Day of Betrayal [ #fnf ] -

Day of Betrayal [ #fnf ]

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Today, Week 8 is releasing in 2 hours, probably not, theres a theory where the update for Friday Night Funkin’ will release TODAY at 6 PM!!! I even HEARD that the developers secretly had confirmed this!!! I am prepared!

I myself theorize that Daddy Dearest, Mommy Mearest AND Lemon Demon will form together as a team to betray their child [ which is Girlfriend ] and Boyfriend, and enter in a fair battle for once! being… as always… RAPPING.

After all of that rapping, the Family realizes what they are doing and just gives up, and the game proceeds.

I will also be streaming at my other, older channel @decotheepicguy when 6 PM comes up! and be in the page waiting, and probably EVEN BE one of the first people to play it [ I am probably one of the first to showcase VS Sonic.exe v2.0 on YouTube by streaming it ] , Arm your fingers, protect your wrists! because we are gonna go in for a MONDAY NIGHT WEEKEND!

Hey, that isn’t a bad mod name…

#fnf #fridaynightfunkin

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