The epic tale of the wind goddess' gift - Sydney Iaukea -

The epic tale of the wind goddess’ gift – Sydney Iaukea

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Get to know the Hawaiian legend of the sacred wind gourd and follow Paka’a’s fight to restore his rightful place beside the king.

Long ago, the Hawaiian wind goddess wielded a gourd that housed the winds of the Islands. It came to hold her bones, along with the life force they carried, and was eventually passed to her grandson, Paka’a. Like his father before him, he became the trusted attendant to the king of Hawaii. But his privileged status also made him a target. Sydney Iaukea shares the tale of the king’s betrayal.

Lesson by Sydney Iaukea, directed by Ivana Bošnjak.

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  1. I just happen to be vacationing in Hawaii at the time this came out

  2. It is always a joy to see the tales of other cultures so beautifully told and expressed. TedEd knows how to appreciate and celebrate art.

  3. 春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春春 says:


  4. The narrator is just from another world! Amazing animation though.

  5. Such quaint & heartwarming tales in song filled renditions just make the advent of storytelling & writing seem to be that which hath breath of Life & Love's Eternal bind. ❤

  6. This is such an interesting story! I hope you cover more mythology around the world

  7. Tales like this bring me back to my childhood. Learning valuable life and social lessons through folklore and mythology was how I remembered my preschool and kindergarten years. Those lessons stuck with me more than anything else.

  8. I love the hand-painted animation. It's giving early 2000s PBS kids.

  9. A very interesting tale. The animation is also excellently done.

  10. Paka 'a was so angry for being stripped off his privileged that he went god mode. Had a wife, had a son, had the son kill the 2 navigators and also the 8 fishermen appointed by the navigators. What a bloody revenge!

  11. Wasn't expecting the pronunciation to be so bad… Hawaiian is such an easy language to pronunce, it shouldn't really take long to study a couple of words.

  12. 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝘽𝙤𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘼𝙨𝙥𝙞𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙩 says:

    Is this a True Story?
    Hard to believe…🙁

  13. I like the mythology stories and the animation keep it up. But this story was boring and really didn't have a good message. 'It is fine to murder people for revenge and get your job back.' It was okay I guess.

  14. ”Do not fear having no friends. Fear having bad friends” ~My life taught lesson ( more wisdom in my channel)

  15. That pathway is turning out to be beautiful❤😍

  16. This is the Hawian version of the Tempest, by Shakespeare.

  17. Great story. Could you do a mythology story about Haiti's culture next please

  18. I like how in this story the target doesn’t get killed and it’s the king who has to make amends. Such a refreshing change from Greek mythology

  19. I need more riddlessss!!
    Im not even lying i have watched al the riddles you have
    Please 1more riddle

  20. i live in Hawaii and some tips on pronunciation
    -A is pronounced ah
    -e is pronounced eh
    -i is pronounced ee
    -o is pronounced oh
    -u is pronounced ooh
    the okina (ʻ) (it looks like an apostrophe) is a glottal stop
    when a line is over a vowel the sound is prolonged for example "ā" would be ahhh, "ē" would be ehhh, "ī" would be eeee. ect
    there is no letter "Y"
    usually when a W is not the first letter in a word it makes more of a V sound
    there are only 8 consonants: h, k, l, m, n, p, w, and the 'okina (ʻ).

  21. Why thumbnail image looks like some long hair dude didn't shave for two days.

  22. He KILLED those poor fisherman?
    That's just wrong.

  23. That's some gangster stuff, you insult me, so I let you starve and get cold till you fall overboard and drown.

  24. I know I’m gonna re-watch this video so many times

  25. Nobody:
    Kuapaka'a: Guess I'm on a journey to get the king his bf back

  26. bro this is just about a vengeful adviser who instills hate into his son and then causes 10 people to die.

  27. Please consider making more videos on African myths/legends.

  28. I want some Indonesian myths as well, for starter maybe from I La Galigo from Celebes, it's the longest and densest epoch in the world, much longer than Mahabarath and Ramayan epochs

  29. Mahalo for sharing the story, but please get someone who actually can speak the Hawaiian language to narrate.

    My ears are bleeding because everyone Hawaiian name, and word was mispronounced.

  30. would it be so hard to have a Native Hawaiian speaker tell the story? Good effort on the 'okina, but the pronunciation of the vowels was pretty off. It's like Google maps mispronouncing street names so I'm driving in circles. Appreciate telling Hawaiian stories, though.

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