Scorpio September 2022 Real Rest? -

Scorpio September 2022 Real Rest?

The Quietest Revolution
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30 mins of Coaching Raffle ends Halloween day:


  1. Sometimes you make me feel like you actually KNOW ME.

  2. I’m not one to write comments but I had to – this is the first time I come across your page and I’m…with this knot on my throat about to cry in awe of what you’ve said. What a beautiful gift. Thank you.

  3. I’m confused my friend is a Scorpio I know her husband has been cheating on her for years

    They now live in different countries and no longer live together but she has no clue he’s cheating on her he’s an Aries I’ve tried to hint it out but it’s so obvious it’s like she shut herself down doesn’t want to c the truth I think it will hit her once she actually sees them together or is she simply just not aware

    Thought the eclipses may wake her up

  4. Goosebumps the entire reading Ty Amber 😭😭❤️

  5. First my cancer sun reading tonight and now my scorpio rising too. Such a treat! Thank you ❤️

  6. Impeccable timing, as usual. Thank you so much for your insight. Beautifully eloquent reading.

  7. Weird, I went through the beginning of this reading in July.

  8. wow, this duo of this and the cancer reading could not have come at better timing

  9. Ty TQR for reading! I doubt whether Scorpio will ever come back. 🐠🙏❤️✨🧿

  10. taurus sun/scorp rising. been focusing on my work the past few months. confessed to a crush that i had been crushing hard, 6 months ago. found out earlier this week that she has a boyfriend now and i was just devastated. like its taken me 3-4 days to get over it. mentally and emotionally done.

  11. My scorpio husband has sacraficed our relationship because of his controlling family. His family abused me and when I couldn't take it he got told finish the marriage. His family made him choose .. he's obliged to them and they keep him stuck. I know he's not coping without me but he needs to stand up for himself and this love. He's repeating this cycle for the 3rd time. His mother is a pieces the controlling evil person. I have the divine gives her karma ten folds for the emotional domestic honour base abuse she has given me, and 2 other ladies in my Scorpios life prior to me. Please universe release my husband from his family. 🙏🙏

  12. Welcome back. Grateful for your readings 💜🙏

  13. You are the only astrology I currently watch

  14. My best friend of a life time has become a negative and depressing human being. She wants to speak with me often but I can't take it anymore and I can't tell her that I detached because she brings me down and lowers my vibrations that I'm working SO HARD to keep uplifted

  15. When she addressed the ‘toxic’ ex I lost it like girl I lost already 😭😂😂 and it does feel great

  16. of course you have the red book. Appreciate you girl, you rock!

  17. This is spot on to the point of genius. Amber thank you so fucking much.

  18. I have that Daulaires book and I am so thirsty for a copy of Liber Novus

  19. No she did not showcase the exact book my students are using to construct their myth skits this week…

  20. Wonderful reading beautiful lady✨🌙❤️

  21. 5:35 “you want everyone to have this insane level of responsibility for other peoples feelings which is why most of the time you’re disappointed in people”

    whew 😅

  22. You Have Absolutely No Idea How much Accurate you are about my current situation. It's just mind boggling to listen to this video. Thanks a Lot. Wishing you all the Love ❤️

  23. If I voice it too many people will get hurt and resentful, not everyone can handle truth 😢

  24. Amber…"Can you collaborate with other people?"
    Me…"Ummmm….that's a no go. Nope. It's never really worked out." 🤣. Has me questioning whether I'm even capable of being in a successful relationship. For how long will I be able to tolerate someone's unwillingness to be exactly what I think (what I KNOW) they should and could be? This Pisces Full moon has me stripped down. I mean yes I can definitely blame it somewhat on some of the men that I've dated (type of). But there's also that part that has extremely high expectations for myself and extremely high and unreasonable expectations for everyone that I love. There's no way anyone could live up to that, myself included. This is why I'm always so disappointed.

  25. This is like a personal reading. It’s like you are my therapist. Some of it the relationships are reversed though. I am the one that was betrayed.

  26. I'm so sad I didn't get to see you when I was here! But I will see you someday soon iA ✨

  27. 🤣🤣🤣 you said ‘you have to look at stuff’ 🥲😩

  28. Let’s just say I partied the day this came out and I ignored it until a couple hours ago. Wow. Wow…

  29. My sun in Libra and the reading for it and my Scorpio rising reading INSANE!! Spoooky insane!

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