Donald Glover Was Too Funny For Community (Pillow Man vs. Cotton Man) -

Donald Glover Was Too Funny For Community (Pillow Man vs. Cotton Man)

Fact Fiend – With Karl Smallwood
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  1. All I can think of after this one is "Damn, I really want to watch a full hour long podcast of Karl derailing conversations".

  2. I'm honestly loving the setup now of everyone rotating as host. Karl is awesome, the office was swanky, but there's something more personal while still "professional" going on now, and I dig it. You people are awesome! Keep it up!

  3. I'm jealous of this mythical discord channel!

  4. Donald Glover, Danny Pudi, and Ken Jeong made that show.

  5. Love the video and love the new guy you've added to the show, Far Away Karl. You should do more Community episodes this show is insanely hilarious and weird. Hope you're doing well, Karl, enjoy the break.

  6. I had the first season of Community on DVD, and I distinctly remember Dan Harmon saying at one point that they "had a star on their hands" in Donald Glover. That dvd commentary also happened to be the funniest I've ever heard. It's Harmon and the cast and the directors getting drunk together and cracking jokes while talking about the show. Except for the few with Chevy Chase. Those were awkward and terrible.

  7. If there event was in Japan, I'd come. Is there any chance you can relocate it? 😀

  8. Videos are going to be shorter.

    "So far away Brad and far away Karl…"

    Me- "That explains why this video is over 15min long"

  9. Finally the legend of Kanto is presenting

  10. I had no clue what Lucas looked like and was so astonished when he began to give the intro that Karl usually gives

  11. Far away Karl makes me feel like I've woken up in an alternative universe

  12. This is the first time I have ever seen lucas, and by golly I wasn't expecting the beard, dyed hair, or the kitty headphones.

  13. Had to give a like for Lucas's aesthetic he's got going on

  14. I really wish Troy, and Abed in the morning became a real spin-off.

  15. now i can only imagine The Ernsting in smou fight but with pillow man and cotton ball man but with the orchestralmusic and i’m dying

  16. It took me way too long to work out who the 3rd male voice was 😅

  17. Donald Glover is hilarious have you seen any of his stand-up, fucking hilarious!!

  18. The crew should do a community watch party before the movie

  19. Plot twist: Pillow man removes his pillow suit and it's mike lindell.

  20. Yes, they know about Ornstien and Smough, that was the joke they were making.

  21. We need a separate fact video on Cotton Man

  22. Started watching bits of Community again the other day and forgot how many throw away lines were just so funny

  23. Disagree. He was a highlight on one of the best sitcoms of all time.

  24. I like having a rotating cast in front and behind the canera BUT having the by far worst mic on the presenter isn't ideal. It's like putting a spotlight on it

  25. I'll always know him from his Derrick Comedy days.

  26. I've seem pillow man as a meme but never new it was from community

  27. Hey guys, I'm absolutely loving the new format and been a fan since the start of lockdown.

    I just wanted to let you guys know that it's honestly terrible what they did on the Maury Povich show, you guys were joking a lot about it and I know you don't mean any harm. But I have sensory issues that are similar for example I can't touch dry sponges and the way they tried to force her to face her issues seems almost abusive.

    Again I totally get that you didn't mean any harm and that you're just joking around but sensory issues can seriously impact someone's life and it's not really funny if simple daily tasks become impossible due to those sensory issues.

    Keep up the good work and I hope to keep seeing the team more on the main channel.

  28. Can we just take a minute to appreciate those headphones?

    Th headphones I always wanted, but didn’t have the confidence to rock like that.

  29. Community is on my watch list, guess it’s getting on top of the list

  30. I love that everyone on this show has at point in time said "No, Karl"

  31. I'm guessing Karl is trying to show you guys that people are there to see karl and not you chodes. Man I feel like an asshole saying that but… No thank you Pikachu

  32. I paused this on the donald-fire-gif to go watch the whole episode. fucking brilliant. Love that show.

  33. I think part of what makes these videos so funny and enjoyable is the fact you guys get so off topic. This feels like a podcast, but more things are happening. I love it.

  34. please give us more of Brad doing a Harry Hill impression, that had me laughing

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