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In this video @AlexAcePlays plays an Among Us type of Game called Betrayal.IO! They have just added in a brand new map called Neon Tokyo and it is the best map so far!


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  1. POV: You went to the comments while listening to the video

  2. fun fact: A bolt of lightning is five times hotter than the sun.

  3. Tysm for making my day and everybody else's day. Please keep uploading, I don't know what I would do without you 😀

  4. This comment section: 98% kids
    1.9% people replying to kids
    0.1% normal people

  5. I heard a song that sounded similar to the character and track selection in Mario Kart 8 in the intro, I think I'm hearing things

  6. You know I respect you but shut up – AlexAce 2021

  7. plz make a video where you showcase the submerged map trailer that 5up made

  8. This is way too realistic and dark. So still among us for me

  9. Alex pls do the betrayal and rapidly promoted executive in Henry stickman collection. I wanna see u react pls. 🙂 Do all the fails and endings too.

  10. I actually love neon Tokyo alot and it is so cool and there is quests so u uhh take new clothes money and ya

  11. Alex: my favorite thing in Japan is dead body

    Logan paul: ……………………………………..

  12. ummm alex the map neon tokyo came out like mid april

  13. Yo Alex can u do everybody gets task but imposters can if they do their task they can take crewmates task

  14. can u pls play the town of us mod in among us

  15. This is nice but this was released nearly a month ago

  16. Please make more betreyal .io vids please i love your videos even im new

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