Chad Doerman Confessed to Police that he Killed His Kids: The Law and Mental Health -

Chad Doerman Confessed to Police that he Killed His Kids: The Law and Mental Health

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Chad Doerman Killed His Kids: The Law and Mental Health. Paternal Filicide, Dad’s who kill their kids. Let’s go LIVE to talk about the Chad Doerman murder of his three sons and the shooting of their mother. Dr. Joni Johnston, forensic psychologist and Adam Burke, Esq. will talk about the case with Mike. Let’s explore the legal, mental health and overall case a little more. How does a guy who admitted killing Clayton Doerman, 7, Hunter Doerman, 4, and Chase Doerman, 3, enter a not-guilty plea?
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  1. Firing squad is quick, effective & cheaper!! My question is why are we so worried about being so compassionate about killing a convicted murderer of children or a sadistic murderer of more than one person?! They showed no compassion or mercy!!!

  2. I believe if we had a great leader to run our country it would be better to. Just My opinion

  3. Not guilty.
    Because there is unresable Law!! That's what the defending lawyers told him it's better for him. To me it a NONSENSE AT ALL that is the Law in north America

  4. What bother me is that we have hardly ANY information about people . Who was his wife and he? Religious background? Professional life. We have nothing. No possible given reason. Everything start from something. So much talk about not talking that Who they are? What did happen? There is always a reason.

  5. I'm from England and came across this news on my YouTube, I so want to see justice done for these 3 sweet littleluns and it hurts me to the bone 😢😢what a EVIL MONSTER HE IS!!!!and justice would be to have this beast taken out just like he did to them sweet angels. This world is not a safe place to be ❤RIP SWEET ANGELS The world mourns you all.

  6. I don’t believe any of this was mental illness. I think he’s a narcissist and if you can believe the neighbors he was angry all the time so he was probably abusive and if she said she was done and she was taking the kids he was gonna make sure she regretted that decision. I mean he didn’t kill her but he made sure she will suffer. He also didn’t stop the daughter from leaving or shoot her or chase her down, because she wasn’t his and he didn’t care if the wife took her away. Who knows maybe he wanted her to suffer the loss of her brothers as well!

  7. Where you implying from your answer to your question that you and your wife are having arguments that can lead to violence? Time stamp 43:43

  8. I have really enjoyed listening to you all it has been very interesting and knowledgeable. I like how you all ask each other questions. Very goidjob.❤❤❤

  9. At 31:35 Speaking for someones family member who had been murdered, he says they said "I would almost prefer life without parole because then its final"… Are you effing kidding me? Life without parole is not "LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE" its "Some time in jail until a woke celebrity determines you meet the criteria to have a mob of social justice d-bag followers tweet your case and then you get a second look. I'd personally love to talk to those family members you spoke with and determine if your recollection of their sentiments is actually accurate.

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this Profiling Evil episode. Your guests gave such interesting insights on different scenarios. Thank you to all three of you. ❤❤❤

  11. He is no mentally Ill ! He said he had be planing this!! IMHO he planed it because his wife wanted a divorce and he killed them to punish her!!

  12. Chad’s father is protecting him. He’s expecting Americans to not be hard on him, or mean.
    He said something must of happened to him to act out the was he did. Maybe something at work.
    Good Lord, nobody’s been treated worse than me in employment. I don’t go around murdering people or my family.
    Chad is the monster he’s been practicing.
    I heard him while he was cuffed on the ground tell his wife to shut up! Stop yelling! Go in the house! He had 0 respect for his family in his private life. Most monsters put on a face for public. At home they’re different.

  13. If the mother would of taken her children out of the home to file for divorce, she would be reported for kidnapping. She would of had to taken them to a safe house for women. Still the rights of the father would of been given to him.
    What can a parent do to safely protect their children from an abuser?

  14. I totally believe in a self-made dysfunctional mind created by hate, loathing, resentment, envy, pettiness, angry.
    1. It handicaps maturity development.
    2. It develops disrespectful behavior towards others.
    3. No self worth of true pride. It’s just not there.
    People who practice negative energy becomes what they practice.
    We are what we practice. I think that’s what Chad’s issues are. His parents have contributed to it from what I’m seeing now. They’re covering for his behavior. They’ve probably done that for yearrr’s.

  15. It’s not rare anymore for parents to murder their children.

  16. Not only the mother is severely affected, but the teenager daughter and his step daughter is severely traumatized by this for her entire young life.


  18. This guy is NOT mentally ill ! He is EVIL ! To say that he is mentally ill gives a Bad Name and Stigma to people who battle mental illness every day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Insane or not, he still deserves the death penalty. Obviously he is a danger to society. There's no rehab, drug, or treatment that can change the fact that he took three very precious lives. Any other options besides the death penalty is just a waste of everyone else's time and tax dollars.

  20. This man is a coward!! Great questions Mike..thanks!!

  21. Dang this lawyer needs to shut up & give others a chance to talk

  22. Seeing this Wed am.. I was out of pocket and missed this live.

  23. As a public defender, I really enjoyed this well rounded discussion.

  24. Horrifying, ! It sounds like his motive was to hurt his wife in the worst possible way, by killing her boys and letting her live, even after shooting her in the hand.

  25. I think less women, including chads wife missed the signs, it’s just most dangerous to leave and he proved that. Better advice my be how to safely leave when the threats is there

  26. Thank goodness the teenage daughter escaped!

  27. Remembered is kindness, but is fractional. Nothing carries the weight.

  28. it shouldn’t frustrate the public! When are people going to come around to the fact that there is mental illness as well as physical illness? Sheesh!!!!!

  29. I don’t believe Doerman is a poster child for the death penalty. It was familial. I do believe in the Idaho 4 case that the death penalty may be appropriate.IMO

  30. What about jealousy? One parent jealous of the attention a child gets?

  31. It's heartbreaking how evil people can be. I was able to leave an abusive relationship before it escalated too much. I watch shorts on YouTube to make me laugh!

  32. I think the "brainwashing" that they love the abuser needs to be addressed. "But i love him or her" i think the "idea" of who they think that abuser "really" is, is a problem? Soooo many go back

  33. It is unbelievably frustrating to have no motive released. Not that anything could ever make this make sense. We're all left wondering and speculating.

  34. There should be a law that if you get divorced and have children, that at no time can you use your children as pawns.

  35. Thank you for having these two experts on!

  36. Help me understand a confession 10 min after a tripple murder and then there's a trial i would think that there's money to be saved on both sides now the oldest victim got away and the defendant was sane enough to bring him back to the execution i dont think the public wants a trial citing it would be to traumatizing for mom and the immediate residents where the horrific crime took place

  37. I feel badly for his mom and dad too!! I just want to know why!!

  38. Just wanted to say thank you to all members of this panel. It was very interesting points of views. Much appreciation for speaking in laymen’s terms to help general public understand such a horrible situation!

  39. Aside from the money (which isn't an admirable reason to begin with), why someone would want to be a criminal defense attorney is beyond me.

  40. This is just unthinkable! I can’t wrap my mind around what chad was thinking.

  41. If she was indeed thinking about divorce not only would he lose control he’d have to pay child support for years because those boys were babies. Having worked for a Family Law Attorney for years it’s the child support that most men get the angriest about followed by loss of control. IMO.

  42. I live about 10 miles from where this incident happened. I am 67 years old, and I grew up with this father. My mother never left because he told her what he would do. Chad Doerman is NOT insane. He is a selfish child man who cares for no one but himself. He is going to have HIS way or others will suffer. I don't doubt that he is sorry now for what he has done, but that doesn't help much, does it? And if he is let free, it WILL happen again. May God be with all of that family, and give them peace.

  43. I'm sorry but anyone that could represent this pos has no morals as far as I'm concerned he was witnessed doing this crime and should already be dead he doesn't deserve any rights I'm so sick of criminals getting so many rights these little boys had their life's ripped from them what about their rights

  44. It should never take 25 years to put someone to death again the criminals get to many rights they should get 1 appeal at the most the victims or their families get no appeals the bleeding hearts need to let up and the bs about the drugs simple solution go back to the chair or firing squad let's stop caring so much for murders and rapist and let's care about the victims and families

  45. I have prayed and prayed about this. It really effected me with so much hurt in my heart. I pray for the entire family. I felt the same about little Harmony Montgomery. I just cannot shake the hurt in my heart over these 2 situations. My heart is just broken!May God lead you all into the right direction on this path in all of your careers. I believe he will. Always remember I will be in prayer for many night and day. God bless all of you during this situation. I apologize for lack of better words, I am really torn apart for these children, and for whatever is behind the scenes I am not aware of. ❤❤❤❤

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