Scorpio♏️Mutually Fulfilling Connection💞The World Is In Your Hands🌎🤲🏼 -

Scorpio♏️Mutually Fulfilling Connection💞The World Is In Your Hands🌎🤲🏼

Scorpion Empress Tarot
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  1. Thank you I needed to hear those words today. As a Scorpio, I have faced a lot of disappointment as well as success.

  2. This is really amazing, I was trying to put up some videos on you tube regarding basic reading and writing skills, I have succeeded in getting some dyslexic children to main stream, now I have formed a channel and hoping to get some recognition for the hard work of twenty years, I am so glad to hear from you,my darling empress love to you and your little one ❤😊

  3. I been healing my solar plexus 🧡 building my confidence and trusting my new path.

  4. I have uploaded some videos for basic reading and writing on my channel, I have been taking tutions for school children for about 20 years,n succeeded in getting some dyslexic children to main stream, hoping to get some recognition of my work . thank you so much for your affirmation, loads of love ❤😊❤

  5. my daughter turns 19 today. August is a big month with a lot of new starts. I could use a good partner. Yes a lot of “movement” or like shadows like someone walked by I have been seeing though I was losing it lol I noticed it happening but the last like week it’s been all the time. I have been having trouble sleeping so I thought it was sleep deprivation lol I will pay more attention

  6. I don't need an apology from anybody they can all go apologize to God because I'll pass people are considered dead to me just like they're considered dead to them

  7. You said you could be seeing 44 i saw 444 on the clock 🌈

  8. Thank you! This reading brought me great peace and hope ❤

  9. Scorpio Empress you have managed skillfully and directly to make my Monday far from mundane. This reading had both my oldest daughter (#19 being her birthday) and my youngest daughter (3/4) appearing again. Thank you for the godwink I needed to know I’m feeling them as well.

    Always delightful to start an almost new month and a new week with positive summer vibes sunshine showing itself all over the place!

    Happy August to the collective and for you as well Scorpio Empress let’s roll with a spectacular new month filled with victory in all areas!


  10. I am happy for those to experience the true fulfillment of their dreams. However there are some like myself that have totally lost hope. Not once .nor twice nor thrice. Three strikes. I am out. I'm sry.

  11. I must say, I am quick to reject. Not because I want to be difficult but because a lot of men come in with weird intentions. Until I see something differently I’m probably going to continue to pass. 😂

    & yes I’m not excited about any of
    my options haha.

  12. I have been talking to a guy who like me had been though the wringer. He does have a tendency to make jokes when it’s inappropriate; so again your spot on. Emotionally we just had issues communicating. We had a bit of a falling out. He apologized when I said I had an issue and then I left a message saying, I was relieve he apologized. I’m leaving it to spirit to see if this can be healed and resolved. I will sit back and see. If there are true feelings, which I feel there are and yes he has creative talent that intrigues me.❤❤❤ is there. I’m open to working on a healthy relationship. Let’s see if he is the one.

  13. Thank you Empress & happy Monday!! 😊💜🌈🕉

  14. You are the best Empress, Thank You for being there for Us ..❤❤

  15. Thank you Archangel Michael for answering my prayers.

  16. Idk who that could be and I’ve been seeing things at the corner of my eye, I really feel like I’m going crazy, I Pray this comes soon. Libra person has been giving me problems like crazy. I’m an emotional wreck Frfr. I literally wanna breakdown on all fronts

  17. I broke down this Saturday, in the shower full on tears! Then, after I got out and was getting ready for work, there was a 5-10 min rainstorm, wind blowing hard! When I finally left, the sun came out and on my way I saw a rainbow 🌈! 🙏🏿 God sent me a sign that my blessings are coming after this storm season passes!

  18. It's all about the cats this month, loving it 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing these messages.

  19. My ex is a cancer and he is always in his feelings he does not know how to deal with me because I’m always wanting truth and being up front and does the blame game he is over 50 I have always dated men older then me but he is to much and 2 years is enough and I’m good I don’t want any relationships at all all the men I meet are just old and crazy I’m going to stick with my peers and I have had a lot of disappointment in my career praying god will bless me with a permanent position so I can take care of my babies that’s all

  20. LMAO! You said "please don't self-sabotage" and "are you having a temper tantrum?" just as I was about to have a temper tantrum.

    ** Puts phone down **

  21. This was a great reading, it definitely resonated with me, spirit has been heavy on me, I also see shadows and things out the corner of my eyes🙏🏽

  22. I am 75. . Just got brave enough to exhibit my work… if it is approved… will find out August 14.

  23. One person is trying to wiggle their way but I have absolutely no interest in them the other is still keeping their right to remain silent

  24. I’ve been seeing spirits and never understood what those black shadows mean. You have confirmed and shed light on a lot of things in my life that is currently going on within the past 5 to 6 readings. Every day before I go to sleep or when I first wake up I look forward to your readings.

  25. I definitely have been seeing shadows floating around me. I thought it was just me moving too fast, but I see now it's more to it 🙌✨💖

  26. 🗣️THANK YOU VERY MUCH🏁 everything resonated, and everything positive is revealing itself😊

  27. What if you see your birthdate numbers a lot? The month and the date.

  28. A hundred percent exactly my situation that's crazy. My ex even told me that I needed to cut off the situation or he was going to cut it off she's being completely crazy but I rather be in the energy of abundance

  29. Scorpio Empress….just was wondering if you will be doing personal readings anytime soon…your amazing…God bless you

  30. This is the most accurate reading I’ve ever had, thank you so much 🙏🏼

  31. Story of my life. Find out someone liked when they are in a relationship. I need a Queen to my kingdom because we got an empire to run. A Queen that can bring me peace at home, from a world in a spiritual war. No time for unexpressed feelings of love, because it turns into lust or resentment if not expressed.

  32. Someone was flirting with me today… it didn’t feel right for me.

  33. Hey Scorpio Empress Donna here well I have been sick for a while . My body does not produce iron so I have to get iron infusions, so I have been waiting on my Dr. to set my appt. up. I just don't feel like dealing with anyone right now. I just want to get better. That's why I haven't been on with you for awhile. But still love you and the readings. Still spot on all. Talk soon. Love ya🦂✝️💞

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