The Other Shore - Final Impressions/Waifu Came Home/100% Hit Whenever Global Comes -

The Other Shore – Final Impressions/Waifu Came Home/100% Hit Whenever Global Comes

Scion Storm
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Human beings committed sins and were abandoned by God, and the world has been divided into two since then. War and conspiracy stir up the “present world”, and evil and hope alternate in the “abyss”. When “you” began to search for the original truth, the two parallel worlds were connected by a mysterious force, and a conspiracy that had been planned for thousands of years also surfaced… Everything was first seen on the day when the father was murdered Clue. Rumors among the people, accusations of regicide, and the betrayal of close relatives finally turned into a guillotine, ending the life of “you” as Crown Prince Augustus in the “mortal world”

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  1. I am not a skilled artist or coder but I hope assets of unreleased games can be made available. As a heads up if you still have the beta install file you can connect and reinstall the game. Not sure how much is restored without being able to login.

  2. I'm surprised. Seasun axed The Other Shore after the closed beta ended.

  3. So hyped for Other Shore. ❤ Thanks for covering it. Man I'm gonna miss seeing it so much. lol This game will plague my mind until it comes out. Looking forward to it! 😄

  4. Bruh i could watch her walking for hours, damn hips!
    She's no.2 after 2B.

  5. I'm not interested in globa clients anymore (even less if bilibili is the publisher) but is the game already out in china? or is it just a cbt?
    thanks for the video btw.

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