How Tucker Carlson Became The Most Hated Man in Media -

How Tucker Carlson Became The Most Hated Man in Media

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  1. What is this like AI faked video warbling bullshit going on at 6:36? Are you just straight up faking shit now? Unsubbed, thats cringe.

  2. I would take issue with the statement that Bill O'Reilly audience was republican only. Myself and many others plus a lot of sane democrats back in the day watched O'Reilly

  3. More people believe 2020 was crooked than those who believe it was clean. Im dying to see how they pull it off this time. The left seems to relaxed. As if they have something up their sleeves

  4. I think it's a process of moving from old media (old TV) to new media (e.g. social media). To control the masses once again.

  5. Tucker is 100% right about replacement. And the election was stolen.

  6. Moon can never try to hide his political bias

  7. Imagine Tucker Carlson interview with Bongbong Marcos,That will be controversial

  8. The Replacement is not a "Conspiracy Theory' that is exactly how the Democrats, in part, took over California permanently. They added about 2 or 3 million hispanic voters (from Latin America) flipping California from Republican controlled Red to Democrat controlled Blue. Now everyone feels California is a bastion of Progressive Liberalism. It is unthinkable for most to think otherwise. That model is what they are rolling out nationwide.

    The conspiracy is simply an open plan that they are not secretive about. It is also NOT replacement of 'white' people, no, the mostly Hispanic populations replace Black voters too and we are now seeing that play out in places like Chicago an New York. Turns out black folk say things that white folks said decades ago and were called racist and xenophobic for saying, but they were not wrong, and now those black voters, the African Americans, are learning 'you too are replaceable as you have served your purpose, now you shall become marginalized by the Democrat Party and Establishment'.

  9. Tucker Carlson was not calling immigrants 'poorer, dirtier, divided' He was saying the massive surge of illegal aliens made AMERICA poorer, dirtier and more divided. He was spot on correct. The person who wrote the article Alex Horton made a propagandist sleight-of-hand shifting what Tucker said mischaracterizing Tucker.

  10. The election was Rigged by definition. It was poorly managed and laws were changed last moment to favor one party over the other.

  11. Besides the voting potential of so-called 'migrants', refugees, asylum seekers, and what they are illegal aliens is not the political ramifications, but the economic as the economics are based on population. More people justify higher rents and is used to calculate so many things in the economy. Plus, rent is paid, and the landlords do not care if you are a citizen or not. They can justify higher rents and get more people to pay it. People who own property in places like California love illegal aliens as they have a huge inventory of properties to rent. Meaning there is a whole class of interests who directly profit from illegal aliens, along with institutions like Churches and Schools, Universities and companies seeking to sell you services like cellphones. They don't care about your citizenship status. If they can get the government to subsidize it 'to get these students internet access' ignoring the fact many of those students are not citizens or are anchor babies hides the fact these private interests are making bank off illegal aliens.

  12. Tucker was also right to question the Pandemic, so that today he and those who also shared that same sentiment can say "we told you so' whereas the people of the Lemming population who bought into Dr. Fauci and those who hated and opposed Trump. Turns out they were wrong, criminally wrong, and real massive historical fraud was committed. We told you so.

  13. Now we know how he makes so many videos 🤢🤮

  14. Tucker is great. That industry is gross and full of liars. His podcast is so freakin awesome and ill never turn on bullshit main stream media ever again.

  15. Nah sorry you won't convince me that millions of votes aren't illegitimate in any recent election

  16. 20:13 I think you need to do some more research. There’s a lot of evidence coming out recently about forged ballots. Trump was robbed

  17. 24:44 again you might wanna do some research. When it comes down to evolution leading to human beings and also the idea that a simple single cell organism in primordial soup led to all life, there are no real answers as to HOW this could happen and a lot of scientists agree there’s no evidence to support evolution theory on a Darwinian level

  18. Never in history have the good guys been the ones who censor or attack those who question authority

  19. I absolutely love Tucker and how I know him from media and the few things i know about him as a person. Don’t know him, but would definitely have a beer with him.

  20. Well he lies about stuff and edits footage to suit his agenda.

  21. This channel is so subversive it’s unreal.

  22. I like his journalism but he's turning into a religious nut lately.

  23. Wild that Stewart and Tucker flipped spots. Before selling out to the machine Jon used to call out both parties pretty equally. Now he's a dem lapdog and Tucker will now call them both out. I used to hate him for what he said about questioning 9/11, but he did say sorry about that, so water under the bridge

  24. TUCKER IS BIGGER THAN EVER (who is bigger? who?)

  25. Usually enjoy this channel but must criticize the creator’s loaded claim that Tucker is peddling a “conspiracy theory” (with the implication that conspiracy theories are myths/ falsehoods) on the “replacement theory”. The UN literally published a study/ plan in 2000 called the “Great Migration”, spelling out the need for and plans to facilitate mass migration to western countries, including the US. Implications of this shift in population are not spelled out (such as: “cultivating and securing a voting block”) but the concept and practice of the leaders facilitating (financially, legally) either through overt or subversive measures (open borders or carve-outs for NGOs in the US budget to aid migrants’ travel and legal fees) is certainly not only plausible but spelled out as a plan. (Do a google search for “un white paper great migration”)

  26. 16:40 Yeah, wild conspiracy theory. Okay.. Not like that's currently what's happening

  27. He went from being someone I didn't think much of to someone I respect over the course of a few years.

  28. More people respect Tucker than hate him he's what they call a real journalist

  29. 2020 was in fact not fair or secure you’re wrong here Moon

  30. It’s very clear now that the 2020 election was stolen. If you can look into that an give an honest report on it then why should anyone watch your videos. This is the problem. People are too afraid to say what is, and you’re one of them.

  31. “It’s amazing how much panic one honest man can spread among a multitude of hypocrites.”~Thomas Sowell

  32. Dylan Mulvaney is the most hated man in media

  33. John Stewart calls bi-partisan dialog a tribal shouting match because he prefers his propaganda to only reflect one side, his.

    “You’re doing theater when you should be doing debate.”

    Goes on to do multiple shows where he puts on a performance, reading words others wrote, presenting only one side of things.

  34. Sounds like he got the shit end of the stick nobody listens to mainstream media anymore anyway unless they don’t think for themselves

  35. That ad literally just stealing Sir David Attenborough's voice when putting in British voice

  36. People still pay attention to this man? People like him destroyed journalism by having mainstream media become him, become fear, become sided.
    We need to force a law back that forces all news outlets to show both sides that was killed by conservatives. The fairness doctrine that was made in 1949 then killed during Reagan who vetoed the bill. You want fair news! Then revive the fairness doctrine of 1987!

  37. You’re saying he makes outlandish claims? What claims do you consider outlandish? I don’t understand? This man is spot on he is loved by people.

  38. Moon casually dropping his voice is fake.

  39. Hannity and Colmes was on air until 2009 long after CrossFire was taken off. Also Hannity went intp O'Reilly's spot. Tucker moved into Megyn Kelly's spot which was after the 2016 election.

  40. How is he an hated person by whom exatcly the government perhaps but not by the people he is loved and very smart person and knows alot about world.

  41. Come on, Moon, you're going to have to tell the truth at some point. You can't ride the fence forever. 2020 was clearly tampered with.

  42. Your biased.Theres a lot of evidence popping up recently that supports the claim that 2020 election was rigged.

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