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I Can’t Believe What Is Happening To Tucker Carlson

Elon Musk Zone
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  1. A lot of us see all this crupt governmentThanks Tucker

  2. May The Lord Bless Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson – GARABANDAL WARNING IS ON THE WAY

  3. Tucker I love you for speaking out …here in UK it's the same …liars all of them X x😊😊

  4. Great one Tucker. Thanks🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  6. Such an eye opener! Thank you Tucker Once Again!

  7. Why are there no comments on this? Our country is going down the tubes so fast that people have given up? Thank you Tucker for reporting on this in spite of Fox. Who is censoring this by cutting words out? Do you think we will have another presidential election or have they already taken over our country.

  8. Tucker is a GREAT AMERICAN!
    in my option FOX IS STUPID AT LEAST!
    Listen to Tucker!
    Boycott fox . They LIE !

  9. Tucker acts as the spokesperson for Putin and his Russian imperialists. Having lived in what is today the Ukraine I am horrified by Tucker and hope he will just disappear from the media.

  10. Tucker Carlson is a brave man. He is an honest man. I trust him and I support him 100% and will stand up for him and the truth he reveals. What a great speaker. Thank you. God bless you and keep you safe, well and content.

  11. Tucker, no matter how smart and knowledgable you are, you'll' never be able to understand "Russian soul" sold to Bolshevik ideas and mixed with nkvd, kgb, fsb practice. After all you aren't Churchill. Not to understand Putin and criticize Zelensky, fighting for the Freedom of the country is shameful. You cannot be partially right and partially wrong. Check your meager knowledge of Russia, it's important for the future of peace in the world. As for the truth you share with us about America, you are GREAT.

  12. Go get them Tucker. We love. Hearing from you and miss your show.

  13. Why are so many words redacted in Tuckers speech?

  14. Tucker is hated and Feared by the Establishment. The more they harass him the more credible he becomes. Trump too. Tulsi Gabbard, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, …….. They tell you who they fear by attacking and attempting to silence the people whose views and observations they fear.
    "You don't get FLAK unless you are over the Target." – Airman, Name Unknown

  15. Tucker: you're being heavily censored here on yt…

  16. Tucker: this may surprise you but America is not at all a democratic…never has been,never will be…sense a democratic deception…?
    America is a constitutional federal republic…always has been,always will be…
    American veteran soldier….

  17. WOKE UP AMERICA Distractions and lies by TRAITORS Fox hosts right social media knowingly using and lying to viewers pitting Americans against each other and PROVE IT THEMSELVES Below. Right social media repeats Fox news Copy search full sentences headings google image is best Tucker Carlson private emails texts about Trump he praised to viewers Fox news hosts mocked Trump's voter fraud privately Fox News hosts' texts to Mark Meadows during Jan 6. exposes the network's two-facedness Private texts and internal emails show what Fox News hosts and employees said privately about their network's news coverage Fox news settles lawsuit for lying Fox news settle sexual lawsuit Fox news apologizes Fox news manipulated graphics Trump investigations Trump organization found guilty 34 felony charges Trump 37 felony charges Trump found liable Watch Trump repeatedly pleading the 5th

  18. Tucker is a man on Fire, so glad he's got his own platform so he can peel apart this insane administration layer by layer.

  19. Tucker Carlson is God's chosen spokesperson for the USA!

  20. I miss Tucker. ❤ I wish him all the best.

  21. WhenTucker speaks he don't need no help being understood. That man is quite clear. I am not lookin for repeats of Tucker.

  22. When have we received actual truth from this country? If you can afford it you seem to be able to get it, however it seems lies make far more money? Tucker keeps bringing the truth bombs
    & facts whether anyone likes it or not, truth it truth regardless of where it comes from. Congress definitely needs term limits & an age restriction. If they LOVE abortion/human sacrifices, how would they feel if their parents had considered aborting them? 🤨

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