The Finale | MAFIA: DEFINITIVE EDITION | Ep 10 | Let's Play -

The Finale | MAFIA: DEFINITIVE EDITION | Ep 10 | Let’s Play

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First playthrough of Mafia 1! Thanks for being here 🙂

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  1. You should definitely continue the mafia series.

  2. Those two guys who killed Tommy are called Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro.

  3. 2nd game is even better imo. One of my favorite games sever

  4. Hi Meg. Congratulations for completing Mafia Definitive Edition. So sad about Tommy, but you will move on to the next game Mafia 2. It's okay to feel emotional over dying protagonists and sad endings. Stay strong okay, you forget a thousand things everyday. Make sure this is one of them.

  5. Gwurl you should check the og game intro cinematic if you havent

  6. If I can make a suggestion, I'd love for you to check out Remedy games – Max Payne 1 & 2, Alan Wake and Control once your schedule opens up.

  7. You'll definitely enjoy, Mafia 2. The story is great I personally like it more than, Mafia. I think the 3rd one is worth playing as well, especially the DLC. The main story is good it's just the gameplay during certain parts are repetitive. It's worth playing the whole trilogy.

  8. the ending is more about showing how all the friendships and bonds they have in the mob life are all thrown out the window the moment, someone makes a mistake or it comes to money. the ending also shows that there really is no way to make sure they never find you because even years later they found him. Wanting a happier ending is of course personal preference, but i think this ending is perfect for what its trying to convey.

  9. I remember hearing you say you haven't played GTA 5. If so that is a game you should 100% play, if you're doing a Saints Row 1-3 playthrough. I don't see how you wouldn't play GTA 5 as well.

  10. I get what you're saying, but there are no friends or chosen family when it comes to crime because it's all about the money. And even if you escape this life, all your "friends" will want you dead and you will spend the rest of your life looking behind your shoulders.

  11. Yeah the Mafia ending is very shocking, true for the original and the remake. Can't wait for you're playthrough of Mafia 2 as it's also an amazing game with a main character I adore.

  12. Yesssss, I love the Saints Row series. I’ve played SR 3 and 4 multiple times and I love them, but I just played through SR 2 for the first time and it might be my favorite of the entire series. They’re a bit more light-hearted and goofy than the typical open world crime game, especially with these last few entries in the series, but they are such fun games and wild stories.

  13. Would love to see you play the Max Payne games by Remedy/Rockstar. It's like a mix of Batman meets John Woo and The Punisher that hint of Noir vibe. Max Payne 2 and more so Max Payne 3 hold up really well with Max Payne 3 having amazing physics and graphics. Max Payne 1 graphically doesn't hold up as well but the gameplay is still great which is the case for all the games. Max is also just an intresting character and the whole story has a real graphic novel feel to it which will fill right at home after you're Batman Year One reaction.

    Oh btw stay clear of spoilers for this ending as people may reveal some things. Recommend jumping into Mafia 2 as soon as so the spoilers don't reveal too much.

  14. I really like Mafia 1 and Mafia 2.

    My other recommendations would be broken sword games, the longest journey, heroes of might and magic 3.

  15. Are you gonna play mafia 2 you play was Vito one of the guys at the end

  16. Wow I actually just finished the game last night and I wake up to this, what a coincidence. But yeah the games amazing which is surprising considering I wasn’t giving expecting much when I decided to try it out.

  17. You should try and play for the Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor and War games its like the Batman games but set in the lord of the rings universe.

  18. The end is showing you that no matter what friends & brothers you make during mob life, it's all tossed aside when it comes to money or a mistake is made. Its also showing you that it's pretty much impossible to get out of the life. They always find you.

  19. I love watching Meg play games like these because she gets so immersed in them and feels for the characters

  20. IMHO. The original Mafia 1 OUTRO is far far better than this one.. This reads like fricking Fast and Furious Vin Diesel shit.

    FAMILY. Its dumb

  21. Confused from ending ? Mafia 2 ending will be “Hold my beer” 😀😀😀

  22. Please avoid reading the comments…….there are chances of there being spoilers for Mafia 2 (one of the best mafia game)! A lot game streamers have suffered it!

  23. Tommy did get his redemption he built his life and he changed to live more proactive got to see his daughter’s marriage and had multiple kids got old with his wife he always knew he wasn’t going to be safe if he was still alive his redemption is him living his life and dying for it since they are safe now after he dies

  24. Sadly the ending was tragic but expected. None of the people in the story are heroes and it showed, doesn’t make you feel less sad about it though

  25. I can't wait till she figures out who killed Tommy👀

  26. Mafia 2 also very good, I liked it even more than Mafia 1.
    Mafia 3 very skippable, it's okay in parts but terrible in other parts. It's not ever good really.

  27. Please play mafia 2 old version, don't play the remastered version

  28. Wait till her play the second game and realize that who did it xD

  29. Actually Original Mafia 1 Ending has deeper ending. The reason they put the family shit moral in the definitive Edition is because they thought it would fit the context and they thus ignore the deeper message original writer wanted us to give.

  30. Awesome series , you are a massive inspiration to us small gaming content creators 👍👍

  31. Meg, I just need to say this. I have been watching you since you were finishing up your ME2 playthrough last year, and you've become one of my favorite content creators. Watching you play through games like: Cyberpunk, The Walking Dead, Spider-Man, Dragon Age, etc. It has been a remarkable experience to say the least. You are very sweet but also sassy and I smile whenever a notification from your channel comes up. I hope you have a swell day and keeping being amazing 🥰😁

  32. The ending is the best because the deep message behind it💯🙏 and hopefully you play Mafia 2. The best one in the series right behind the first, some even say mafia 2 is better than mafia 1 but can't really dispute that tbh. I think you'll enjoy Mafia 2💯💯😊

  33. Yeah Mafia 2 is probably my favorite part of the trilogy in terms of characters.

  34. The emotion of betrayal and hopelesness is not mucked up by a family is forever rant in the original ending… The game says the opposite story and thats why its so cool… You spend the whole game glamourizing that life and you get a wake up call at the end… Checkout the cutscene you might like it more!

  35. I prefer the last scene in the original game, just because the choice of words by Tommy and the music who was super sad. But this remake is pretty good overall

  36. Just binge-watched your whole playthrough, you're gonna love Mafia 2!

  37. You’d love Mafia 2! What a journey that game is!

  38. Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp 🖕 says:

    Vito is my fav character in the mafia series

  39. Mafia 2 is absolutely worth playing after this

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