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Hello evervone! First I want to THANK GOD / THE UNIVERSE FOR HIS PROTECTION LOVE AND GUIDANCE and everyone that he guides to visiting my channel! INFINITE TAROT 888 Y 1
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These are collective readings and may not resonate with
everyone. All readings are general And inspirational purposes
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  1. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be following you now! ❤❤
    Thank you!

  2. In process of disconnecting from a toxic work environment where I learned how to forgive those around me ❤ and love them anyway by choice. God is good! 🙏

  3. I am open to deep Divine love, I am courageous and trusting my light aligned upon our Fathers creation.

  4. I Am powerful, magnetic and focused beyond my expectations. I Am trusting our Father without discrimination and hesitation he provides the life I abundantly strive within. Thank you Father. Thank you Father for what you do, Thank you Father for what you’re about to do. Let it be.

  5. Yes ,, you are exactly correct about the past person in my life. He stab me in the back over & over took from me, took, took played the pity party. He’s always putting on Facebook. I’m a poor boy and no one loves me. What a jerk he was and I knew him for a long long time that’s why I felt comfortable with him thought to trust , but all my friends said don’t go out with him. He don’t drive he don’t do shit he assumes the position I said, I believe he was a Narcissist. He did bring me down big time he hurt me really bad threw shit in my face all the time why I live here alone .He can’t come back. He lives pretty far . “Wherever he lands right.”God bless you and yes you are right I have forgiven him.

  6. Oh my gosh Iam choosen bro your talking my journey 🎉

  7. I love my devine journey been sharing my truth spoke my truth today I have already forgiven them because I love them❤

  8. LOL Yes you are right. Two guys tried to fire me. It didn't work. LOL Yes I had a Pisces. Haven't seen in 3 or 4 years.

  9. Okay this is hitting hard………..i've had to pause video as just bawling

  10. 🔥💯🔥 thAnk u for always being on point❤️‍🔥

  11. first half of reading was spot on………then getting into love talk? im nek level scorpio so why would i survive hell and then need love from someone else? I don't. and it's powerful asf.

  12. Very true sir.. I am dealing with pieces.. She cheated on me.

  13. My Sister was the Evil in my life ….
    Sister or not, she is now out of my life for good ….
    My devine journey is revealing it's self.
    I've never been so happy in my life as I am now..
    I feel positive everyday and have so many blessings that I am so thankful for.
    My beautiful girls x 2,my granddaughters x5 and now 3 Great grandchildren
    My Mum who turned 87 today whom I have living with me and care for and love dearly❤

  14. Amazing read, on point. Thank you so much 💝

  15. Hahaha my sister …. Never will I trust her to let her back in my life

  16. I am the chosen one!!!!! He is my twin flame and the total opposite of me. He thinks he is of the light and a chosen one, he tries to steal my powers!!!! He won't losten to me and plays push and pull. I'm DONE!!!! I'm a phoenix!!!

  17. Checked my Rahu ( north node) today. It’s currently conjunct Jupiter in my 4th house! 🤗 Yes I AM an Alchemist and Astrologer. My handle used to be @alchemistoflight111 but I recently changed it after an ascension and I started to connect more to Divine Mother and Mary Magdalene. Peace and blessings! TY! 🙏🏻💜🔥 🕊️🐍 ♾️

  18. Claim the read because your a scorpio! God know's who he chose in this world full of programmed, weak, co dependent humans with no clue!

  19. This is me!!! Moving back in with my Pisces TODAY!! Leaving the evil behind

  20. Talk to them brother let them know about Scorpio. We are powerful. Thank You Thank You Thank You. Thank You ArchAngel Michael. I am blessed and highly favored You have a new subscriber great style of delivering your messages. Thank You stay blessed.

  21. Wow!! U r on point especially that they had me messed up. Love u!! ❤

  22. So wonderful Readings..
    I am the "Chosen One'Amen

  23. I am the CHOSEN ONE! Scorpio sun and moon! This message was right on the money!! I’m so grateful 🙏🏾

  24. 1222 right when you said 123 my phone was 12:22 31% then you said 12:22 222 at the same time

  25. I can’t believe how on point you are I felt like this was personal reading soon to turn 44 😘 thank you I have called on archangels. My ancestors swear 🤣🤣🤣 you are so right they don’t know I don’t show anyone. This has been 5 years of complete hell!!

  26. ♏️moon🌗
    Thank you for sharing your gifts🙏🏻

  27. Wow!!!! Great reading
    Everything resonates! Thank you 🫶🏼

  28. God sees it all. 🙏 l am the chosen one. ✨️ and l overcame all their betrayals. I am protected by God and l love my divine yourney. ✨️ I am confident and powerful ✨️ my passion for life makes me shine. I have helped a lot of people. I am sucsessful in business 777 888 222 444 555 l see 👀 all the synchronicities ❤❤❤🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💜💜💜💜 s soulmate is coming in. A Leo ♌️ 😍 with heavy cancer ♋️ in their chart. I love ❤️ my Leo ♌️ ❤️ 💓 💗 💕 💛

  29. I call judgment upon your actions!! I am sick!! You mixed my energy without my permission weather u see that or not.. you mixed my kids with kids that bullied and abused my son..
    let them break and distory our house and belongings.. and didn’t even replace a thing!! You can leave me alone now dong attached or tap I will press charges

  30. Please help me to understand what is happening with my family I am in need of clarity please and thank you

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