Top 21 BEST Anime Songs of Each Year (2001-2021) -

Top 21 BEST Anime Songs of Each Year (2001-2021)
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Another year, another banger. Join Ashley as we look over the best anime songs to come out between 2000 and 2021, as heard in series such as “Bleach”, “Dr Stone”, “Black Clover”, “Attack on Titan”, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, and more! Which anime song is at the top of your music library? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I had 7-8 commercial breaks in that video. worse than television. And Gurenge from Demon Slayer is not in the list? Haiyaaa!!!

  2. "2019" yeah Inferno form fire force was Good, but it still can't beat the OP of "Domestic Girlfriend "

  3. Sorry, but for Shippuuden opening theme at the top for me is still Sign, even after finishing the show. I like Silhouette, but it still doesn’t hit the same as Sign did.

  4. Half of these are on my anime workout playlist.

  5. I love silhouette but how does this list not have demon slayer AT ALL?!?!?

  6. Disrespecting One Piece, yet again, are we?
    Kokoro no Chizu, Jungle P, One Day

    Alao, where's Innocent Sorrow, Kyouran Hey Kids, Coolest, Days or Shounen Heart?

  7. I love the day is soo good but first song from aot is cool too

  8. hmm, a majority of the series in this list I either didn't care to watch or dropped because I didn't enjoy.

  9. No ranking of kings or mob psycho or beastars and soul eater? But it's still good list!

  10. Really don't get why people like naruto cause ughh 🤢🤮

  11. Seriously, none from Tokyo ghoul… Bummer

  12. I prefer Black Clover's OP 1 "Haruka Mirai" for 2017, The Promised Neverland's OP "Touch Off" for 2018, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2's OP for 2021.

  13. Wheres dear maria? Greatest anime intro of all anime

  14. Honestly feel like Kaen from Dororo should have been on this list

  15. i was expecting Black Catcher from Black Clover ngl
    my fav anime op

  16. bro really excluded "colors" and "D-techno life"💀💀💀

  17. Absolutely no disrespect to black rover but the best anime opening of 2018 is One Piece's "We are hope"

  18. i love jjk op but black clover op 10 is the best song for 2020 and is always considered one of the op 5 anime songs ever, so well i would disagree with 2020 by alot

  19. You know it's a shitty list when Unravel isn't the best song of 2014. No disrespect to Silhouette, it's a great song, a banger. But overall Unravel is a superior song.

  20. I expected unravel and gurenge to be on this list, my eyes searched for them first.

  21. I’d take any one piece track. You can have your back turned and know something is about to go down. Oda orchestrating masterpieces before our eyes. Also ultra instinct music from dragonball super is hype gym music, such an intense feeling associated with that level of badass

  22. Feel like watch mojo generally doesn't like bleach that much. There should have been at least 2 bleach songs…90% of these songs are classics tho especially the older ones so won't complain too much

  23. Majority is mainstream anime not whole so for me is bullshit

  24. I really like how Watch Mojo always gives Black Clover the love and respect it deserves.

  25. how dare you leave out Colors the Code Geass ending.

  26. NO SAO!? No Tokyo Ghoul!?
    And what about No pain, No gain from Btooom?
    2021 isn't Kaibutsu!?


  27. I don't think anyone would judge him if he put "The Rumbling" to the 2022 year's best anime opening

  28. Hunter x Hunter (2011) opening gives goosebumps.

  29. I really wanted UNRAVEL to be there in the list cuz bruh it's literally a masterpiece

  30. 2014 should have been the Let Me Hear from Parasyte. So good I never skipped it and even had to put it in my spotify playlist

  31. I know, Silhouette is a good song. But still Unravel is way better than it.

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