The Rings of Power Episode 4 Breakdown! -

The Rings of Power Episode 4 Breakdown!

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“The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power — Sophia Nomvete Breaks Down Princess Disa’s Scene in the Mines of Moria”
by Alex Stedman

“The wave in ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ has an even deeper connection to Tolkien: One watery dream helped shape Middle-earth.”
By Belen Edwards  

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  1. So nice to come here and talk all we love about the series!

  2. This was quite an emotional episode I have to say but by and by we are starting to see small pieces of connections coming together gradually. Even though it's only been a four episodes and normally it would take a little later for all the action to begin but here it's starting to pick up pretty quickly and it's a good thing.
    I think once we are past this first season and we start getting a second one God willing…I think people are gonna embrace this a lot more than they are right now. I'm not usually a betting person but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be right about that…somewhat.

  3. Don't forget we are but less than two days away from Andor and it's going to be mind blowing

  4. And all of a sudden I thought of Rey and Ben riding on horses

  5. LOTR has never been my thing as much. Not enough complex female characters that have large roles to play in the plot for me. Eowyn is pretty much the only one, and her role is still limited. But I have been enjoying this show a lot. Probably because it is doing better with female characters. It's been great to listen to you both talking about it and having fun with it.

  6. I can’t always be there live but I always watch later
    Keep it up
    I love all the positivity in times like these
    Ben solo lives

  7. OMGosh ladies, i just rewatched the forrest scene and realized how the music blends into the beginning of Disa's song once they reach the clearing. Just so beautiful. This soundtrack is giving me life.

  8. Ok! So that is why Elrond looked so emotional during that scene!
    Disa's voice was so hauntingly beautiful.
    Because of his reaction and the tone of the music, for a second i was worried it was like a funeral scene.

  9. I swear I thought Kemmen said his name was Kevin, and I couldn’t let go of the idea of “Kevin of Numenor” 😂. Also, stab in the dark, what if Adar becomes the Mouth of Sauron? Very curious about this character.

  10. I thought in regards to the requiem sounding forest music – it was like that tension of the chase hasn't let up. They aren't safe, Adar's message has to be delivered. It's like even though they made it to the clearing, there is a WEIGHT to everything, no safety to be found, and it mirrors what the dwarves are also feeling for different reasons…

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