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The Sandman 1×5 Reaction | 24/7

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Not the direction I thought we were going but by far the best episode yet!

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  1. No spoilers, but something coming from this episode in future eps that'll make your head spin. Others have said it, but stick with Dream for the name, the reason will become apparent soon.

  2. You can see what happens when you take dreams out of the equation by looking at the other Endless (Dream's Siblings).

    You take away dream, and you get Madness/Delusions (and the confusion and forgetting stuff), Desire (the physical and mental desires for food/sex/talk to the ex), Despair (the frustration at failing to get what they want), the violence (Destruction), and eventually Death.

    After all that, you even get Destiny as the Fates.

  3. "Does Mark still get the job?"
    That killed me. ^^

  4. I had a slightly different take. That was the "dreamstone" – it has the power to create and destroy dreams. I think John (in his "command" of no more lies) was just taking away everyone's dream (Morpheus says something along those lines). So the reactions of the people were loosing their dreams and aspirations (and attempts to reach) and just falling into the baser and selfish reactions – and eventually loosing even that and having no hope for life left.

    Its a monkey playing with a microwave and wanting to keep making it go "ding" but cooking everyone in the process. I also loved this episode (and the series as a whole) – although I think my favorite episode is still to come (when you meet Dream's siblings – especially his big sister) – also a mind-twister that made me re-evaluate a lot of my opinions.

  5. I am really trying to decide if identifying who that is in the end, but the Corinthian lists all the siblings in the first episode.

    I don't know if you watched these at once and are doling them out weekly, but reestablishing the mindset of this epiosde makes 6 so much better. And I mean your immediate reaction of, holy crap.

  6. Speaking of David Bowie in a horror/dark role, he was quite interesting as Julian Priest, the host of the second season of the NSFW horror series The Hunger.

  7. David Bowie’s image was used in the comics but Lucifer is not female but rather male as God’s favorite son. In the Sandman books Lucifer appeared androgynous but in his title books he has more of a masculine form following David Bowie’s changes. This show is just a masterpiece.

  8. A quick note, the character at the end (not gonna spoil who it is) is not a he. Both the actor and character are non-binary.

  9. That story in comics/audible is even darker. This was still wild to see though.

  10. Just a quick answer to a question: the author's name is pronounced like "gay man"

  11. The episode most will only watch once – except maybe the end – but the next episode is the one we're all waiting for.

  12. The face you made when the boss lady was making her moves 😂😂😂

  13. I stopped watching this series after this episode. Even though people love saying this, I disagree, this episode is actually darker than the comics…

    In the comics it was much more bloody but everything else regarding the orgy, Marsh sneaking into Bette’s son at night while she’s asleep… this turned into gore porn and deviated from the original comics too much…

    It was just too much, Neil Gaiman lost me on this episode.

    I don’t understand how revealing “truths” somehow ends up an orgy… how does that make any sense???

  14. I can't wait for the next reaction ahhhhh

  15. You should watch Good Omens another Neil Gaiman show. Also the Netflix/Fox show Lucifer (which is loosely) based on this Lucifer.

  16. Yes! That was the best episode. Honestly, I’m not surprised that when people are truthful at all times it’s a very bad thing, and much of the pain comes from pursuing what they think is love . . . lust often comes disguised as love . . . except lust is self-serving and love enables self-sacrifice. I was raised to ALWAYS be truthful all the time; all the setbacks I’ve experienced are due to being open and honest in every situation, because no one really wants to hear what I think, they want to hear what . I don’t regret it, but you learn fast to keep to yourself and mind your own business to compensate. That’s why I try to teach my daughter, being honest is good, but being kind is better. People don’t want honesty, they want validation and can only tolerate diplomatic constructive criticism aimed directed at them with validation.

  17. Great reaction, as always. This was one of the episodes I was waiting for (having read the comics), knowing it would hit hard and I think both of us felt it. Looking forward to your next Expanse reaction! (Prax is one of my favorite characters)

  18. Oooh, Oooh, I can't wait for the next one!

  19. I cannot wait for you to watch the next episode.

  20. "Is this just a dream, or is he here now?" Would there be any difference..?

  21. Mason Alexander Park (the actor playing Dream's sibling at the end) is, if I'm not mistaken, non-binary (or at least they use neutral pronouns); the character they play… well, that would be a bit of a spoiler (though technically none of the Endless have a gender as such, them being the personification of raw basic universal concepts and all).

  22. The only thing I disliked with Lucifer in this show was the god awful haircut :/

  23. John crushed the ruby because he thought it would kill Dream. The fates also suggested this course of action to him for some reason.

  24. Hey, Angela! If you are truly interested in learning more about Sandman, then I recommend the graphic novels this season is based on. All the episodes of the season are derived from the first two books in a ten-book series. They are titled "Preludes and Nocturnes" and "A Doll's House". This TV adaptation has been done with extreme fidelity except in two respects. The first is that there's been a great deal of race- and gender-bending of characters like making Lucien into Lucienne and Rose Walker black. This is par for the course nowadays and the subs do a great job. The second is removing the DC Comics references like JOHN CONSTANTINE the Exorcist instead of Joanna, the demon ETRIGAN instead of Squatterbloat, John Dee being kept in ARKHAM ASYLUM, appearances by MIRACLE MAN and MARTIAN MANHUNTER, references to the JUSTICE LEAGUE and the Golden Age-era SANDMAN crimefighter.

    The story of Nada's betrayal is in the second volume, "A Doll's House".

    The lesbian in the diner was contacted on her cell phone by a young black woman with colorful hair . Remember this girl for later.

    The graphic novel series is considered a SEMINAL WORK of graphic literature. Neil Gaiman is a mad genius.

  25. John dreamed of a world with no lies. It’s understandable – given his backstory – why he truly thinks that’s a good thing. A lot of lies are bad. However, John doesn’t understand that some ‘lies’ are okay or even necessary. He also doesn’t understand how sometimes two things can be true at once.

    John would think it’s the right thing to do for a parent to trauma dump on their child because it’s the ‘truth’. “Hey, four-year-old I suffered with postnatal depression for the first three months after you were born. I just want you to know, there were times when I wished you’d never been born and I feel guilty about that. However, you have to know this – even at this young age – because it’s the truth. Also the tooth fairy isn’t real.” That can be true but it doesn’t mean the parent doesn’t love their child or that some lies – like the tooth fairy – are harmless and make the world a more magical place.

    John thought that people being unable to lie in anyway would make them happy. When it didn’t, he decided they liked being miserable and make them hurt/kill themselves. The irony is that they were telling the truth when they said they didn’t want to hurt each other and that they liked the ‘lies’ better but he wouldn’t believe them.

  26. Didn't know where it was going in the restaurant, but could feel an ominous vibe, but did not expect all of that ,fantastic storytelling.

  27. This ep was thought provoking but the next few are more so, then it goes to a strange place that seemed to lower my interest in the show.

  28. I never expected an episode like this, but it was so captivating and haunting for what it was.

  29. Regarding destroying the Ruby: it's explained a little better in the graphic novels, but long story shortish, John realizes that the Ruby was created from Dream's life energy, and that it stole more when Dream found it in the warehouse and tried to use it. So he's under the impression that he can suck the life out of Dream via the Ruby, and then destroy it and Dream together.

    He may also think it's something like a soul jar, where beings trying to avoid death put their soul or pieces of it into objects and keep it from ever passing on. (See Voldemort and his horcruxes, Koschei the Deathless and the nested objects he put his soul or death into, liches and their phylacteries, etc., etc.) In either case, he crushes it thinking it'll kill Dream for good.

  30. The Joanna Constantine was a one off. It's an anthology series which the stories revolve around Morpheus in some form or fashion. It's not a buddy cop show with Constantine….

  31. I just found your reactions to Sandman, and I'm so happy to see you made it through episode 5! I also loved the 10 minute recap of the last episode after you had time to think about it. Like hearing someone's thoughts on it.

  32. John destroys the Ruby because he (Falsely) believes that he's killed Dream and become the Dreamlord. It's hinted by the Fates for him to do such to ultimately "win" but as we know, the fates love to twist answers to their own designs.

  33. Great reaction! This episode was such a twisted one but is probably one of my favorites of the season along with A Hope in Hell and The Sound of Her Wings.

  34. Important note the sibling at the end is not a man nor are they played by a man. They are nonbinary as is their actor

  35. I think John crushes the ruby because the idea to do it gets planted there by the fates, 3 times he asks them what his future is he doesn't like the answers the first 2 times so keeps asking but all 3 come true. 1st they say he came from dust and will return to dust, so death not come true yet but nothing magically keeping him alive anymore so will. 2nd you'll be bound by walls and guards and the smell of madness, so back to the secure psych ward. And 3rd you've taken some of the power of dreams, you'll take all of it and crush the life of the lord of dreams in your hands. This is the future he wanted to hear where he thinks he wins, so this is what he does not realising the outcome. As Lucien said in the earlier episodes the fates never give you a plain answer.

    Oh and the character at the end is played by a non-binary actor who uses they/them pronouns rather then he/him just for refference because they crop up again in a few more episodes

  36. Can't wait until you watch the next couple episodes.

  37. Angela : "Everyone's dreams in this diner better come true. I'm just sayin'……"


  38. Funny enough, Patton was the first person they knew they wanted for the show, before anyone else was even thought of.

    Bette also did try to set Judy and Mark up. Listen to what she tells Marsh about Judy, especially the "any boy in town" part. Bette sat two spots at the counter when Judy came in (one for Judy and one for Donna). Then when Mark came in, she sat Mark in Donna's spot.

  39. Can we take a moment to appreciate how masterful David Thewlis' performance here was?

  40. This was the episode, as a source reader, that intrigued me the most – the idea of adapting this one for screen did seem… improbable… given what that comic is like. It's done really well, although it's where I finally clicked what one of the differences between the comic and the show is – cruelty level. Quite understandably, it's been ramped down for the live action adaptation. It's high throughout the story overall in the comic, but it's really showcased in this (somewhat infamous) chapter. One of those YMMV on which you prefer – I totally understand the change, and the need for it, but I did find myself missing the sting of the comics. And (without spoiling anything) – your reaction to "that beautiful man" was perfect! 🙂

  41. The episode reminds me a bit of the movie "The exterminating angel" by Louis Bunuel, where a group of people is not able to leave a room.

  42. Very good job in your reaction I was really curious to see what you thought about this one.

    The next one is just the absolute banger though!

    Keep it up, I'll be here

    (Edit wow you picked-up breaking the Ruby giving him his powers back way faster than I did, 🙂)

  43. This episode and the one after are from the two comics that are the ones that always make people sit up and start paying real attention to the writing. Before this they're a bit disjointed with wonky pacing (somewhat fixed in the show) and random ideas thrown at a wall to see what sticks… but these two are where the storytelling really starts to cohere and shine through in more than just spots here and there.

    "It gets good in Issue 5" has always been the weakness of the Sandman comics, but they couldn't really fix it without gutting everything great about it too, so I'm kinda glad they stuck to a faithful adaptation "but updated for the 2020s". (Not that it wasn't good before, but… eh, you'll see, it's a clear watershed in quality.)

  44. “See Marsh’s head bobbing up and down somewhere, I’m sure.” 😂

  45. The ruby is making people not tell lies, even to themselves. So if you desire an act it is lying to yourself to not seek it out. This is why they start eating what they want to eat, fucking who they want to fuck, and eventually causing themselves pain. The last one in my mind is an expression of intrusive thoughts. The thought I could chop my hand off, though momentary is a desire that would be a "lie" to not express. Also because John wanted to punish them for not liking his "truth".

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