I Did your Trouble Dares and... (Dare Video - Part 2) | Roblox United States Marine Corps - hecticspace2.com

I Did your Trouble Dares and… (Dare Video – Part 2) | Roblox United States Marine Corps

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In this video, I’ll be doing your dares that you guys put in my discord server.

So… If you have some dares that you have in mind feel free to join my Discord Server!

Dare Video Part 1 (if you haven’t watched I suggest you to watch it):

Btw if you are interested in joining the USMC here is the group [the discord is on the roblox page]

If you have any questions feel free to comment and I’ll try my best to answer your question. If it’s not a question you can also comment.

Thanks for watching!
Have an amazing day!
~ Creeper Girl

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  1. I just realized. PaladinsZhin 4:25 HES AN BRITISH ARMY LTGEN!!

  2. Hey help me out I can't find out the motto

  3. Can you play reaperarron BA it is fun and cool and also join a regiment?

  4. Best video ever! Who saw my profile picture at the end? 0-0 Who knows!?

  5. Nice dares, but seriously that dude literally TP to you lol hope to see you try different military games or make another new video of the USMC.

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