The Most Dinosaurs In A Single Documentary? | Prehistoric Planet - Forests EXPLAINED -

The Most Dinosaurs In A Single Documentary? | Prehistoric Planet – Forests EXPLAINED

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Yeaaaa….so I guess I forgot about this huh? Well it’s as good a time as ever to finish up the rest of the Prehistoric Planet episodes since season 2 will be coming out soon! So, without further ado, let’s get going.



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EDGE Intro 00:00-00:32

PHP Intro 00:32-05:39

Recap 05:39-09:49

Animal Accuracies…Or Not! 09:49-11:00

Austroposeidon Design 11:00-19:07
Austroposeidon Behavior 19:07-22:18

Triceratops Design 22:18-32:21
Triceratops Behavior 32:21-34:11

Carnotaurus Design 34:11-48:45
Carnotaurus Behavior 48:45-50:15

Corythoraptor Design 50:15-57:07
Corythoraptor Behavior 57:07-58:00

Qianzhousaurus Design 58:00-01:04:50
Qianzhousaurus Behavior 01:04:50-01:05:47

Atrociraptor Design 01:05:47-01:08:27
Atrociraptor Behavior 01:08:27-01:10:15

Anodontosaurus Design 01:10:15-01:13:12
Anodontosaurus Behavior 01:13:12-01:13:58

Unnamed Sleeping Titanosaur Design 01:13:58-01:16:39
Unnamed Sleeping Titanosaur 01:16:39-01:18:46

Therizinosaurus Design 01:18:46-01:27:00
Therizinosaurus Behavior 01:27:00-01:29:07

Zalmoxes Design 01:29:07-01:31:38
Zalmoxes Behavior 01:31:38-01:32:00

Hatzegopteryx Design 01:32:00-01:36:42
Hatzegopteryx Behavior 01:36:42-01:40:45

Telmatosaurus Design 01:40:45-01:43:19
Telmatosaurus Behavior 01:43:19-01:43:35

Hateg Titanosaur Design 01:43:35-01:46:00
Hateg Titanosaur Behavior 01:46:00-01:46:36

Prehistoric Planet Philosophy 01:46:36-01:49:20

Outro 01:49:20-01:50:53


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  1. 😊if they bring back dinosaurs i have a retainer fee already in place to hunt a Trex got all the most dangerous animals in Africa and north America hanging in my trophy room and I will have to expand my room to make room for the rex head i am willing to pay what ever it takes hurry up science i want my trophy

  2. I don't understand all the bragging and shade throwing in the beginning. Like, let your work speak for itself, if you have to tell me how amazeballs something is, then it likely isn't.

  3. There was a T-Rex VS Spinosaurus fight in Super Sentai/Power Rangers! Voltasaur Squadron Kyoryuger/Power Rangers Dino Charge has the heroes T-Rex zord fight the badguys Spinosaurus zord!

  4. i love that the name for triceratops was stolen because whoever named the birds didn’t call it. 😂

  5. 39:26 I love this. Please tell me this is how it was published.

  6. This is just so. Much. Work. Thank you

  7. I didn't see it. I don't have sn opinion.

  8. what if triceratops could change colors like chameleons and use their frill and colors to frighten predators

  9. As a retired evolutionary biologist, and still enamored at the age of 71 of dinosaurs and dinosauromorphs, I loved this.Wonderful video.

  10. How do people even know how they truly looked or behaved.

  11. The series did a fantastic job of portraying dinosaurs…. but they covered the exact same species in multipe episodes over and over again, with no new information, as if it was the first time discussing said species. It got annoying

  12. Who else noticed the sigma theme playing just after mentioning that carnotourus had huuuge neck muscles😆?

  13. The Carno mating dance is still one of my most favorite things, ever. So much serotonin.

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