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Empire at War Remake – 501st Journal Style – Battle of Kriselist

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■ Battlefront 2 Vibes with Empire at War: Remake ■

Welcome, Star Wars enthusiasts, Empire admirers, military aficionados, and troopers!

I’m in love with the Battlefront I/II Journals of the 501st Clone Trooper since release. We remember the voice of Temuera Morrison, right? Together with ChatGPT, 11Labs and the Empire at War Mod “Remake”, the journey for some 501st recreation is possible. However, this time 11Labs got an update and many voicefiles got americanized. In the last video about the Battle of Cato Neimoidia, it was possible to catch the maori accent of the clonetroopers somehow. This time, I struggled to recreate the sound. I still hope that you enjoy this video.

My 291st Journal is told from the Imperial perspective of Imperial Stormtroopers who really identify with being the good guys and I hope to contribute and offer a unique glimpse into the life of those at the frontline. In the good ol fashioned manner of Temuera Morrion narrating the 501st journals of BF1 back then.

Keep in mind, that I’m not happy with the results of the generated voice this time and for sure I struggled doing this video on many levels. This won’t be a turn down for further videos, but rather a lection of patience, imperfection and continuation.

The Battle of Kriselist was short after the installation of the Galactic Empire and the fall of the republic. Kriselist is known to be the first planet with it’s local government to defy the rule of the Galactic Empire after declaration.

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For example I could imagine to ask for voice overs from you, the fans and gamers of Star Wars, to speak for a role of a Stormtrooper.
Or if you like to record battles, I wouldn’t mind to integrate your records into the journals here with credits given.
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► Discord: TypWriter#5410
► Steam: kilah4one or TypWriter
► Email: [email protected]
■ Game ■
► Empire At War
► Developer: Petroglyph Games
► Mod: Remake
■ Voice and Text ■
► Page:
► Voice: modified one of Temuera Morrison, unfortunately without the Maori accent this time.
► Text Optimization: ChatGPT 4.0
► Text Inspiration: Battlefront II and several jedipedia and wookipedia entries.
■ THX for the support by ■
► ► DeltaProjectV2.0 –
► Clone Wars Holdout –
► ► The EaW:Remake Dev Team
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  1. Where is your disney deal at bro? Come on now. lol

  2. In the 7th journal, we explore the Battle of Malastare. The former clone soldiers feel marginalized due to the Moffs' reassignments, despite their eagerness to prove their dedication to fight for the Empire, especially against the Rebel Alliance. Unexpectedly, an old ally comes to their aid."
    ➤➤➤ https://bit.ly/3RVn0li

  3. Loved this, was a bit rambly and directionless at times but still got that gutpunch-feeling of Knightfall's two cutscenes.

  4. A very good look into the Clones thinking, whether it was the inhibitor chip or just their blind faith in following orders, it gave me new insight into how they really saw things and a reason why they would so readily serve an Empire when bred to fight for a Republic. Thanks for that!

  5. Growing up playing battlefront 2, this makes me smile.

  6. It’s so damn sad though.. this guy probably had a bit of a gut-wrenching immune readjustment once he found out the truth.. behind Order 66.

  7. You doing great work with these videos bro. Keep it up 👍.

  8. I've often thought that while the Jedi fell hard against Palpatine's manipulations and suffered much, the clones were his biggest victims. Whether they followed the order because of a chip or not depending on what take you prefer, it was all a lie. They gunned down the people who encouraged their individuality, who saw them as more than "just clones" and had given them life guidance and for those who were particularly close, basically been a sibling or parent…all on a lie, then he destroyed they very culture by insisting on uniformity.

    They were programmed to follow orders but they still felt emotion, and emotion often interferes with orders so really I personally see chips as the only logical answer as much as it's a change otherwise far more Jedi would have escaped with clone help and many of them would have been the foundation of the rebellion when they defected. That and it's so very like Palpatine to leave nothing to chance. They would need something in their heads saying "the empire is the republic" and "good soldiers follow orders" though the doubt would still be there as with this trooper who pushes on in the hope his brothers died for something, that his own struggle will lead to the better tomorrow for everyone he was promised.

  9. You should really collaborate with one of the galactic contention YouTubers would make epic content

  10. Amazing video. 😀 The Order 66 theme never disappoints. 🥺👍🏻

  11. Juxtaposing the Jedi and the Moffs as the "bad officers", while showing off the clones' faith in Palpatine really paints a deep, tragic picture.

  12. This content is so good…. you seriously deserve way more attention.

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