Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History - Part 77 -

Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History – Part 77

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My attempt at making a documentary showcasing the life of Christine Weston Chandler, as comprehensively and entertainingly as possible.
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Part LXXVII starts with Sonichu allegedly in Christine’s body taking part in the livestreamed talk show Leftovers Tonight, and concludes with Christine’s video will and testament.
Credit goes to the cwcki and Kiwi Farms, which were extensively used during my research.

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  1. The intro becoming more glitchy and corrupted is a really nice touch

  2. The way Chris has his arm around Barb makes me want to puke.

  3. oml, I just got to the part with Chris, Zach and Bratt Watson and felt like I was having a stroke. I forgot those streams crossed a little

  4. Look, I know it's in good faith.. but as someone who's ACTUALLY trans, please don't refer to chris as she. He isn't trans, it's a predatory tactic in his mind to attract lesbians. You can ask almost any trans woman about what they think on this and it'll be the same. Chris isn't trans and never has been, and it's a disservice and disrespectful gesture to lump him in with us. We don't claim him, we don't want to be associated with him, we just want him as far away from us as possible.

  5. Poor Max, bro had no idea what he was getting himself into

  6. I noticed CC claims of being a trans woman was completely abandoned at the first opportunity to engage in sexual , all be it incestuous, relations with his poor mother presented itself to him and he forgot all about being a trans woman and quickly reverted back to the gender he clearly is in order to have sexual intercourse with his mother. Just another one in a very long line of frauds.

  7. Chris referring to his mom in first name makes me 🤢

  8. Looking into barbs dead, lifelines while she gave financial advice has left me shaken

  9. i think it would be good to include the chat of the livestreams if possible

  10. I still can't believe he's convinced anyone that he's trans. I'm stuck on that point.

  11. Geno you can’t keep making these minor changes to your videos the closer we get to “the incident”. My anxiety can’t take it.

  12. Chris telling someone to stop being egotistical.

  13. Chris is not a woman in a man’s body. He isn’t trans. He claims he is also Jesus. Chris and anyone who buys into this is crazy and needs help

  14. @genosamuel2.1 how dose it feel to make a documentary about someone who mentions you as the creator of the documentary? how dose it feel to become part of a documentary soley by making it?

  15. Watching chris "reacting" to those RvB videos is so painfully boring on every level because the content he's reacting too is so uninteresting to anyone who isn't into MLP and doesn't care about brony "culture" and because his "reactions" are so mechanical and childish that its like watching a five year old laughing hysterically at static on the tv.

  16. Everyone blaming Christine and not Vikodin for the Max Mandu incident is so goofy, why are u blaming a person in active psychosis, instead of the person who's taking advantage of both Max and the aforementioned psychotic person for their own clout and gain? I'm so glad Max got paid for his appearance, and I'm sure some normal Christorians will eventually become his fans but still; imagine the hate/trolling he recieved after… oof. It was nice of Chris to ask the calls get put on hold so Max could speak, gotta give her some credit.

  17. I feel so bad for Max Mandu. In the age of hyper-compressed, overly auto tuned computer music, this man is playing actual instruments and he has actual talent.

    Christine has no emotional regulation and she obviously struggles with social cues. The host of that variety show really fvcked up in putting them in the same video together.

  18. Regularly hearing Geno reference this docu-series within the Chris timeline truly feels like we're in a death spiral.

  19. This man has been carrying this documentary like his child for 4 years. Keep up the good work.

  20. i need a transcript of the whole max part because i just can't watch

  21. The conversation between Null and Chris made me laugh so much

  22. People kept asking about Barb, so finally chris yells at her to come down stairs just to prove she exists. That sucks

  23. No matter who he, she is at the current moment. That autistic “anyways” powers through all of the schizophrenic characters. Anyways grounds him to this dimension.

  24. 25:37 This scene was especially creepy to me. I wonder if they were sexually intimate at this point yet?

  25. "I put the link up on my twit- on the twit- on mamas twitter"
    Gee, close one Chris.

  26. What….wait what the fuck. I just finished binging this doc and I know this isn’t the end of the story😭 what should I watch next?????

  27. It's so funny how everytime chris brings up anything that causes him "PTSD" or otherwise, he talks about how chris has been "moving forward" when it's obvious that everyone has moved on except for chris, even decades later, he clearly still blames Mary Lee Walsh even though she has completely forgotten about chris

  28. fucking 77? dude…..who has that much history behind them?

  29. Hearing Oney and Supermega referenced in this documentary was a slap in the face I wasnt expecting

  30. one of the worst episodes yet. the show at the beginning is particularly excruciating, but what really killed me was hearing those freaks fawning over chris in the google hangouts call.

    the enablers and the role-players who licked his taint and pretended he really was sonichu in return for a crumb of relevance are more contemptible and pathetic than the worst trolls.

  31. For everyone thinking "Nuh huh this is not Sonichu that's just Chris pretending to be Sonichu, Sonichu would'nt talk like that"
    I want to remind you when Chris used his exact same voice, tone, and words when voicing Sonichu.
    So as far as we know, this could be sonichu for real.


  32. For the first time in this series, Geno is speechless at the end of the video.

  33. Barbara saying to "Not make foolish investments" is hilarious considering how Chris Chan spends their money.

  34. I know i shouldnt laugh at Barb but when she sat down next to chris with that vacant stare.. even chris looked awkward AF with her barely stringing a sentence together.

  35. I really got the creeps when ole Soni~Chan called Barbara down and stared at her for an uncomfortable period of time. "Shudders".

  36. Is it just me or did Barb not blink for the whole entire time Chris was filming? It’s like a ghost staring into your soul

  37. Leftovers Tonight feels like a high schooler's project for film class that's trying so hard to be the Eric Andre Show while lacking all of the talent and nuance

  38. Apparently all you need to do to force Chris back into her body is get 'Sonichu' to entertain the eventuality of Barb dying. What a façade.

  39. Leftovers Tonight wishes it was Eric Andre Show.

  40. The part where Chris obnoxiously laughs at every joke and repeats every quote in that TF2 pony video is just sad. The people behind that video blocked them because they were a horrible person, and now Chris is trying to desperately force a kind of para-social relationship towards them all again.

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