"Maryam and Fatemeh are pregnant: helping Maryam to build a house" - hecticspace2.com

“Maryam and Fatemeh are pregnant: helping Maryam to build a house”

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  1. lego bricks would be more stronger than that wall

  2. En invierno entrará el agua.tienes que poner cemento en la casa por fuera y por dentro.❤estuco

  3. Porque no hay subtitulos completos

  4. Isso é uma filmagem talvez ela mora muito melhor que 😂😂😂😂😂😂😊isso

  5. Hola a todos q tengan un bonito dia ,,,,yo sigo pensando q es falta de responsavilidad pegar bloques con tierra ,,,

  6. I thought Maryam lost the baby,if she is pregnant again who is it from???😮 and gezzz that was fast 😲 😱 😲

  7. No subtitles in English ,,,whats up? Que caraca 😮goodbye 👋

  8. Hola si me gusta su programa solo que hacen falta los títulos en Español , porque no tiene seguimiento las conversaciones Por su atención Gracias 👍

  9. This is not a proper house it is just for them to pretend they are building house for the benefit of getting money from subscribers. Most of these channels are fake.

  10. Boring all talking in their language . House is ugly, surroundings ugly. Where will baby play in busy street.

  11. I am seriously getting so frustrated with the subtitles, how can they have a 30 minute conversation and we don’t even get one sentence from the 30 minutes. I want to support this channel but losing hope in it.

  12. Red clay hardens in the sun, it’s almost as hard as cement

  13. Voce nao tem medo defazer esta cada com barro a casa fica cegura ele nao cai

  14. Eles faz esse barro com tanto trabalho e deixa cair mais no chão , desperdício

  15. Por q não põe alinha p alinhar os tijolos

  16. Dear operator please get cement for that young man whose working for free in this way you can help him I'm hoping you will do this for him……

  17. Não de outra chance pra ele pq ele vai traí donovo

  18. Using mud for cement probably isn't good

  19. Yes this is the young man who helped maryam … What can we do to get this operator to get cement for him whose working for free that hut is not going to be very secure do we have to hit him over the head to buy cement for that selfless young man ???????…….

  20. Regards to said i thought maryam lost her baby well a while back i text saying she should to to a specialist because my belief was that whatever tayaba gave put the baby to see there for thats why the ultra sound registered that it was dead i did'nt believe the two ultra sounds

  21. After not hear that Maryam had to go back to the hospital to have the dead baby removed I came to the conclusion that the treatment Maryam had worked and the poison was out of her system.
    I pray that her baby is healthy and strong with no illness or disability. Let us all pray for her health as well as her unborn child and her and her daughter to have peace and happiness. ❤❤

  22. Maryam you should buy gloves for the man helping you..his hand will be damaged in working for you,in order to make u a Haus to lived- in.

  23. Fatemeh is a true friend in heart..she's all the time ready to help Maryam.

  24. Maryam selamat yaa kamu bisa mandiri dan bertanggunh jawab anak mu hebat 👍👍👍❤️🙏

  25. 💪💪💪💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. Halo minta maaf Maryam saya hanya sarankan untuk mencari ayah sambung Tiara harus yang benar mencintai Maryam dan Tiara 👍👍👍❤️🙏

  27. If this is all fake and all involved are acting…i wont be an audience..😮

  28. De donde sale todos estos chicos tan desinteresados!!!! Que ayudan a las mujeres solas???? Por nada a cambio

  29. Ola boa noite Miriam se Deus quiser logo sua casa vai estar pronta e deixe morremed bem longe de você ele não presta Deus abençoi esse minino amir que está ti ajudando

  30. What kind of title is this Maryann is not pregnant Fatima is get it together with the subtitles

  31. A lot was said, unfortunately I do not speak nor understand your language. There are minimum of translation therefore no thumbs up. Don’t know what is going in…

  32. เวลาฝนตกก็ซึ่มเข้าบ้านสิค่ะ

  33. Марьям дорогая, главное документы на землю все оформи официально, чтоб никаких проблемм небыло.

  34. Can you use mud instead of mortar?
    Mud as Mortar – THE MUD HOME
    From the Celts to the Anatolians, to the Quechua people, stone houses were originally mortared with mud. The result was a stone home that was both solid and warm and lasted for lifetimes. Mud breathes, and creates a wonderful warm atmosphere inside a stone home in a way that concrete never can.

  35. homes here in NZ only come with 10 year guarantee lol

  36. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤



  39. Почему вместо дома она строит непонятную конструкцию? Она строила в деревне спичечный домик, ее выгнали, теперь та же история. Я уже начала сомневаться в правдивости этого канала. Дорогая миссис Марьям, наймите строителя дома, если вы не умеете строить. Также приобретите строительные инструменты.

  40. Please more English translation

  41. سلام مریم خانم این خانه آیی که شما درست مکنید زمستان بیاید جانتان در خطر است کسانی که پول دار استن به مریم کمک کنید تا سیمان بخرد بیچاره اون خانه به درد نمخورد

  42. Mr Operator y u make Mariam suffer so much no builfing material

  43. Esse desgraçado do seu pai judiou do cachorro pegando pela corda no pescoço por isso vou denunciar seu canal e outra tido isso é uma força pra vcs ganhar ibop pelo jeito aí nesse lugar ninguém gosta de trabalhar mais como judiou do cachorro vou denunciar o canal tb

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