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Our WOLF FAMILY in Roblox!

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We our WOLVES in Roblox!
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  1. So cute! In the thumbnail its so cute that rainbow was crying and btw whats the name of the game?

  2. I love it so much and its funny too but wahts the game Name?

  3. Draco looks like a vagetable wolf

  4. Five Little Wolfs found a piece of candy and fish and one of them is like please 🥺

  5. not gonna lie drao looks like a shrobbare

  6. What’s that game called oh and I literally thought that Draco was rainbow

  7. To be honest draco desreve to be a wild wolf

  8. Why does it sound like gest in the comment

  9. Pov ur re-watching everything 🤓🔥🙌

  10. I used to not be able to comment 😕 😪 😔 😐 so…

  11. I love when rainbow took them to the resturant 😭😭😭😭

  12. Funneh is the alpha wolf, but it feels like draco is the alpha wolf💀

  13. I think you guys should try playing Warrior cats

  14. Fun fact: if u say fact ppl will stop and read ur comment

  15. Rainbow is just making it boring if she wants so proper why didn't she just make her own pack

  16. There is no alpha wolf there's parents and grand children the term alpha wolf was created by humans and not scientists 😅

  17. Tell me what's that called in Roblox like pls i want to play it tho😭😭😭😭😭

  18. Hey I'm your best fan my names tiarna I like you guys

  19. I wish I was a wolf but my dream didn't come true😢😢😢😢😢😢

  20. is anyone gonna talk about how Draco looks like a strawberry?

  21. Even though I am scared of the dark but as long as I have krew I am not afraid

  22. Why do you always have to be mean to people?U it’s kind of funny😂

  23. funneh should play warrior cats who agree?

  24. That close up of funneh’s avatar at 4:40 is the best thing ever

  25. Dfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfcocomi draco😊😊😊

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