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Disney Dreamlight Valley Pumpkin Apocalypse

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a hybrid between a life-sim and an adventure game rich with quests, exploration, and engaging activities featuring Disney and Pixar friends, both old and new.

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Once an idyllic land, Dreamlight Valley was a place where Disney and Pixar characters lived in harmony—until the Forgetting. Night Thorns grew across the land and severed the wonderful memories tied to this magical place. With nowhere else to go, the hopeless inhabitants of Dreamlight Valley retreated behind locked doors in the Dream Castle.

Now it’s up to you to discover the stories of this world and bring the magic back to Dreamlight Valley!

Starting on September 6, 2022, Disney Dreamlight Valley will be available in Early Access for players who purchase a Founder’s Pack or have an Xbox Game Pass membership ahead of the game’s free-to-play launch in 2023.

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  1. I really shouldn't be eating and drinking while watching this looool

  2. Idk if anyone told you but when you go back to scrounge there is a fashion chest near the stairs to your left when you enter

  3. I really hope the really small object limit is just to keep things small while they work out kinks. Because that's going to really limit people decorate and keep the game going after quests and characters are all done

  4. I got 500 on OLED with out crash, pomkins went everywhere and defntly could not get them all befor they stopped glowing. 883 total at the end.

  5. A decorating idea I thought could be cool is putting wall-e's garden next to Remy's restaurant so it implies walle is growing fresh ingredients for Remy and they're working together, could be cute

  6. Regarding the crops showing dry on the map but watered in the visual, I believe there are actually four states. One is when they look watered and they don't highlight when you go up to them with the watering can. One when they look watered but they highlight with the can and you can water them again. Then they stop dripping and the brown particles floating, and then completely dry. They may potentially be on the second state where they look watered but can be watered again.

  7. finally got me some canola yes about to get rich tag <3 sorry i missed the stream lots been going on but hope all is well you be wearing those shorts man xD

  8. working the land with his own hands your Majesty …….

  9. A good trick with your jaw if the problem is being caused by jaw muscles (TMJ issues can be muscular) is to put your lips together, keep your teeth apart and touch the top of your mouth with your tongue. It pulls your jaw into a relaxed position and doing it for a few minutes every day will hopefully help! I get weird noises in my ear from jaw clenching and that has always helped.

    Waiting to see what happens when the pumpkins explode!

  10. Are you going to do the part 2 now or tomorrow?

  11. This is epic. But you gonna leave us hanging all night for part 2 or…? 😢

  12. On OLED I plant 300 pumpkins and so long as I don't look at the pumpkin explosion I don't crash. Well sometimes I crash not to long after picking them all up and then got to harvest half agen and once I harvest 1 or 2 I get the explosion agen so atlest crashing dose not lose them

  13. Is frustrating that even after the update, the game keeps crashing on the switch 😤😩.

  14. here sending you great good positive vibes and hoping the game didn't brake on you take good care of yourself you awesome Majesty 😊😘

  15. I’m here, waiting for you to come back… I looked, I’m not seeing a new video yet, so I didn’t miss it. TAG! WHERE YOU AT BRO? I want to see the explosion! Omg!

  16. I was very pleased when we synced singing the musical part of The Final Countdown

  17. You can get iron from Kristoff but he has different things on that second row every day so it depends on your luck I guess, so far I’ve only had him on his level 10 stall for 2 days and on day 1 he had fabric, coal and glass, day 2 he’s had bricks, snow balls (whatever they’re acc called) and fabric again

  18. I did this with 400 pumpkins, on the beach , by Moana's boat. When I released Wall-E , the game froze and the pumpkins spawned all over the beach. They didn't explode out of Wall-E and they weren't glowing.
    I had to pick them up individually . they covered the beach, from Ursulas cave past Donald's house. It took me 30 minutes to get them all. I hope the game breaks or you could be picking up pumpkins for days.

  19. RTGame was the one who made it with carrots (or rather that's the one I saw)

  20. I have a question if canola oil only pays 109 star coin and pumpkin pays 664 how does canola make you more? I did 8 rows of 50 the best I get on PS4 is 93.2 k in star coin.

  21. Did he end up coming back at 5? I never got the notification if he did

  22. I could finally look like a bat in my nightmare-ish wings lol

  23. I wonder how much starcoins you'll earn 🤔

  24. Kristoffs store changes daily my first day had fibres stone and snow and now it’s has coal fabric and glass

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