Suspect in murder of famed hairdresser Fabio Sementelli pleads no contest -

Suspect in murder of famed hairdresser Fabio Sementelli pleads no contest

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Robert Baker pleaded no contest to the killing of famed hairdresser Fabio Sementilli. Tom Wait reports.


  1. What i dont get is her daughters standing by their mom. Dont they want justice for their dad? If I here one more time just because u have an affair ur not the killer. Im gonna barf. Are u kidding me. Of course ur having an affair and u are a killer or had it done its called a motive. she arranged for it to be done and why herboy friend hasn't said that is beyond me?. What woman let's the killer come to the funeral where he was killed in the backyard and that killer went to the wake in the back yard are u kidding me?. She has it in the back yard where he was alive a few days earlier?. This man that killed him was arrested for being a child molester also.

  2. Bruh….if my kids still supported the wife that killed me im coming back to haunt them mfs 😂

  3. Do hope Monica gets her share as she planned everything. Fabio was my son's cousin, a very kind man.

  4. Monica is going down. I love how these defense attorneys constanza Front of a microphone and lie through their teeth, how do they sleep at night?

  5. I attended one of Fabio’s workshops, in Stratford Canada, when he worked for Goldwell. He seemed like a great guy

  6. Overwhelming evidence against Monica. Now that her evil lover has taken a deal, we will see if one monster turns against another. RIP Fabio, you were loved by so many

  7. All day long 24/7 thousands of loosers taking the lives of Winners all for greed and avarice. These two are the worst of the worst and deserve the ultimate punishment.

  8. Love triangle gone wrong – wife shouldn't of cheated

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