Kid Gets Betrayed By His Comrades But Becomes Lvl 9999 For Revenge -

Kid Gets Betrayed By His Comrades But Becomes Lvl 9999 For Revenge

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In this day and age, humans live among elves, dwarves, beastfolk, and other tribes. They’re considered the weakest, and this proves to be true when a boy named Light is attacked and abandoned by his comrades in the most dangerous dungeon in the world. Unfortunately for them, Light uses his rare gift called Infinite Gacha to create powerful allies and his kingdom. Now, it’s time for Light to come for them one by one.


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  1. Why every party member of every fantasy anime is so cruel and mean
    I just want a party with wholesome relationships and stuff like that😢

  2. The title is to long here's the short

    Chapter -88

  3. Hell ya part 2 better come out I'm getting excited

  4. I'm getting sick of these fcking HAREMS!!!!!!

  5. It's nice to see Mugen Gacha gain popularity

  6. Tbh at first i thought the girl lvl is like 3500 because y not but GOWD DAWM bit## got 9999
    Edit:didnt read the title

  7. "The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors." *Napoleon Hill

  8. There's a lot more half of most of the video was recapping chapter 1 and 2 and there are 87 chapters so we chillin

  9. His name is my devil fruit in blox fruits (ROBLOX) 😂😂😂😂

  10. when other races discriminate humans and actually made a human monster(Light)

  11. Plz tell me you working on a second video for this manga

  12. When I heard the word “Infinite Gacha” I expected anything summoned would be from ALL gacha games.

  13. I really do hope you make another part to this video I appreciate your hard work

  14. Never regretted discovering this

  15. I want part two of the ravenga of light please part 2

  16. Can i know the name? And please make this have a part two 😀

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