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Pz.38(t) n.A. – “All Kinds of Panic!”

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This new tank was recently added to the German Tech Tree and is a lovely addition to the game. We had a blast going back to German Low Tier and I hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. Sometimes I feel like war thunder is a horror game when the enemy pops out of a direction and you start to panic

  2. This is prob my fav light german tank, mostly because of WoT and of how it looks. It plays so well in WT

  3. Dude this little tank slaps, I love it

  4. I was in this game on the enemy team but unfortunately got disconnected before I could message you

  5. Anyone else fall asleep watching these guys in warthunder? 😂

  6. Ham had the best entrance to the battlefield ever

    Front flip in a Armored car

  7. Lol i normally use en L.V.T. when i play happy to see someone else use one to

  8. Once I got 12 kills and 1 kill assist in a m22 and I still do good

  9. 8:33 the fog of war: Bo: "Is that Stuart still up there or did he die?" Ham: "There's a Stuart?"

  10. Bo we wher all watching you and laughing our asses off at you :)))

  11. 11:02 I love your shooting gallery Bo. It just needed a twig running around to be finished.

  12. Why do the cover pics keep changing. Swear this had the pz in a desert last night.

  13. What's up with the graphics settings in this video. Potatoe PC?

  14. Is this the midwestern misadventures of Jim and Stick?

  15. Boooo; when are you gonna play Enlisted?? 😁 I feel like you guys would have great shenanigans on there

  16. they named the new bombs after me after finishing any wt video

  17. Best episode in awhile boys. Keep on rollin BoCo.

  18. Day 1 of hoping for a new KV2 Zis 6 video. It’s been so many years

  19. You should post a video that isn't full of panic 😂

  20. Awesome Video as always guys. absolute Hilarity and action packed into 21minutes.

  21. I honestly think you guys have sufficiently asserted your right to party by now. In fact, more often than not, I see you fighting for your right to LEAVE a party.

  22. Notice how Ham is far too relaxed about deaths among the TBLF? I say he must be investigated for high treason!

  23. Loved hambones acrobatics at the start. Great video Bo, stick, ham and jim

  24. 4:32

    This is the part in the movie where Tom Hanks says "this is why we don't take children".

  25. some people i played against uptiered these to 6.0 and an m41a1 apds somehow non penned it. THANKS VOLUMETRIC

  26. There was literally mayhem for the last like 8 minutes of the vid 🤣. Jeebus. My type of action.

  27. Attempt #7 of trying to get you to play the I-185 Russian fighter

  28. Hey bo, can you dive bomb a t34 with a p51 mustang?

  29. 5:00 ah yes the Beastie Boys reference. Also Jim finishing thr War line was beautiful

  30. he says wiesels they are all wiesels
    ME: Wieners they are all wieners XD

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