Scorpio September 2022 Tarot *You both learned what true love is but someone will miss out!* -

Scorpio September 2022 Tarot *You both learned what true love is but someone will miss out!*

Lesley Jones Tarot
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  1. Good morning ☀️ I’m here to see Ms Lesley Jones Tarot again

  2. Right on point Lesley.. I did walk away and he has called.. But I can't anymore..
    Loved your reading.. And yes I am Protected… Love you Girl

  3. Good morning oh wow i seen people true colors things came out and i seen and heard alot i went through the ringer

  4. Does someone have a number for an exorcist, cause this toxic demon trying to return to try and take my energy and keep me stuck on him. Very accurate read

  5. Funny you mentioned someone coming in my dreams, I woke myself up giving my address sleep talking

  6. You Always get it so right!!!! Never fail to shock me

  7. OMG!! I JUST sent the other day an email saying “ i don’t know who i thought i was in love with but i must have made it all up in my mind, because you ain’t it for me” (I’m paraphrasing…)

  8. Some foreign companies who have secret unethically unconventional scavenger who uses techniques of sexual desires in the arts of kundalini tantric jamming smelly jelly intercourse with already married immature attention seeker Aries Senior Citizen pornography inspired adulatory man ho who has a full blown reputation of infidelity in his community at home and especially work shameful dishonest disrespectful disgusting 🤢 it’s nauseating .

  9. He hurt my soul I moved on I’m healed & got other stuff to do

  10. This reading suits me to a t my ex kids father died almost 2 years ago and I had to heal..I cut off. affirmed nad now I feel her brother is coming for me and head over heels for me we dated over 20 years ago but he ghosted me ..and cards say someone from my past coming back we just had a family friend reunuion mad he came and gave me a big wave hello so I know he came to see me he didnt have his kids so why should he show up at an amusement park

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