Forest Target Murillo's Replacement? Keeper Hunt Continues! Cooper To Rivals? Nottingham Forest News -

Forest Target Murillo’s Replacement? Keeper Hunt Continues! Cooper To Rivals? Nottingham Forest News

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Nottingham Forest is eyeing top Brazilian talents yet again, with Murillo potentially leaving the City Ground this summer, have Forest found the perfect replacement in fellow Brazilian Morato. Morato is a highly-rated central defender known for his strength, aerial ability, and composure on the ball. Currently playing for Benfica, Morato could be a crucial addition to solidify Forest’s defense.

Continuing the Brazilian theme Forest are also looking for a new goalkeeper and 22 year old Andrew is a promising goalkeeper making waves in the Brazilian leagues. Andrew’s agility, shot-stopping prowess, and potential make him an exciting prospect for Forest’s goalkeeping department.
We’ll delve into how these players could fit into the squad, their potential impact on the team’s performance, and what the fans can expect from these exciting talents.

In a surprising turn of events, former Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cooper might be on the verge of joining our rivals, Leicester City. Cooper has been out of work since leaving The City Ground back in December last year, but would it upset the Forest fans to see their former manager at the King Power stadium next season.

Let us know what you think about all todays news and if you would mind Steve Cooper joined Leicester City as their manager. Plus don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to Forest Fan TV.

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  1. They just need to sell first I don’t care about adding more till July

  2. Can't understand why Leicester would want Cooper as his PL record is atrocious. Also if he doesn't hit the ground running their fans will instantly turn on him due to his Forest connection. He'd have been better gonna Burnley as he's decent in the Championship. Not bothered if he goes to Leicester though as no hate for them and think it weakens a rival team. On the plus side, the Cooper Cult won't have far to travel if they decide to support Leicester😂

  3. Yes we must sell sell sell and then buy buy

  4. The only reason I don't like Leicester is the links they have with that 🔔🔚 Lineker

  5. Couldn't care less if Cooper goes to the bin robbers.

  6. Do you think Brandon Aguilera will get some top team time this year, and be one of those developmental players like Murillo? Or will he go on loan again?

  7. Wait, why do you never say 'Good afternoon'? I'm watching this in the afternoon not the morning, evening or night! 😂

  8. Did you mention Jacob Greaves at Hull City as a left sided Centre Back. He's gonna be the bees and eees

  9. Get Pickford! Cloughie started with Shilton and built the spine from there

  10. We’ve just given one of our kids, a goalkeeper, a new contract. Why the fck aren’t we giving these kids a chance? He’s 19, are we really gonna wait ‘til he’s 22 and gone elsewhere? I don’t get why we’re not blooding some of these youngsters, we might have a top academy but we’re producing nothing.

  11. We sacked Cooper – he can go where he likes ! Murillo we should hang on to no matter what – need to keep the best players….or back to the bottom – again.

  12. Daniel Peretz is an international, Andrew isn't an international so I'd prefer Peretz out of the two. Maybe Forest could get a buy option in any loan deal. A loan deal would also mean that we haven't got to pay out much money this year.

  13. Just bring back BriceLAD🇫🇷🌲🔴⚪️

  14. We don’t need a replacement. We need to keep him.

  15. Seen the reports about fester n cooper. Fester want attacking football. Cooper and attacking???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Silly uckers will go straight down.

  16. So what's Cooper supposed to do, never work again?

  17. I say good luck to cooper , clearly he isn’t bothered that his CV reads sacked by Forest and sacked by Leicester because of his Negative approach when it comes to his tactical formations
    No matter where cooper manages he will always say I love this football club and the fans

  18. No way dude…,let him do his career guys…?!! Chill out

  19. The Cooper days are over. I don't personally care where he goes.

  20. I watched the England v Italy | U17 Euro Championship. Italy's goalkeeper Alessandro Longoni was brilliant. He's too young now for a 1st team place in Forest, but would be great as a future goalkeeper in a year or two.

  21. Not bothered what other teams do. I'm just focused on Forest.

    I'd not sell Murillo – purely from a talent and potential perspective, Murillo has a far higher ceiling.

    IMO, Murillo should be moved up the pitch utilizing his strength, speed, dribbling, and passing capabilities.

    So if one has to go, i'd sell MGW and replace with Murillo.

    I'd also sell Elanga. You are right – he doesn't quite have the footballing IQ.

    My picks for targets:
    GK: Noah Atubolu from SC Freiburg

    DC: Strahinja Pavlovic from RB Salzburg / Mykola Matviyenko from Shakhtar Donetsk

    ML/MR: Sergey Pinyeav from Lokomotiv Moscow

    MC: Maurits Kjærgaard from RB Salzburg

    SC: Karim Konate from RB Salzburg

  22. Cooper was sacked and is looking for a job, Id prefer he went somewhere else but cant hold it against him if he went to Leicester. The promotion season was magical and will live long in the memory, I have a soft spot for everyone involved in that

  23. How did the new computer collection go?

  24. Cooper needs a job. The bin robbers need a manager. So yeah, whatever.

  25. Why don't you like Cooper? Because he's actually British, and you're not?

  26. Why are we discussing goalies, defenders, Cooper again. Why not talk about getting a striker because we need one more than anything else. We have Mr Glass and Wood although he banged in a few this season actually missed more sitters than ever whilst showing he has reached his limit.

  27. Is the decision around the stadium also impacted by PSR, in that any money we spend on the freehold and redevelopment of the CG means less new players/ need to cash in on multiple players to offset?

    The continued GK links seem odd on the same basis – we presumably book a loss if we sell any of the current 3 keepers so are likely best served keeping what we have until their contracts / amortization value runs down to a point we can offload without penalty. Selz isn't a worldie but he's ok for now..

  28. The player to sell is CHO. Because the opposition will now shut down his cut inside the way they did with Joe Lolly, and his value will plummet. Unless of course he goes to the goaline and cuts the ball back as often as his inside cut. Lolly went from hero to zero. Must make sure they don't make the same mistake.

  29. John Robertson went to play for Derby so Cooper can piss off to leicester if he wants

  30. Moratto I’d like him to start alongside Murillo, replacing Felipe and Niakhate.

    Andrew does sound like a gamble could be however a punt for the future. Agree sell on value is probably the motivator. Like to see Sells backed up by a new keeper and see Turner and Vlac sold.

    Striker has to be the key position we created plenty of opportunities but failed to convert so many. Plus we have two strikers who struggle to be fit, although can’t see Awoniyi have the same bad luck next season.

    Cooper at Leicester with a points deduction is Cooper showing how much he still loves Forest by taking them straight back down. Besides it’s only Leicester he’s linked with, but I’d not care if he went to Derby either! He’s no longer on our payroll, it would have been an issue had he been poached by Derby.

    The 33 year lease sounds like a long time, but you’d not invest £100m+ on new stand and upgrades with only 33 years!

  31. Yes I admit I have an agenda #BringBackBrandon and Coach Cooper can get a job wherever he wants. Until we have balanced the books I don't want to get excited about possible players coming to Forest it feels like shopping with a maxed out credit card. City Ground is going to draw out but I already have said my option which ticks the boxes of the wishlist and more for the council and Marinakis. If anyone or Wolfie can remember what I said then fly me in to sit down with all parties, city planners and a good architect and NFFC can have more than a stadium it will be a proper Nottingham sports precinct 🎤 ⤵️

  32. Ive no problem with Sels staying as forst choice keeper,keep turner as back up and a ypung keeper as third and cup games maybe. Id prefer us to keep Murillo rather than replace and would like someone similar to felipe coming in,someone with experience and abit of class. We only have Boly now with experience and as youve pointed out not long back he has injiry problems leaving us very inexperienced at the back.
    As for cooper,i still have alot of respect for the man i dont get why many dont and continually slag him off,the man did the impossible. Would prefer if he wasnt to go to Leicester but wish him well wherever he ends up and i still think he'll do well in the future,yes he made some mistakes towards the back end of his tenure but he's not a stupid man he would of learnt from that and be better for it.

  33. The young goalkeeper from Munich is great. Bayren will never sell him. He's going to be their first keeper in a few years.

  34. Cooper going to Leicester (or anywhere else, for that matter) is NOT a betrayal.
    What's he supposed to do?….Never ever work again?
    He has said that he wants to be at a Premier League club, so no matter what team he goes to, some numpty will be screaming "Betrayal". Absolute rubbish.
    He's got to work somewhere!

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