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Burkina Faso transition: Junta leader’s term extended by five years

Al Jazeera English
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Burkina Faso’s military leader will remain in power until 2029.
Ibrahim Traore was due to hand over leadership to a civilian government in July.
But a new charter has extended the transitional period by another five years.
Traore assumed power after staging a coup in 2022.
He has repeatedly warned that holding elections would be difficult, because of the security challenges.
Around half of Burkina Faso’s territory remains outside of government control.

Al Jazeera’s Nicholas Haque has the latest in Dakar, Senegal.

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  1. He didn't ask to stay in power he actually wanted to leave stop spreading propaganda this very poor journalism

  2. This report and both reporters are liars and lying! Stop the lies and propaganda! President Traore is loved by his people and that is because the Burkinabe people loves him, and they love him because he has proven himself to be a committed, dedicated, wise, and capable ruler dedicated to bringing security, good health, wealth and good governance, undependence, liberation and sovereignty to Burkina Faso!! Not surprise by this misinformed and inaccurate reporting. Just know your time of fooling the Afrikan world is over!! What nonsense!

  3. Democracy is the will of the people! Democracy is not voting, elections, term limits, and politicians, they are simply tools and or vehicles of democracy! What just happened in Burkina Faso is true democracy, for it was the will and desire of the Burkinabe people that Abrahim Traore remain in power as Head of State for an additional 60 (5 years) months! You are so grossly predictable in your disdain for Afrika and Afrika's agency, autonomy, and independence you cant help yourself!!

  4. I did not know that Al
    Jazeera was also moving like BBC … what a bunch of liars … and they showing footage from 2021 …Ibrahim Traore has done far better in one year than the whole group of democratic elected individuals … Also he is fixing the mess left by your friends

  5. Clamped down on LIARS AND AGITATORS!
    Why aren’t these reporters talking about gross corruption in their WESTERN GOVERNMENTS?

  6. Lies lies when you say civilians killed you really mean your bodies you created called terrorists are killed.

  7. WE BELEIVE YOU SPREADING FAKE NEWS! IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE, LOOK AT YOU & then LOOK AT YOU! I didn't see anyone that look like IBRAHIM TRAORE in your segment to give this footage CREDIBILITY! DON'T BELEIVE THE HYPE……

  8. Propaganda machines🤣😝😝😝🤣🤣

  9. I wonder how small tiny countries like Qator, UAE can also impose there selfs on Africa ahuge continent of 1.2billion people

  10. Democracy doesn't work in Africa. we elect puppets who steal in the name of democracy. you cannot talk about democracy when the country's intelligence and corruption agencies are controlled by the president.

  11. Africa we are tired of your narrative 😴. your news is always we need peace, democracy and human rights as you plumber our natural resources

  12. This is how a dictatorship starts, trust me, I'm Zimbabwean 💀

  13. STFU leave African ca to Africans you worms

  14. He should extend it to ten years. The man is doing well.

  15. So Aljazeerah is just like western media reporting lies. Al Jazeera is now the spokesperson for western countries

  16. When he said ivory coast, Benin and Togo are watching. He meant France is watching and using these countries telling them terrorists are coming from Burkina faso. Who os arming these terrorists? That is why Niger closed ots borders to Benin which has Frnch soldiers . I am glad we dont take news from the western countries media puppets any more. What a hoatile news reporter. I hope ap jazerah os kicked out of Senegal


  18. Elections are not necessary if the country is run correctly.

  19. Like clockwork. The west trying to portray him as a dictator lol. How cant people see through this. It's literally the same thing every time….

  20. Long Live Thomas Sankara and Ibrahim Traoré!

    Finally, Africa is being liberated from colonial parasitic forces.

  21. He will stay in power for the rest of his life, because he is working for the people of Bokina faso and not for the West. Long Live President IB for life.

  22. We hope that Africa as a whole can have more of such leaders.

  23. It begins, 5 years from now it will be extended and pretty much a de facto dictatorship. Fast forward 15-20 years, people rejoice when another "savior" overtakes his government and the process starts all over again. WELCOME TO AFRICA

  24. How can I move to your country president ibrahim traore Burkina Faso as a special forces trained soldier

  25. If he is aresting everyone for being critical, how come he was free to babble his way while standing in burkina faso soil.

  26. 5 years are grate u all only that negative we know sponsers this news


  28. Where is he based? In an Eco was country. That's why he has to speak that amont of $hit.

  29. You liers, Ibrahim is the best President in the world right now,,, yours is to exploit and create a false narrative about any progressive Afrikan leader,, to suit your parasitic appetite that has never helped Afrika,, whether it's your so called democracy
    Afrika will pave it's own ways of governance that suits Afrikans NOT anybody else… Get used to that now and onwards…

  30. God bless my African brothers and sisters God bless Africa

  31. MILITARY? Wow! Who's dictating dicision was this? Are they not supposed to be FREE? why is MILITARY rule necessary? Can they not take proper CONTROL OF THEIR NATION AND GOVERN IN PEACE WITH LOVE EVERY WHERE? sounds really stupid.

  32. Lack of logic with zero GOVERNING SKILLS WHATSOEVER!!!! explains the "MILITARY rule" was it imposed by putin or china? If yes it confirms their inability TO GOVERN IN ACCORDANCE TO HUMAN RIGHTS. so more abuse and violations. Goves them time to steal ….maybe?

  33. Is this the testing for a shift to establish A ONE WOD GOV UBDER MILITARY RULE? why military rule? Very ambiguous! Not to turn a blind eye

  34. The Burkinabe people wanted him to stay for 10 more years

  35. Traore seems to be the best qualified leader in Burkina Faso and one with a civic vision on what society needs. Death announcement from some time ago without any context is not journalism. Why these people died, Where ? Any gov troops KIA? . How about a map. Read the comments. Nobody is buying this nonsense.

  36. In order not to be burdened with white suprematist sanctions the President General needs to set a 1 year date for a non partisan merit based general people’s election for a term limited civilian prime minister that governs the domestic affairs of the people. He should also develop a military term limit for the president generals office so that the military officer core don’t get jealous or feel left out of leadership opportunities. better yet after setting up the military security council term limits for himself and future military leaders, he need to gather the tribal spirtual leaders and let them crown him the warrior king head of state under the military approved term limits of a maximum of four 5 year terms with security council votes of confidence every 5 years

  37. Congratulations to Burkina Faso for the extension of Leader Ibrahim Traore leadership. You are on the right track of total independence and development.
    Africa must come up with structures of picking leaders borrowing from our Traditions. Western Democracy is just a fake "One idiot one vote" and rampant corruption and rigging by those crooke institutions including media opinion polls, campaigns and external money power purchases. Evil incarnate!
    In a family structure leaders are picked according to the way the individuals are known. No family picks its leaders by blind voting!
    Within five years Burkina Faso should come up with a people's driven constitution, an African Constitution!
    Learn from Iran, the Vatican, China, Switzerland, Eswatini and the African Traditional Leadership Structures.
    Let picking of leaders be a process of developing leadership from childhood. Don't allow multi party Demoncracies. The winner takes it all nonsense.
    They divide the country and foreigners use them to interfere with the leadership. Voting should start with the village level, those chosen, after some education and knowing each will choose the next level of leaders, until the top leadership is chosen. A process which will take almost five years.
    US politics is controlled by the Military Industrial Complex. Burkina Faso develop a constitution that everyone has equal chance to leadership according to personal record and ability, with zero external interference!

  38. Sounds like more of the same, meddling from the west!

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