The Most Dinosaurs In A Single Documentary? | Prehistoric Planet - Forests EXPLAINED -

The Most Dinosaurs In A Single Documentary? | Prehistoric Planet – Forests EXPLAINED

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Yeaaaa….so I guess I forgot about this huh? Well it’s as good a time as ever to finish up the rest of the Prehistoric Planet episodes since season 2 will be coming out soon! So, without further ado, let’s get going.



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EDGE Intro 00:00-00:32

PHP Intro 00:32-05:39

Recap 05:39-09:49

Animal Accuracies…Or Not! 09:49-11:00

Austroposeidon Design 11:00-19:07
Austroposeidon Behavior 19:07-22:18

Triceratops Design 22:18-32:21
Triceratops Behavior 32:21-34:11

Carnotaurus Design 34:11-48:45
Carnotaurus Behavior 48:45-50:15

Corythoraptor Design 50:15-57:07
Corythoraptor Behavior 57:07-58:00

Qianzhousaurus Design 58:00-01:04:50
Qianzhousaurus Behavior 01:04:50-01:05:47

Atrociraptor Design 01:05:47-01:08:27
Atrociraptor Behavior 01:08:27-01:10:15

Anodontosaurus Design 01:10:15-01:13:12
Anodontosaurus Behavior 01:13:12-01:13:58

Unnamed Sleeping Titanosaur Design 01:13:58-01:16:39
Unnamed Sleeping Titanosaur 01:16:39-01:18:46

Therizinosaurus Design 01:18:46-01:27:00
Therizinosaurus Behavior 01:27:00-01:29:07

Zalmoxes Design 01:29:07-01:31:38
Zalmoxes Behavior 01:31:38-01:32:00

Hatzegopteryx Design 01:32:00-01:36:42
Hatzegopteryx Behavior 01:36:42-01:40:45

Telmatosaurus Design 01:40:45-01:43:19
Telmatosaurus Behavior 01:43:19-01:43:35

Hateg Titanosaur Design 01:43:35-01:46:00
Hateg Titanosaur Behavior 01:46:00-01:46:36

Prehistoric Planet Philosophy 01:46:36-01:49:20

Outro 01:49:20-01:50:53


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  1. the one saw lol in an isolated place by a pond in Idaho was in the top of of a gindho tree. It was gigantic and the way it was positioned I thought what is a sea cliff type bird doing out here. it had an oranfe beak and face, Its neck was covered with burnt red white and black checker like design of feathers. feeding,munching critters out of the tops of trees. It sprung from the tree top,caught wind and dived tward m. I hit the ground.Didnt see it fly free but glide. Its legs when flying over head where way different,looked more like goose legs. itwas great.scared the heck out .

  2. The CG on this was definitely a couple of levels above, Walking With Dinosaurs but the writing and storytelling was not. Not a fan of setting all 10 episodes in the same Era and just about every episode having T-Rex in it.

  3. is it a good idea to mention "i've made the madalorian"?

  4. I absolutely adore how they gave each Triceratops unique shapes and sizes of horns and frills instead of copying models and also baby trikes are so adorable.

  5. So the BBC produced this series using British people's TV licence fees and we can't watch it?

  6. I'm 22 minutes 17 seconds in and loving the video so far!
    You probably thought the Austroposeidon was an African sauropod because the narration never states in the freshwater episode when we've moved from place to place for its entire second half. I originally thought that the azhdarchids shown were meant to be the same Quetzalcoatlus we'd seen earlier in the episode and that the sequence was set in Southern Africa, but we didn't get confirmation that the elasmosaur sequence was set in South America until Darren tweeted about it 🙂

  7. Quetzoqatlus flying 🤔..
    Quetzoqatlus 75 kg. 🤔🤔
    I don't know…, but those giants maybe glided against the winds…, using up drafting winds, thermal columns to stay airborne…, but truly flying I doubt…. I have doubt about their weight too….. Some (too many paleo people) WANT gigantic pterodactyls (I know it's a saur…, but dactyl sounds better 😅) to be a flying animal…, and the weight estimates are sometimes quoted as ridiculously light…, and all that because people WANT to imagine those giants to be fully airobatic.. And they like to think it could quadjump into the sky like a harrier jumpjet…
    It was giraffe sized but doggy weight 😂…(Quetzoqatlus) Lol… I don't think so…, sorry but I just don't believe it.
    Greetings bibia (who clearly ain't expert in inglish😅)

  8. in stead of suggesting the anky thingy ate charcoal. How about it sufficated because of that burning charcoal caus the whole world around it was in cataclysmic fires and ashes from a meteor hit ya know…….

  9. Mark witton is in a little bit of his science fiction land

  10. I kinda wish that the whole thing was done in these saturated colors. Its beautiful

  11. It is by far the best dino documentary produced in my lifetime, and at 41 I have been here for most I think.

  12. I was mildly disappointed because it was so heavily hyped as being more accurate to findings, and then I saw they still have pointy tipped pterosaur wings, and sauropods with elephant feet. Also sad they didn't do as much interesting marking ideas for the larger predatory dinosaurs, you would think something that big would need some disruptive camouflage like tigers have, maybe spots like jaguars and cheetahs, even just a gradient from a darker color to liger like wolves, lions, etc… Would be much cooler than monotone grey/brown with maybe a display marking on the head, eyes or arms.

  13. This is the best episode. But I can’t decide between the Hatzegopteryx segment and the Theirzinosaurs segment both are my favorites

  14. Dinoslayer: Prehistoric Animal Model Reviews says:

    I love your content. If I want something to get my brain going, this is what I come to on Youtube. I love Dinosaurs, but I am also a curious person, so it's amazing to see these really in-depth videos.

  15. The Sauropods walk like hippo in season 2 and New Animation of Dinosaurs etc of them

  16. Absolutely nothing shall suppress the god emperor of all paleontology the Pug-Croc that vehemently won everyones hearts and should be the first in line to resurrect from extinction to be the ultimate pet of humanity. /s

  17. I will say the Qianzhousaurus in Prehistoric Planet is the most photorealistic & best animated Dinosaur ever put to screen.

  18. Another Incredible Video EDGE!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  19. "can't seem to find Green Planet"…three words represented by letters will solve your problem: VPN

  20. Can't wait for prehistoric planet season 2 explaned

  21. "act like animals & look pretty" is already a revolutionary take on Dinos, which media tend to make them act like monsters and look sick.

  22. In sorry but the cut to puss in boots killed me

  23. A lot of the time we give Ceratopsians and Sauropods Elephant-like behavior including child rearing behavior just because they're the closest thing we have to the scale of these creatures.
    But Elephants are VERY unique in their communal behavior and collective intelligence. No animal outside of their family is really as tightly bonded as they are, certainly not dinosaurs that we know of.

  24. The color filter you put on actually makes the scenes look amazing. Those bright orange and purple/pink leaves and warm haze over everything. And the coloring on those Corytoraptors is even more impressive then they're actual color.

  25. Ooouuu!! A super long episode! This is about to make my day, thank you! 💖

  26. TFW the song used in snotty brat meme gets played while showing off the Carnotaurus

  27. If you look up calcrete formation and check out Nick Zentner's field trips with Skye Coolie, looking at loess and ancient soil horizons, you may get the idea of what 'clay' animals look for to get their minerals. Soils built up in fairly arid conditions or where water tables are fairly static for long periods, build up calcium and other salts in thin bands where the water can't hold the salts any more.If the rain percolated down through wind blown dust from deserts (much as dust from the Sahara fertilises the Atlantic and Amazon today) it leaves mineral rich bands, and repeated cycles of deposition and stability can build up thick strata that can be carved out by rivers etc, and all manner of creatures visit the exposures and they get tunnelled out as caves over time. Nick's videos will give you an idea of how thick these layers can be, and the process is fundamental enough to have been much the same in dinosaur times as it is now. Some of the calcrete layers around the world are rich enough to be mined for minerals, and as building material where there is no hard rock to be had.

  28. I just wish it wasnt on apple tv why are there so many strenaing services anyways geez i want to watch thos so bad

  29. They did do a science segment on pterosaur hunting

  30. there were some sauropods that had juveniles in the herd but I guess with Titanosaurs there is no evidence for them

  31. Where do people get news of the rumored fossils found? I hear multiple enthusiasts and experts talk about undescribed finds but no clue on how they got that information.

  32. I know it's done to avoid claims and takedowns, but find the colour shifted footage to look mesmerisingly beautiful.
    It makes me think this kind of thing is more of what I'd like to see from James Cameron's Avatar, where upon repeat viewings, found the presence of copy-pasted Earth plants to look jarring as much as the Na'vi are criticised for being too humanoid by many spec-evo & biology folks.

    I've pondered the idea of the flora having similarly alien colours to match the fauna, and came up with one of my oldest xenobiology project to do exactly that (along with anything else I thought was neat), and the visuals here really gave that vibe I was going for.
    -Foliage that range from light cyan, through all the blues, and shaded by violets and magentas. While fauna have colours that seem jarring to our Earthly perspectives, but makes sense within their own language of hues.

  33. This was a fun conclusion to season 1, but I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the other episodes.

  34. I hear the Snotty Boy/Titan glow up music in the Carnotaurus section.

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