SCORPIO ♏️ Past, Present, Future 🔮 This Got REAL! JULY 2023 -

SCORPIO ♏️ Past, Present, Future 🔮 This Got REAL! JULY 2023

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  1. Spot on. On the heels of a long term relationship ending, my job was eliminated. And I don’t like we’re I relocated to during the pandemic. Glad to hear there’s hope. I want to make changes but I just keep having things that make me stuck. Like the past present future format. Thank you.

  2. Thank you 🙏❤🐞.
    I love this format…it provides me with clearer perspective.🙏🍀🕊

  3. Being a Scorpio is so draining, I’ve just vowed to stay away from people because I am tired & sick of this hamster wheel

  4. Im new , Hi Sonia, you are amazing reader, SPOT ON, thank you very much, much love to you from Australia 💖🌸

  5. If you knew my world, you would be amazed by how your reading resonated. Thank you🎉❤❤

  6. That doesn't mean Scorpios want to keep dealing with it because we can handle it!

    Why do we always have to go round and round ?

    Why not other signs ?

    Scorpios are tired f the BS circles.!

  7. Resonates…steady pace please! I love this.

  8. Love these readings

  9. Great reading….one problem after another….I'm so tired… really had enough

  10. … hey, are you on instagram? 😭❤️‍🩹🥺

  11. O.M.G. Sonia – this is sooooo true! You are amazing – so gifted. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sending love and blessings xxx

  12. Thankyou you are a wise younge lady you are precious love you're readings bless you 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️from Australia

  13. Something new and light on the horizon in a long life of service and exhaustion. ❤ thank you 🙏

  14. I just found out she's 11 years younger than I am. 11 whole years?! That changes things

  15. SPOT. ON. FIRE.
    Dealing with DV, jobless, homeless. Clawing my way out.
    Thank you for hope!

  16. Another spot on reading Sonia….shine your light…you are an amazing reader 💖

  17. Thank you very much. I needed to see this reading.

  18. Hey Sonia, that was very helpful and accurate (as always,thankyou)….and you just do whichever type of reading that you feel is the right one for the time…we don't know ! 🥰👍

  19. Got hit hard 4 years ago haven't left the house in 4 years besides dr appointment it's been hit after hit since just started moving around and pushing hard to try and get out the house wish me luck

  20. Thank you for your reading 🥰.Amen🙏🏾❤️✝️

  21. Hello Sonia, you are right, the last few years, especially the last year, has been just exhausting BS and a waste of time. But that's end now, and I'm moving forward again…thanks for your reading!

  22. On point. Definitely resonated. Can't wait till brighter days are here

  23. Nice backdrop and set up for your videos👊🏻💯💨…sweet read as well💚♥️💨💨💨

  24. Thank you for another great reading Sonia 🙏❤💯

  25. I'm saving this reading. Incredible accuracy. I want to see your dog.!

  26. So on point. Hit it right on the spot! Alot going on. Very draining. . Love your message and your work. Its so insightful. Your absolutely♏️🦂 correct. Thank you for this! ❤💜🧡

  27. I strongly claim all the positive energies from this reading thank you so much ma'am for this nice and beautiful reading and I hope it will resonate with me Jai shree krishna🙏🤞🌟✨

  28. I am not a Scorpio nor is it my Sun Moon, Rising or Venus sign. However this particular video kept popping up in my suggestions and that's usually a sign that there is something for me to see/know. As I'm listening I noticed that a lot of what Scorpio are/have experienced mirrors the rollercoaster ride us Taureans have been on. The person I was just journaling about happens to be a Scorpio. Someone I don't know but I do know of. He's had a crush on me since we were little. I've been wondering why I keep having dreams about him or seeing still pics of his face and smile. This reading is bringing it together. When you spoke about the Earth sign in the future. We'll see what God has in store. Keep your heads up Scorpio gang♏❤️✨🙏🏾

  29. 💯🎯🙏 spot on as usual. Love the format

  30. Wow .. this is amazing and true .. thank you Sonia .. clarification is important here for me .. thank you

  31. I can not wait to have time to think about my own future 🙏🧡😂🐞

  32. I got an audiobook called Stop Caretaking the Borderline/Narcissist. It’s a painful but necessary paradigm shift. 🙏🐉

  33. Hiii! I wish you could give me a personal reading! Do you have those available? 💜

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