"The Melody of a Forgotten Heart: The Secret of Love, Betrayal, and the Solitude of a Tribal Woman" - hecticspace2.com

“The Melody of a Forgotten Heart: The Secret of Love, Betrayal, and the Solitude of a Tribal Woman”

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In this video, we follow the story of Raqia, a tribal woman who lives alone with her young daughter, Asma, in a remote area away from the tribe. Raqia navigates through solitude and isolation in the depths of the jungle. However, a man named Hamed, an tribesman himself, comes to her aid and seeks to build a small house for Raqia.
In this video, we witness an enchanting and captivating journey as Raqia, Hamed, and Asma work together to construct their small home in the jungle. Amidst the serene and tranquil surroundings, they progress through the stages of building, relying on teamwork and determination to create a local and peaceful haven for Raqia and Asma’s future.
This video serves as an inspiration for those seeking guidance and support in their own solitude and life’s hardships. It demonstrates that with effort, willpower, and unity, one can resist the challenges of life and build a better future. The story highlights the impact of having a supportive and strong individual in one’s life, making a significant difference and instilling greater hope and self-confidence.
A storytelling-like video, accompanied by beautiful imagery and fitting music, immerses viewers into the nomadic life , the world of Raqia, Hamed, and Asma, evoking emotions of courage, hope, and human connection. #NomadicLife #Love #Betrayal #Solitude #Support #JungleJourney #BuildingDreams #Empowerment #Unity #Resilience #Inspiration


  1. Ojala sea un buen hombre,y acompañe a rujiyya

  2. Hola Rukiya, inicie viendo el canal de tu hermano Saleh con el fin de conocer la cultura, posteriormente vi un video turistico de la capital Teran, me di cuenta que las personas iranies usan ropa occidental como nosotros; no crees que es más cómodo usar jeans, ya que todo el tiempo te estas ensuciando tu vestido. Bueno es mi humilde opinión. Saludos.

  3. يعني انا مش فاهمه كيف هاي الست الكبيره بتجي وبتضرب رقيه مافي قانون يحمي رقيه من هاي العجوز الحمقاء

  4. Dios los estudios por ayudar a esta indefesa mujer❤❤

  5. Operator., you are doing a very good job reading the comments snd responding to them..finding a builder., getting Rukiya those shoes .
    I loved when Hamed said that he was helping Rukiya from the bottom of his heart..Rukiya does whatever she can to help him and makes sure he receives food and water and contributes what she can.
    May this projevt come to a happy conclusion.

  6. Queremos saber se essa história é verdadeira

  7. Q Linda Asma cuando juega feliz ❤❤

  8. God bless you operator in helping this woman and her child.

  9. Thanks for the cameraman and Hamed for helping ruqiya and asmah

  10. يا استاذ المصور تذهب رقيه عند اخيها افضل من العيش فالغابه بمفردها

  11. تذهب عند صااااااااااااالح تساعده فتربية اطفاله وهوا يذهب للعمل

  12. تذهب عند صالح يا استاذ المصور انت ليست محرمها

  13. طلاق رقيه من مرررررررصد

  14. Really,Raquia needs someone to build a house for her and her.daughter.God bless this man.helping hrr in building.the house

  15. U oprstorr its very gd can help to rukia tske of ur chanel so people can like to see u channel🤲🤲🤲

  16. Əlimnən gəlsə ruqəyəyə kömək edərdim

  17. Çünkü məndə çox əzoyyət çəkmişəm

  18. Está mujer está embarazada? Cómo hará para estar con dos niños sola … porque no busca ayuda de su hermano

  19. ตากล้องใจดี แบ่งปันเงินให้รูปิยะด้วย ขอให้ทุกท่านโชคดีค่ะ❤❤❤

  20. What a nice hars working man, none like her lazy husband.
    Hopefully they fall on love 🩷🌷🌷🩵

  21. ❤adoro acompanhar vocês ! Queria poder abraçar Raqia e Asmah 💛

  22. Melhore as legendas eu fico perdida aqui 😊

  23. Raqia um beijo meu direto do 🇧🇷 te adoro e desejo muita saúde e sorte na sua vida 🫶🏼

  24. Rugua hidup sama Asmah tanpa suami malah bisa bangun gubuk ya, suami cacat ga setia tinggalin aja cari suami seperti tukang bangunan gpp

  25. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  26. Muchas gracias operador, por ponerle a una persona a rukiya para que la ayude❤
    Gracias a ud por ayudarla, ella merece ser feliz y tener una vida tranquila ❤🎉❤
    Saludos ❤

  27. BONJOUR Monsieur l'opérateur je vous remerçies pour ce que vous faites pour l'aide à cette mère seul avec son enfant

  28. This Man actually walked to come and help her without any promise of money and for no other reason than to help her and the baby even after being attacked ❤ 😊 WOW now that's a real Man 😍


  30. Hvala dragom Gospodu bogu da se naša neko da pomogne jadnoj Rukiji i njenom detetu Hvala ovom g.Hamedu stojoj pomaže. ❤❤❤❤

  31. Оператору и Хамеду спасибо за помощь Рукии. Пусть у неё всё будет хорошо

  32. Я очень рада, что начали строить дом для Рукии и Асмы-милой девочки

  33. Асма солнышко, помошница маме растёт.

  34. У Рукии мать безжалостная бабка-колдунья. Жалко Рукию, пусть у неё всё сложиться удачно.

  35. Hvala puno operateru stoje titlovo na srpskom jeziku da možemo da čitamo. ❤❤❤❤❤

  36. Хамеду особое спасибо за помощь от души и бесплатно Рукие. Пусть его доброта вернется ему в сто крат здоровьем и благополучием❤

  37. Аллах вам в помощь Рукия в строительстве дома и в жизни. Оператору спасибо, пусть его канал процветает, удачи и успехов в жизни❤

  38. Im sad for yoy roqiya sometimes you visit your brother saleh

  39. Your life before is good when you were at your brothers hpuse but your own mother is also a devil

  40. L,operatore e meraviglioso per come aiuta rugiva😊

  41. Un niño siente la intranquilidad de su madre….ahora, y desde que está Hamed con ellos, la madre está tranquila y parece que la niña también!

  42. Спасибо оператору за суптитрый всё пончтно

  43. Зделай документы на земл а построеш а потом выгоняет хозяен

  44. Ребенка надо воспитания а то арет

  45. Надо делать фундамент

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