SCORPIO😲You're meant to be with THIS person and nobody else!💞SCORPIO JUNE 2024 Love Tarot Reading -

SCORPIO😲You’re meant to be with THIS person and nobody else!💞SCORPIO JUNE 2024 Love Tarot Reading

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  1. Coming thru like the Kool aide man….booooyow

  2. lol..we are both Scorpio’s. We know. He’s also my neighbour, so I see everything. All I do is check out & focus on myself.

  3. This reading was making sense until all the hitman talk. Wtf? This is a love reading not a Sopranos episode

  4. If you can't treat an animal or pet well
    You can't. Keep anybody or anything well, not even themselves.. I never knew he was trying to kill me until some tarot readers told me

  5. It's not the first reading to come out with a hitman. I think Linda Loves Tarot did, too. The letters in the end nearly spelled my ex-husband's name. Creepy. He hates me and he did dabble in black magic in his youth. I don't know what he does now. Severed ties when our son became an adult.

  6. Men usually realise the error of their ways when they have to watch their precious daughters go through the same shit

  7. It happened 6 years ago he ended up dying it resonates thank you ❤😢

  8. Damn you’re spot on with everything

  9. All I can tell you is start praying..lmao 😂 I feel off the toilet..when stated you can't mentor…lmao

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