LIVE REACTION to The Super Mario Bros. Movie - Nintendo Direct 2022 -

LIVE REACTION to The Super Mario Bros. Movie – Nintendo Direct 2022

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  1. The Queen’s Gambit is pretty awesome choice for Peach 🍑

  2. Movie looks super cute and fun. The voices of Mario and Bowser sounded suprising, but it's fine I'd get used to it quickly.

  3. 35:22 will be Rippa’s new villain in the next ISOM books

    The Emperor Penguin

  4. I'm perfectly fine with Mario's face, didn't bother me at all, but the voice is terrible, and I love Chris Pratt, but Mario's voice is so iconic and recognizable. There is absolutely no good reason they shouldn't have used Charles Martinet imo.

    But that's a great theory you had there Krista about Mario having his normal voice in the beginning before being transported to this new world, with a different voice. That's a fantastic idea and would be a perfect explanation as to why it's different that would get me to accept the change.

    Anyway, movie looks beautiful, looking forward to it!

  5. It looks good. The fact that Illumination changed their animation and didnt go full despicable me with their designs, is a sigh of relief. Chris Pratt is eh. We need to hear more. HIs voice will make or break this film.

  6. It feels like the Super Mario Bros Super Show. Before Mario had the voice we hear today.

  7. It kinda sounded like they were going for a new york accent I the end. Maybe he was trying to channel that va from the 80s cartoon

  8. While Charles still does the voice I don’t think he does it for an extended period of time like say a movie.

    I think the movie honestly looks damn good so far.

  9. I was thinking about this before the voice reveal. I think Charles Martinet's voice for a Mario movie SOUNDS like a good idea, but the most Mario usually says is, "It's-a me! Mario!" or "Let's-a go!" It's even easy to imagine the "Wha!" and "Woo-hoooo!" But if you try to expand to Mario having a normal conversation or trying to sound heroic, it can start to sound kind of silly, especially when they're not doing that for everyone else. And I'd imagine it puts the other characters (Peach, Donkey Kong) in a similar spot.

  10. September 5 2024 - The Man In Blue Flames says:

    This is going to be THE *GREATEST ANIMATED FILM OF ALL TIME.* Chris Pratt being there alone is good enough since it is a win for Conservatives not being cancelled by Illumination OR Nintendo, but Jack Black NAILED the Bowser voice here, too! Chris Pratt's voice is meant to be like Mario's Brooklyn voice from the Super Mario World Cartoon, as he is a plumber from New York. The special effects and animation quality is AMAZING. This movie will break the internet.

  11. Mario's face looks like he is in wreak ot ralph

  12. Lets be real they took the less stereotypical voice to avoid leftist weirdo backlash, i didn't loved it as the game but its not bad at all, its just 2 hours of whooohoo geeheee its not gonna go well in the movie i guess.

  13. Chris Pratt: Says two sentences
    G&G: “That’s not Mario”

  14. Bowser could be deeper, but it’s not bad. Mario’s voice is acceptable, his classic voice is perfect in short bursts like in the games, but it would get really annoying after a while.

  15. Jeremy is on the edge of his seat. In awe i love it.. This looks amazing

  16. Mario Galaxy 2 is a nearly perfect game

  17. Jeremy is right. Street Fighter was a great campy movie.

  18. This is a Bros movie I would actually want to watch.

  19. I'm not crying you're crying
    Put them onions away

  20. Nintendo is going to kill it next year with this movie and Universal Studios Hollywood Nintendo Land.

    I bet they have a new Mario game too.

  21. this looks amazing. im excited to hear how Charlie Day sounds, i guess he's Lugi?

  22. I like Pratt's voice in this… I mean, I love charles martinet's voice as mario, but 2 hours of that would be tiring…

  23. I think the reason you guys might think Mario looks a little "off" is, aside from his eyes being slightly smaller, this is the most we've ever seen Mario show emotion and have more complex expression on his face. In the video games, his expressions are very simple and Nintendo doesn't need to put alot of time into it cause it isn't a cutscene heavy franchise. I think its pretty mind blowing how good he looked when he was picking himself up, we've never seen that level of detail before on Mario

  24. Tbh this reminds me of the old mario cartoons in movie form, so the looks and voices don't really bother me that much

  25. they are not listening to Mario when he speaks the second time

  26. Its gonna be good if its about mario and we see characters we love talk like we think they would. Dont have to explain how the worlds exist in our world.

  27. 47:59 to Jonny's point, I think a Zelda or Metroid movie directed by Genndy Tartakovsky or in that style would do really well, especially a Metroid one. Metroid is all about atmosphere, and Samurai Jack and Clone Wars had the silent scenes instilled in the perfect spots to add tension and drama. For Zelda, you could do the silent scenes but with an interruption on occasion by, for example, Navi's flying sound effect (not the "Hey listen!" one lol.)
    Also, I don't know if it's just me, but Chris Pratt sounds a little bit like Jay.

  28. It’s interesting seeing Mario with that level of detail in the emotions he’s expressing.

    I’d love to hear some inspiration from the Mario Galaxy games in the movie’s music for sure. Glad Koji Kondo was confirmed to be working on the music too.

  29. A LOZ movie would require alot of work from the supporting characters as they would be driving 99% of the conversation and vocal story telling since link doesnt talk. It would be difficult but possible. Whatever female gets casted as Navi the fairy would be the lead voice.

  30. This movie looks super straight and not gay, so I'm looking forward to it.

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