Masks And Their Mysteries -

Masks And Their Mysteries

Blind Dweller
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In today’s video, we explore some weird and wonderful masks from around the world, as well what they mean and represent. Sources for this video can be found below.

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Today’s featured Artist Corner entry is artist and illustrator Michael Makemore. Please check out more of his work on Instagram!:





  1. I could watch hours of this. I'm studying performance art at University and seeing these kind of cultural rituals and practices is so fascinating

  2. Please cover Sri Lanka and our masks in part 2.

  3. Please make another Mayan jade masks are incredibly beautiful

  4. I want one of those New Guinea masks. Those gods look like they know how to have a good time.

    I can see why Europeans thought the masks used in the Cham Dance were seen as evil; it's because Europeans are evil and in fear of those masks. I think I want one of those too.

  5. Loved this video!!! i think the Kachina masks/regalia from the Hopi nation here in North America are very very cool

  6. Esref Armagan, would love if you could cover the artistic ventures of this phenomenal type of artist, thank you for your efforts and wonderful videos, you're the best 💚

  7. Remember friends never touch a jade mask.

    Also being Asian, Masks always shows the culture they are from, especially religious and folklore related masks

  8. ''secret secret,Iv'e got a secret!'' -mr roboto,styx

  9. ''I'm kilroy! kilroy! kilroy!'' removes mask

  10. The Krampus mask / Perchten masks of Austria and lower Germany!!

  11. There's so much we can learn from ancient civilisations but, the Aztecs? Screw those guys, I'm glad those bloodthirsty a-holes got wiped out.

  12. Absolutely love your videos! I would love to see a video on David Lynch’s art, if you ever get a chance. 💗

  13. Would love to see you cover Simon Stålenhag.

  14. [ ZARDOZ…] perhaps Arthur Frayn studied this Asaro culture 7:00

  15. Excellent video! I love the variety of things you talk about, and the passion with which you do it. Part two would be a real treat!!

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