Spain during World War II | Wikipedia audio article -

Spain during World War II | Wikipedia audio article

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00:01:04 1 Domestic politics
00:02:08 2 Volunteers
00:02:29 2.1 Spanish volunteers in Axis service
00:05:45 2.2 Spanish volunteers in Allied service
00:07:44 3 Diplomacy
00:16:09 4 Military
00:17:03 4.1 Operation iFelix/i
00:19:17 4.2 Operation iIsabella/i
00:19:43 4.3 Operation iIlona/i or iGisella/i
00:20:20 4.4 Operation iNurnberg/i
00:20:47 5 Occupation of Tangier
00:22:10 6 Bribes by MI6
00:22:49 7 Resources and trade
00:24:18 8 Espionage and sabotage
00:26:21 9 Jews and other refugees
00:31:34 10 Japanese war reparations
00:32:22 11 See also
00:32:41 12 Notes
00:32:50 13 Further reading
00:35:36 14 External links

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The Spanish State under Francisco Franco did not officially join the Axis Powers during World War II, although Franco wrote to Hitler offering to join the war on 19 June 1940. Franco’s regime supplied Germany with the Blue Division to fight specifically on the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union, in recognition of the heavy assistance Spain had received from Germany and Italy in the Spanish Civil War. Despite ideological sympathy and allowing volunteers to serve on the Eastern Front, Franco later stationed field armies in the Pyrenees to deter a German occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. The Spanish policy frustrated Axis proposals that would have encouraged Franco to take British-controlled Gibraltar. Franco considered joining the war and invading Gibraltar in 1940 after the Fall of France, but knew his armed forces would not be able to defend the Canary Islands and Spanish Morocco from a British attack.

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