How I became a support main -

How I became a support main

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  1. Thats capium 🧢 not copium 😂😂😂

  2. the story of every support main (including me): genjo main until we get too many 5 dps 1 roadhog games and swap over, then get too used to shooting our teammates to swap back

  3. Once again, much thanks to the synergy between you and your editor 😀 Fantastic and hilarious.

  4. The story of every support main lol
    I became a support main to help keep my team alive but then ml7 showed me you can dps too as support not just healbot 😎😈

  5. I was the same way got stuck with support because no one else wanted to lol

  6. You get tired of losing games cause of shitty supports so you go support yourself only to become a support main.

    Everyone should learn support though.

  7. I want to be a widow main, but even if I kill half the team, the tanks just sit at a choke and die to spam. I am now going to be a tank main in Overwatch 2 since Zarya is my best hero.

  8. I played support because everyone else sucked at it. I said how hard can it be. And here I am. I was a dps player but everyone’s a dps player. Lol

  9. I used to play mccree and hog in ow1 beta, but I started playing mercy because no one would pick a support.

  10. When zenyatta uses his volley, if you hit an ally it should heal them

  11. So he went from "I need healing" to "you'll get healing when I say you do". The world didn't need another Genji main but we sure need an Ana God 😏

  12. 9:13 ML7 and his editor, name a better duo 😭😂

    ML your editor is SO GOOD. Is there an @ where I can see more stuff from him?

  13. My story on how I mained support was because the satisfaction of healing your team and actually being a contributing factor to winning the game felt awesome to me and a lot of work but was also cool I didn't like dps as much I seldom liked tank then I saw support and absolutely loved it

  14. Normally the OW youtube games have Nintendo or other game music, but this is the first time i've heard a song from a band used and it works so well. Mr. Editor if you're reading this more plz

  15. Ml7 = G.O.A.T

    Ml7's editing team: Undefeated 😂🤣

  16. The french was not cool. Making sucks people say shit when they keep asking us to "say something in French" or "make me say something in French" is ok, because it gets boring after a while. But trying to make people who are cool in game say shit is just lame x)

  17. Can someone tell me how to activate the same option than him with the ana ult ?

  18. Love the edits shout out to the editor making this video very funny!

  19. Started support that way too, but then I discovered that the game was in my hands and I didn't have to aim most of the time.
    Support main since.👌

  20. Ok ok. Any Diablo 3 fans I need your opinion.
    The cheek pad of his gun, doesn't it look like a Homing Pad?

  21. "Unlucky, go grab a healthpack, I'm busy." Oh i am SO using that! 😀

  22. ML videos always have me like "please sir can I have some more"

  23. Funny thing, the french dude ''Lamafaché'' his name means ''angry lama' :3

  24. I play support because it has the fastest queue time and is the most forgiving in terms of having shitty aim.

  25. To me, I became a support because it’s probably a calling as well. I started as a tank but it is hard to have good support so I switched roles and it felt good giving value to the team as support. But now I play more FFA Deathmatch as Junkrat just to annoy the Genji and Cassidy players 😂

  26. Айбулатов Динмухамед says:

    ml7 is literally me

  27. Yo I have a new Mercy Tech reel on my channel if you're interested 🧐🙂

  28. dude, raise your video editor salary. he deserves sooo much

  29. I recognise the hard work of editor(s) but it's a bit too much to me… A bit overwhelming in some moments: sounds effect, noises, pop-ups, subtitles and random memes. Funny for sure, but feels like the "main content" it's the editing itself and not the video, especially when more effects are put at the same time; in that case is more of a distraction than anything else.

    It's just my opinion and point of view, I know most of the people love it.

  30. this is giving me I paid a fiverr editor 5 dollars type vibe hahaha

  31. Could it be "ronk" is possibly from Norway? …no reason.. just curious..

  32. a swedish kebab pizza. im swedish 🙂 Ja tack means yes please

  33. not every support player. Zen was the first character I played, my first main and I've been a support main ever since

  34. it's kind of a bummer that these days, the majority of support players are just misplaced DPS players rather than people with intrinsic interest in the role. kinda makes you wonder what could have been done to make 5/6 DPS work in overwatch, with tank and support being optional rather than essential to team success.

    hell, would overwatch have worked if it never had supports and tanks to begin with?

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