Kar98 Sniping from the Unplayable Rocks ft. Matthias, HollywoodBob, & OG Pickle - chocoTaco PUBG - hecticspace2.com

Kar98 Sniping from the Unplayable Rocks ft. Matthias, HollywoodBob, & OG Pickle – chocoTaco PUBG

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In which choco and the gang get on some very high rocks with snipers. Enjoy! – Beth


“DuDa” by Ian Post, from

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  1. Day 5.
    Choco. The 1v1. It awaits us. In Rocket League. D3 vs D3.

  2. sniping in miramar is always a beautiful thing

  3. this video is uplaoded two time bro😂😂

  4. get back from work, play 4 men team – pubg with friends
    what a beautiful day

  5. Choco only used the beryl to kill the last player. he didn't use the entire game

  6. This is so old bob already posted this like a month ago

  7. Already watched this one but I watched it again

  8. Chaco, handsome!I've been watching you for a very long time.Vidosy your topchik!!! Привет и России!

  9. Anyone else go back and read the name Bob was laughing at ?

  10. Does the blue chip detector pick up hammer bags if they’ve run out of jam? Does it have to have some jam to be invisible?

  11. Dude i've been watching for quite long and it feels your sniping skills are lost

  12. they should add feature in pubg wherein if you want to give something to one of your team, you can just open their inventory and put the item when you near with each other. .. and of course, grabbing or stealing some item from their inventory is not allowed.

  13. I wish Wacky and Choco could make up, my two fav streamers.

  14. Green was kinda annoying, slow at looting and last to co operate

  15. Currently going through a break up and I can’t thank you enough Choco, uploading PUBG again brings me back to the old days. And I miss the old days 🥺😔❤️

  16. After maybe 6 years of watching I always have a weird feeling when Choco drives out of Hacienda. For some reason I'm conditioned to think that he MUST smash through the barriers on the side of the road and when it looks like he's not gonna do it, I get anxious. Weird!

  17. I go back into one single match of PUBG after not playing for like a year and some weirdo says "I'm going to report you" Why? Because I wasn't following his commands. He and his buddies then immediately get wrecked.

    The games dead, and that's exactly why. At one point I had a 3.8 k/d and the first match back in forever some stupid kid is threatening to report me because I didn't want to follow him into an obvious death trap.

    Sorry for the 5th place I personally got you by myself. Should have followed me! lol. I'll just go back to not playing BR's.

  18. Regards from Uzbekistan. Please keep playing PUBG I’m with u since 2018

  19. I watch pubg partners play on youtube and then i watch my own replays, both in slow motion, and it is hard to believe that the damage characteristics of the guns I use are the same as those of the pubg partners.

  20. Another fun one! Sometimes I can just tell… They're going to win this one. Choco & co should coordinate the tactical boxes, might be fun to watch… GG

  21. Matthias killed me in this game when you guys got into that compound, I have been watching some guys in those rocks like wtf are they doing haha, you are the best Choco!

  22. "Oh My Goth" That's my Gamer Name G-O-T-H lol

  23. They should make the blie zone more painfull.

  24. i never understood how does choco reload shortguns before they have all the rounds in there

  25. Around @ 4:35 This is why i couldnt stand to play with taco. Bob asks if there are shotgun shells anywhere. Choco complains and mumblws. "Ehhh i dont know.." but he does know. Not even TWO minutes before that he was running around using a shotgun. Hes literally so selfish

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