18:13 – Final Effect
18:31 – Ending
21:33 – Outro


  1. The little hole on mars is my favorite area in the whole game. I think I cried the first time I was there.

  2. someone make joel play some of the popular fangames for yume nikki

  3. …and she commits suicide.
    The ending is as much of a mystery as the game itself.
    Why did she kill herself? Was she a hikkikomori? Depressed? Hated her job? Constant stream of nightmares drove her to suicide? Was is mental illness? Is she schiziophrenic? Was it a dream within a dream? Did she try to wake up? Did she wake up? Is death waking up? Is the world a dream?

  4. Newblood rapper, MC_Fecal_Hoe(l).

  5. Everybody HATE cat effect. I stand with E man

  6. I really liked that outtro, nice touch 🙂

  7. What's very interesting about the ending is how:
    -In the Manga adaption they seemed to go with the idea that Madotsuki is in a "Dream within a dream". Collecting all the powerups is what spawns the stairs to awaken her from her coma?/stasis dream state shes in. Effectively her jumping off in the end is what's suppose to end her "Dream state limbo" with the impact of really doing such a thing would jolt one awake.

    …That's the manga of course, but it does explain how the stairs are there when they were not in the original.

  8. i really like the image of madotsuki just walking through an area playing the flute to herself cause she likes the tune :^)

  9. The Ending is really just a sad feeling for me. It is not something tangible or logical. I don't even think about the countless theories about it.

    I just feel a lot of sadness and that's it. And yet, it is my favorite ending ever not only for videogames but anything period.

  10. I'm so glad that Joel genuinely enjoyed Yume Nikki. It would be cool to see him do some fangames, I think he'd enjoy Yume 2kki even if he never came close to finishing it. There's also the Yume Nikki Online Project with multiplayer for a bunch of fangames if he ever wanted to do that.

  11. Way I see it with that ending is as such

    In embracing her dream worlds so much she lost her grasp on what was and wasn't real, and in thinking the steps on her balcony were just another dream transition point she didn't even consider that it might be a real danger to her life.

  12. I'm so very glad Joel played through my favorite game ever. Thank you joey

  13. I’m really thankful you immediately started making highlights of this stream after it came out, this is probably my favourite Joel stream from this year

  14. I think the problem with a lot of modern indie horror games is that they all try to be like FNAF when they really should try to be like Yume Nikki.

    This game felt genuinely atmospheric and downright haunting, all without jumpscares or monsters chasing you or it trying too hard to make people do theory videos.

  15. And so comes to an end, the best Yume Nikki stream series of all time

    Thanks Joel

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