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Cenk Uygur’s OBLITERATED By Olayemi Olurin (clip)

Sabby Sabs
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  1. Stop highlighting TYT. These people are wolves. They don’t even try to offer a solution, just straw man their guest with BS arguments.

  2. Great coverage once again Sabrina, the head shaking just utterly annoying and rude, he is just waiting to talk and not listening. He also looks like he's about to have a rage stroke since he has to keep a lid on it, is he going to challenge her to a fight like with Joe Rogan? Keep on stewing Cenk since there are actually people out there that know more about issues than you. Learned in communications class way back in college that in discussions and debates, when someone is talking take a calm demeanor, listen, keep acknowledging that you understand the points then debate. Don't shake your head and make faces like a big baby. How the mighty, or maybe semi-mighty have fallen. Thanks again.

  3. It would appear that we are experiencing an Unlimited War scenario playing out against humanity right now.  Psychological wars, Biological wars, Lawfare, Economic wars, Agricultural wars, Supply Chain wars,  Culture wars, Information wars, Kinetic wars, Education wars,  Energy wars, Electromagnetic wars, Total war.

  4. Olayemi is a god among mortals on that show 😭😭😭

  5. The main problem with Correctional Facilities is they don't even attempt to Correct the inmates.. Often they come out of prison as Better Criminals. You can't get rid of prisons until you address the laws on the books first. The drug laws need to be thrown out and rewritten entirely…

  6. You can't compare a place like Norway to the United States because the system of Racism/White Supremacy isn't the same…

  7. Cenk is being very disrespectful and he is not for reform! traffic violation (tickets) are put in jail, he is knowingly being "ignorant".

  8. Cenk is a master at mansplaining, particularly when he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

  9. See I grew up in a mixed race community then an all white community. I learned it's not about race it's about poverty level. Race is a tool for deception. It's wealthy elites criminalizing the poor to turn them into slaves by forcing them to be criminals with bureaucracy

  10. it is not just california, ALL states are expensive when people are hourly wage workers with no power to keep their job under the badly named "right to work laws"..

  11. "It's easy to dogpile and attack," says Ana, attempting to play the victim after her history of BLATANTLY misrepresenting any argument that comes from the left of TYT – COMEDY GOLD!!!!!

  12. Tyt isn't misinformed. They're co-opting the left just like AOC and all the other neo liberals. They pay fealty to race and the poor but don't know any of us. They wouldn't want their friends to see.

  13. Cenk cares soooo much for the character’s he’s made up and their problems with gun waving fentenol dealers 😂

  14. For profit incarceration requires fresh inmates on a daily basis and therefore rehabilitation isn't the goal The criminal justice system promotes criminality and recidivism because every new inmate is the source of cheap labor and profits

  15. I have never seen a photograph of Uygur or Kasparian standing next to a poor person.

  16. Dont included brown people in this black issue. I am latino. We love the police. And latinos and our proporities want to be protected from blacks. CENK IS RIGHT.

    The blacks dont talks about the elephant in the room. The root problem is black fathers dont raise their kids.

    Its not a secret. Learn from the other races. Like the Asians. see what they are doing right.

    RBM you are speaking for hispanics. Dont include us. Its like latinos telling blacks fix your black fatherless belief. Denzel has addressed it. THE jail SYSTEM IS FINE, IT WORKS. IT'S What happens before they reach the system. FATHERLESS BLACK CHILDREN.


  18. Cenk is not an honest actor; he's a duplicitous hack, and grifting corporatist… He comes across as uniformed because he doesn't care to do his research, even though he fancies himself a journalist. Jordan Chariton stated that TYT was not well researched on their covered topics when he worked there, and they were very 'loose with the facts.' Just like here when he tried to tell a PUBLIC DEFENDER that cops aren't arresting people anymore???
    His whole channel is a fraud, supposedly has 5 mil subs, but only 45k views per vid after a week? Those numbers don't add up. Dore has 1 mil subs and regularly his 100k views within days, even though his channel is suppressed

  19. Stank Uyger's face was annoyed at the very beginning. He came to fight.

  20. I'd like to hear her solution for no cash bail. The issue is non-violent criminals are still criminals. We have no cash bail in the city and because of that people steal cars and don't even stay a night in jail. Kia boys?

  21. How many times do we use the term “correctional institution”? We insist on saying “jail” and “prison”. That shows that our focus is not rehabilitation! Our language exposes us!

  22. Anna when you talk about nonviolent offenders, why bring up the corporate guys that exploit people? They are not there! That has nothing to do with the nonviolent population in our “prisons”. Don’t virtue signal for our benefit!

  23. Do it right or don’t do it at all? This is the worst state! There is no way people with the focus to improve people’s lives, will produce a worse system than we have!

  24. The American School Of English , International says:

    Thank you , Sabby. And, we can do just fine without the police.

  25. In the 90s Bernie was talking about root causes, to which Hillary responded that we can talk about how they got there, but we need to bring them to heel!

  26. Prison abolition sounds crazy but these people have never been to a prison trust me some of those guys and gals belong in there seeing it with my own two eyes

  27. Then why use the word abolition you know the abolitionists were called that because they wanted to get rid of completely slavery not reform it not change some stuff abolish that's what abolition means

  28. Defunding the police and abolishing prisons is a terrible idea, not only will we not be able to get criminals out of the streets we won't have places to put them in.

  29. Remember when Ryan Grim tried to explain football to a professional football player? Yeah…this is worse. Cenk and Anna trying to explain criminal justice to an actual lawyer.

  30. Michelle Alexander author of "The New Jim Crow" said it best, regarding Anna's comments about Norway. She stated in European countries that have more Racially Homogenous populations, you'll find their wealth inequality and prisons systems MORE HUMANE. I've heard little of Mrs. Alexander since. America had a chance to deal with the Root Causes in the 1960's and 1970's. They were ultimately totally rejected by the elections of Nixon, the Bakke decision and the election of Reagan. Clinton remains the quintessential BIG white-LIE on THIS. His adm. virtually assisted in the UNIFICATION of white CONservative elite predators in THIS country [book > Bill Clinton: Super-predator]. What is worse is that way too many refuses to SEE THIS.

  31. Its the first time I don't agree with something from the hardcore left. Even though I do agree like 95%.

    The only 2 purposes of prison should be to prevent a criminal from commuting more crimes and then to rehabilitate.

    So lets start off with the most extreme. A pedophile serial killer.

    1. They should be put in jail so that they can't hurt any more kids.

    2. They should be rehabilitated. However long it takes. If it takes 100 years, then ok. If it takes 1 day, then the pedophile gets released after 1 day.

    3. They should be released immediately after being rehabilitated.

    Obviously right now we have no way to know for sure if a criminal is "fixed" or not so we can't just release a pedophile after 1 day. But this is the ideal system.

    I don't agree with no jail. But I think jail should have PS5, Xbox series X, college education, etc.

    I don't get the point of busting criminal cheeks in jail. So childish lol.

  32. Cenk was always a right winger . He now PRETENDS to be a left winger which apparently is more lucrative.

  33. When Cenk encounters someone to the left of him and his TYT network he gets real intimidated, huffy and flustered. It goes to show you that nonblack self proclaimed progressives don’t do their homework. They don’t read and study literature about the black radical left tradition. They are out of their element and instead of owning and accepting that Cenk would rather invalidate Abolition and abolitionist movements. That’s what made him sound like a staunch conservative in this conversation. The old Fox News Cenk jumped out to protect his dear police 👮‍♀️ 😂

  34. Cenk is a republican wearing a donkey suit and Ana is centrist at best. They think they are home of progressives. 🥴

  35. Even when they are giving a platform to an important issue, I can't stand listening to Cenk and Ana – they're such fake people.

  36. To deal with the 'utopian' allegation (a tactic that Cenk frequently resorts to here), a response I like to use is, 'I'm not utopian; I'm anti-dystopian.'

  37. Cenk and Imperial Ana change their opinions based on were the strongest wind is coming from. They are in the business of entertainment not in the business of journalism. I wonder who still watches the crap TYT produces.

  38. Endless 'resources' have been poured into education, welfare, 'the community' and all the rest of it over the last 60 years. All of it wasted given that the system only produces ever growing numbers of totally useless people.

  39. I heard Harvey Weinstein is for prison abolition and so is the cop who murdered George Floyd.

  40. If all these negative thoughts come with just the name of your movement then why the fuck call it "prison abolishion" or "defund the police" that just gives your opposition fuel to shut you down. you need a positive name for your movement.

  41. I love the way she knocked Cenk out and when she was finishing she put her hand out… "more importantly" and knocked him Out AGAIN! Here cenk chew on this meanwhile I rim you a new one… "I don't know what your talking about! I'm a black woman and I LIVE IN the bush" all he could do was shake his head in defeat. he Crowled into the fetus position after the segment.

  42. Chunk Burger is not a serious or sincere person. I think we should just start ignoring him and TyT at this point.

  43. TYT blows like flies in the wind. They act like rank and file corrupt neoliberal hacks. They need to debate with Chris Hedges and Dr. Cornell West over private slave prisons.

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