Magical Mystery Marketplace: Mermaids -

Magical Mystery Marketplace: Mermaids

Madame Pamita
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Join Madame Pamita for the Magical Mystery Marketplace every Sunday (except first Sundays) right after the Live Magic Q&A Tea Party! This event is free and fun!

View it live from YouTube, Facebook or Twitter – simply follow Madame Pamita on one of these platforms to watch. The livestream takes place at 6pm PT/7pm MT/8pm CT/9pm ET

Each week we’ll explore a different magical theme and you’ll get some amazing benefits:

Madame Pamita (and occasionally special guests) will discuss a fascinating magical topic and you can comment or ask questions
See some spotlight products from the Parlour of Wonders collection, learn how to use them in your magic and purchase them live
Get an exclusive coupon code for Magical Mystery Marketplace viewers only
Each week, we give  a very special prize to one lucky person who purchases one or more of the spotlight products during the livestream

Want to invite your friends to the party? You can restream using this link:


  1. I’m subscribing for more Miss Kelly 😊

  2. 👋Hi Ladies!-🌷 This was a clever idea!🌿Soo cute!🪻I enjoyed it. Ahhh,those candles are quite lovely,nice assortment of colors too!💐 Blessings 💞🌈

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