Masks And Their Mysteries -

Masks And Their Mysteries

Blind Dweller
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In today’s video, we explore some weird and wonderful masks from around the world, as well what they mean and represent. Sources for this video can be found below.

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Today’s featured Artist Corner entry is artist and illustrator Michael Makemore. Please check out more of his work on Instagram!:





  1. This video opened my mind to me new found love of art history and art within religion!! Thank you for sharing! I hope for a part2!!!

  2. Never look a mask in the eyes; it will steal your soul and co-inhabit your body.

  3. I remember when YouTube had no problem showing the world as it is, rather than how a very small percentage wish it were. Such as perfectly natural things like mummies, blood, poop, etc. And the attacks on freedom of speech are ridiculous.

  4. Maybe pt 2 could include N.W. Native American (Washington state up to Arctic Circle)?

  5. I came looking for satire but saw no surgical masks.

  6. New viewer here and I must say, awesome video! You should check out the masks of Sri Lanka and the rituals associated with them in a part 2!

  7. As a fellow artist, your channel and videos are an amazing source of inspiration. Thank you for sharing your passion and research with us!

  8. Maybe for Masks part two, you could include some more individual mask makers. Some very personal, intimate artists and their reasoning for Mask making.

  9. Man I learned something new today, I never knew this about the tribes of Papua New Guinea. And their masks and protective spirit outfits are so cool and creative, imagine that coming at you out of the jungle. I think anyone would shit their pants regardless of where they live.

    Noh Masks are cool to me as well; I love the optical illusions of them, how if you move a Noh mask at the right angle you can get multiple emotions and ideas. Really beautiful and compelling.

    I have a fascination with masks as well; they're oddly compelling. Faces we wear over faces. Faces that hide faces. Thanks for this vid.

  10. Would love a Part 2 on masks around the world. (Also, I don't know if you are aware of the original album art for Relics by Pink Floyd, which I'd love to know wherefrom that mask originated. For some reason a new cover was made for that album, which was disappointing.)

  11. If you love masks, you should give the south-german tradition of "Fasnet" a look. The "Häs" are masks of the medieval demons and witches, that are scared away in February, to end the winter and its darkness. Today its more like carnival, but the traditional masks are still a part of it, even if JBL sound boxes and LED-lights entered this historical period of german culture. I think, you wouldn't be disappointed.

  12. Great video but you’ve missed the masked villain. MF DOOM „he wears a mask to cover the raw flesh, a rather ugly fella but the flows are gorgeous.“

  13. It puts you into a state where nothing matters in a good way. You truly don't give a shit about anything and you're just happy as fuck as a result, because nothing matters. Nothing matters, nothing means anything, there's nothing to do, there's no point, there's no goal but there's also no boredom, there's no negative meanings attached to the meaninglessness, it's just perfectly meaningless and it's awesome. You're basically just like sitting like a cat on a windowsill enjoying whatever experience is before it, just being and it feels amazing. 🦄

  14. As someone who grew up obsessed with LoZ: Majora's Mask, today I find it really interesting how important the idea of masks is to Japanese culture as well as many cultures in the world. It's a very vague topic that can be explored in so many ways since masks are used for so many reasons, but always hiding the face of the wearer regardless of context. There's a sense of mystery, danger, and curiosity, and sometimes playfulness that challenges both the viewers and the wearer. You could say that a mask is spiritual, you could say it's a tool, you could say it's an accessory. I dunno just scattering my thoughts but I find it all very interesting.

  15. please do Balinese masks, they have interesting design and stories too

  16. Fantastic video, great attention to accuracy in regards to the theravada buddhism segment. I never hear it mentioned in western videos, so it shows you do your homework

  17. Wonderful installment – looking forward to part 2! Your audience shares and enjoys your interests – go boldly with your passions! We will listen!

  18. I collect mainly halloween and gas masks but I want nothing more than some cool historical masks. I have a couple already but they're more so the type you hang on the wall than wear.

  19. That Kwuya Gblen-gbe mask though, it looks amazing! who the whole outfit with the stilts jsut… wow.
    i would LOVE to collect or even just draw some of these masks. but i know jack-shit about any of these cultures so in doing so might be just straight up cultural aproporiation.

    Thanks so much for making this, i really enjoyed it, i would love to see a part 2. not even just about religious/ceremonial masks but more social ones like those of the Carnival or venice, like the Moretta/Servetta muta, a mask worn by women looking for sutors based off the Vizard mask to keep a woman from sunburn/looking pale (meaning she never went outside or worked thus meaning she was rich) its so facinating! you've got me going down the mask rabbit hole!

  20. You need to put your advertisements at the end of your video and please turn the sound down as well. I enjoy your content but your ad delivery is not what it could be. Cheers to another well conceived video, however 🍻

  21. I could watch hours of this. I'm studying performance art at University and seeing these kind of cultural rituals and practices is so fascinating

  22. Please cover Sri Lanka and our masks in part 2.

  23. Please make another Mayan jade masks are incredibly beautiful

  24. I want one of those New Guinea masks. Those gods look like they know how to have a good time.

    I can see why Europeans thought the masks used in the Cham Dance were seen as evil; it's because Europeans are evil and in fear of those masks. I think I want one of those too.

  25. Loved this video!!! i think the Kachina masks/regalia from the Hopi nation here in North America are very very cool

  26. Esref Armagan, would love if you could cover the artistic ventures of this phenomenal type of artist, thank you for your efforts and wonderful videos, you're the best 💚

  27. Remember friends never touch a jade mask.

    Also being Asian, Masks always shows the culture they are from, especially religious and folklore related masks

  28. ''secret secret,Iv'e got a secret!'' -mr roboto,styx

  29. ''I'm kilroy! kilroy! kilroy!'' removes mask

  30. The Krampus mask / Perchten masks of Austria and lower Germany!!

  31. There's so much we can learn from ancient civilisations but, the Aztecs? Screw those guys, I'm glad those bloodthirsty a-holes got wiped out.

  32. Absolutely love your videos! I would love to see a video on David Lynch’s art, if you ever get a chance. 💗

  33. Would love to see you cover Simon Stålenhag.

  34. [ ZARDOZ…] perhaps Arthur Frayn studied this Asaro culture 7:00

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