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Feel and See if Your Words Are Stepping Stones or Foundation Stones

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  1. This is what I have been feeling about professor Jordan Peterson is that everything he is saying and about to say I see him thinking in his eyes searching for the right word and yes this is why he is this great man living in the moment in his truth

  2. This is why he hasn't been cancelled despite having so much recorded material made public. Every word he utters is processed with a fine tooth comb.

  3. So what JBP says is more a word solid than a word salad 😀

  4. This is a person that many would benefit by hearing what he has to offer. This is something beyond mere opinion or political bias. This is rooted in the the basic truths of the realities of life!
    Ya don't need to accept every word yet the total presentation of this ideology is so foundational, so comprehensively inclusive of the realities of life that to dismiss it without due consideration cannot be anything other than true foolishness.
    And I mean that!

  5. I was just thinking how smart I could be if I slowed down… And did this!.. thanks for the reminder JP 🥰🥰🤳🙏

  6. This hit me hard. I pray a lot too.

  7. If that was the case he wouldn't have to put so many fluff words in to make his points

  8. Doesn’t matter you’re not receiving the words
    They’ll make what you say out to be whatever they feel
    You think solid words
    They think otherwise
    But yeah that can make life better

  9. I was listening to a podcast earlier where you were not being interviewed or competing against anybody but you definitely said that being nice was very close to being weak. And it was much more important to be as dangerous as you can and still be civil and our society.

    I would argue that a lot of people can be lifted up by kindness I don't know exactly how the word kindness and the word nice relate to each other but I would ask you that question? And I would ask you do you think that it's important to be kind person and if that's a strength and part of being a warrior. I personally believe that it is.

  10. Yup. You're a Muslim. Look up Abdul Hakim Murad's video presence in every breath.

  11. Yea he is a good speaker. But think he can be wrong sometimes, strangely enough. Like for example in 1 video he says that if friends dont listen to you then they are not good friends. Its to easy put. We cant expect other people to please us, even friends. Some harsh truth there. JP is to soft sometimes. But he has humility to back that up also.

  12. And how does this mean have so many haters…he's such a gift to us all…we must all walk a path to God..when looking up I know I will find this man's foots steps..his knowingly God's are right there above his

  13. Can someone please explain what solid means here and what he's trying to say in more layman terms, please?

  14. It's obvious he is always in the moment and conscious of every word.. while other people are thinking about the next sentence or moment

  15. when you talk, people fucking listen.


  16. Communication skills are key in every conversation. Adjusting your vocabulary to the other person(s) vocabulary is the challenge.

  17. Some words are attractive. I'm betting your neurotic about many things you maybe shouldn't be.

  18. Jordan Peterson makes sense by using the English language in ways that make sense with a terrific foundation. Because what he says helps people to move fully understand. His honestly is trustworthy, knowledgeable.
    He cares about explaining and describing our English language fluently with what is going to hold up against negative, biased, unknowledgeable opinions that are wrongfully disrespectful and absolutely deserve the responses Jordan Peterson gives!!!

  19. Please the link to the full interview please

  20. God l love this man, he just makes u stop n think.

  21. Love this !! I write poetry I stop at the end of each poem to do the same. Words can be powerful tools. Or empty shells and then they don't matter. You reach anyone if their not. Not even your self being.

  22. Everytime I hear him talk I never hear any additional sentence fillers like "like"or "uhm" it's always direct. His book emphasizes this. Good man.

  23. Has anyone asked him what happened in 1985 to cause him to make that decision?

  24. “Mean what you say and say what you mean”. J. Peterson.
    Easier said than done, but I try my damndest, even in casual conversation.

  25. The Bible says that your Tongue is like a ship’s Rutter on a ship it’s small but it’s steers the whole thing

  26. I'm done with life and just waiting to die. I hate this world and I pray there is no afterlife. Who are these rich people who got to have everything we should take it all away from them.

  27. Can we all acknowledge that YouTubes removal of the dislike button is Orwellian nonsense

  28. 🤔 is this action solid to take 😅
    to get what I'm after 🙄ohhh boy.

  29. This guys is scary! I get the odd feeling if he were an old testament prophet, he could command fire to fall from heaven and God would honour his words!

  30. I dislike how he uses altered definitions of Christian concepts like "prayer" and "god". He knows his definiton is not the same as a cristians definition. Im no christian and i understand hes trying to convey his unique and honestly secular interpritaion of the bible, but the problem with that is that chrisitanity is a dogma, you cant change "pray" and "god" it to mean what you want because you would not be talking about chrisianity anymore, unlike science, its not maluable to new information or understandings. Hes trying to cram christianity in a secular-shaped hole because hes afraid of what he might loose if he trims it to fit.

  31. GOD is great and all powerful and God gives wisdom to those who deserve it. You are blessed Mr Peterson and you are great not only in god’s eyes but in the eyes of many including me.


  33. I pray for good health and long life for you Dr Peterson and by extension your family. May your days be filled with accomplishments and challenges to further your effectiveness and impact on all you come in contact with. Blessings always upon your lives.

  34. I adore the correlation I see between clinical psychology/Jordan peterson and then more spiritual teachers such as ram dass or Alan Watts


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