LIVE - with Viewers - FREE Among Us "like" Game! - Come Play! -

LIVE – with Viewers – FREE Among Us “like” Game! – Come Play!

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Hey All tonight we will be playing a game called! This is a nifty FREE browser based and mobile game that is similar to (and heavily inspired by) Among Us! Come play!

Here is a link:

Let me know if you guys would rather see us stream more Town of Us, or more standard Among Us!

What is your favorite color jelly bean?

Also, hafu lobby, still waiting on my invite! Even if Pokimane doesn’t like the new map. I will take her spot I guess! 😉

Come hang out in Discord:

Become a member (click Join) to get access to perks:

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Some tags to help you find the stream!
#AmongUs​ #AmongUsLive​ #AmongUsWithViewers​
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  1. And when u got infected by sticky bugs if wont go away until someone holds down E to help u

  2. Why does this reminds me of Brawl Stars a tiny bit?

  3. No he didn't kill you with one sword swip it was a sheriff kill the betrayer killed you then he sheriff must have killed a crewmate

  4. Pls do it again it was so fun…..

    Betrayal Io

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