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I got my Wisdom Teeth out!! SO MANY OF us GOT OUR WISDOM TEETH OUT!! Watch next:
@ryan I got my wisdom teeth out
@MsMunchie123 I Got My Wisdom Teeth Removed!




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Welcome to Not Enough Nelsons! We Post a NEW video THREE TIMES A WEEK!!! We are the “NOT ENOUGH NELSONS” FAMILY! We are a big family of 18! We always get asked if they are all ours!!? 7 are biological and 9 are adopted! SO YES!! THEY ARE ALL OURS!! We sure love each one of our 16 kiddos! We hope you enjoy our videos! We have had a blast filming them! (except for the occasional meltdowns) Follow along with our crazy family on this great youtube adventure! Our videos consist of Vlogs of our crazy life, Dancing, Skits, and Challenges Etc.!

MOM- Tiffany
DAD- Benji
Kenn- 25 yrs old
Kass- 23 yrs old
Bridger- 23 yrs old
JourNee- 23 yrs old
Trey- 21 yrs old
Jaine- 19 yrs old
LiLee- 16 yrs old
SaiDee- 14 yrs old
NayVee- 14 yrs old
Luke- 13 yrs old
PaisLee- 11 yrs old
DeLayNee- 11 yrs old
PresLee- 9 yrs old
ElleCee- 9 yrs old
Beckham- 7 yrs old
Ledger- 3 yrs

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  1. Again Tiffany is one in a million for a adopted parent having great experience as a orphaned child myself these families are not peaches and roses

  2. Lily was acting normal and she was actually really calm

  3. I love your videos but jsut like why wod you won 16 kids

  4. @Notenoughnelsons your just the best channel ever! Poor Lillie!

  5. I love how Journee is so mature and didn't laugh at all and helped her sister!

  6. I love your videos and I have been watching your videos since the beginning ❤❤

  7. And you are the best in the world 🌎 ❤️ 💕

  8. hi im a huge fan I told all my friends about u guys I. love you today we did an admiring school. project and I chose you guys feel better Lilie

  9. pls gimme a shout out pls ive watched you guys for 3 years love u

  10. Kenzleigh The three cheetahs Destiny Sydney says:

    She’s strong😢😢

  11. I got my wisdom teeth out about two weeks ago and it wasn’t that bad. No pain and could eat anything after a couple of days.

  12. This has always interested me. When I had my wisdom teeth out, my doctor said "I've been doing this a long time. Ive never had any of my patients act like those videos you see on YouTube." And he was right. I had no reaction whatsoever, and neither did my brother. We woke up and were just normal. Tired, but normal. The same has gone for all my other surgeries too, and I've had a lot. I just wake up sleepy. I've also never known anyone who acted like this after anesthesia either. It really makes you wonder why some people are affected that way. If anyone out there is nervous about a dental surgery, dont be! Odds are you wont be acting crazy.

  13. Can you do a wut is in my back pack video

  14. Wisdom teeth look sore my sister got them out yesterday but hope you fell better Lilee

  15. I don't know what are they laughing it's not funny like she is your sibling Nayvee and Saidee are laighing let's see what are they gonna look like

  16. Kassede is so nice to all of her siblings Luke Preslee and Paislee are too!
    Hope Lilee get's better

  17. ⭐️Do a fire alarm (without nobody noticing) must be fast⭐️i do recommend doing 3 groups per must be in charge 5 adults (limit time 2 minutes) Do it repeat everyday (if they make it outside) they get reward one of a choice

  18. You are so strong Lilee I love you guys ❤

  19. That's why we should brush our teeth after we eat healthy foods and before we go to bed at night. I sometimes got my terrible wisdom teeth removed, too, but I'm not crying at all. At least I'm okay. My other teeth are fine. That's why I should try healthy snacks and other healthy foods and I should brush my teeth after I eat and before I go to bed.

  20. I love you guys so much you guys and so cute and so sweet please I want to meet you please fly me to where you live I have been wanting to meet you I’m begging please

  21. I know how you feel I just got mine out on Thursday of this week it’s not very fun healthy process but it makes us better

  22. I tried and punched a nurse in the noise while trying to wake me up

  23. OMG Good Job Lilee For Pushing Through The Pain.I’m Crying Right Now Just From Reading The Title.I Love You Guys So Much.Can You Guys Please Give Me A Shotout

  24. LiLee teeth are nicer than mine and I am 10

  25. Unite with Shiloh and Bros,Elena and Clara,Francesca and Leah

  26. The fact that when Lily came back from the dentist like Navy and Sadie where trying not to laugh like what the heck?!?

  27. Sorry but you shouldnt be filming stuff like this. Poor Lilee.

  28. idk whats wrong witth me, i laugh at my siblings when they r upset

  29. Tbh my worst part is one of the tools that suck your salaiva out I hate itt

  30. Lilee wasn't as emotional as Jainee was 😅🤭

  31. The way nayvee laughed😂 God bless you LiLee

  32. LiLee was so calm and I'm so proud that LiLee pushed through all of that pain xoxoxo LiLee😄😊😌

  33. she done so well,but one of the sisters on the internet said paisly was 11

  34. Where did u get the smoothies from they look so good!?

  35. I hope lily ok now I pray 🙏

  36. Delaynee was so touched 😕. Lilly you're gorgeous

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